Librans, being born during the pleasant weather of the harvest period, are ruled by Venus.
Libra is the sign of marriages and relationships, peace and harmony, and justice, so the aim of Librans is to maintain harmony and balance within relationships, but sometimes they fail and the scales begin to tremble.
In his book Tristesse de la Balance: Et Autres Signes, Jacques A. Bertrand says, “If a Libran had to hate something, he would hate pain. He would hate giving pain to the others, as well as his own suffering. A Libran does not like pain.”
These words magnificently sum up Libra for us. A Libran does not like pain, fights, loud noises, rudeness, shouting, ugliness, and basically anything else lacking in grace. He avoids anything that may disturb his balance. However, he may become unbalanced anyway due to his own sign. This happens often, and he might even be the most unbalanced member of the Zodiac.
Nietzsche, possibly the most pessimistic yet most influential philosopher in history, was a Libran. He finally became insane, perhaps because he could not find his partner or because of his unrequited love of Salome. He became a Libran who had lost one of his two scales, so he could not balance himself. A scale with only one pan cannot weigh anything, nor can it  balance, so it is useless. It is not favorable for a Libra to be single, either for himself or for others, because Libra is the sign of relationships, especially as regards marriage.
Libra is the second air sign. Venus, the goddess of love named Aphrodite in Greek, rules it, so he is responsible in romantic affairs and social relationships. He is flirtatious, kind, a sweet talker, and a fashionista.
Whereas his opposite sign Aries says, “I“ continuously, Libra’s aim on earth is to say “we.” Libra rules the seventh house of the Zodiac, and this in turn rules marriages, relationships, and partnerships. It’s no surprise then that he is adept at relationships, peace, and love.
He knows nothing of fighting, because he only knows how to make peace. Standing directly opposite Aries (ruled by Mars, the God of War), Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of the Goddess of Love. Librans may be good diplomats, negotiators, and lawyers. In any institution of justice, you may see statues with golden scales in their hands. This indicates how Librans always seek justice and how justice needs Librans.
Making peace and laying the way for peace is one of Libra’s characteristics. Librans came to this world to vocalize the “us” formed by ourselves and others. “Imagine” is maybe the first song that comes to your mind about global peace, and this was composed by a Libran, John Lennon. Mahatma Gandhi, the architect of the civil resistance that helped India gain its independence, was also a Libran. The well-known Sufi, Rumi, who invited all humanity to unite, was also a Libran.
Turkish politicians Ismet Inonu, who signed the Treaty of Lousanne, and Turgut Ozal, the pioneer of demilitarization, were also Librans.
A Libran tries to balance his inner peace while also creating a social environment for himself. They are like party people; they enjoy organizing big events and parties and want to be within the social plane. They may also gossip, because you cannot be social without gossiping. They are born negotiators and matchmakers. They like tabloid news, and they also enjoy helping others to get married, because marriage is ruled by Libra.
Librans are here to bring beauty to the Earth. The children of Venus, which also rules the arts, are beautiful, and they enjoy beauty themselves. Because they like to be balanced in their physical images, they inherently cope with the golden ratio. The Libran woman fits the definition of an ideal woman, such as Bridget Bardot, the actress in And God Created Woman; Catherine Deneuve, who had a perfect face and was the sex symbol for a generation; Sylvia Kristel; Catherine Zeta Jones; Rita Hayworth; Susan Sarandon; Kate Winslet; Gwyneth Paltrow; Naomi Watts; and Monica Bellucci, the most beautiful woman ever, although she is nearly 50. Should we count the others? If we had never known these women, we would not have known what beauty was!
On the other hand, the Libran woman can appear androgynous in spite of all her feminity. She may wear men’s suits, because, after all, the scales have two pans.
The sons of Venus are as beautiful as her daughters. They are literally “lounge men.” They are gentlemanly, polite, charming, gentle, and more than handsome. The Turkish pop singer Tarkan is a good example of this. He is admired not just in Turkey but by the whole world thanks to his Venusian looks. He is totally magnificent with his eyes, voice, dancing, and his heart. He is absolutely Libran with all his charming attitudes. Ladies’ men Julio Iglesias, Marcello Mastroanni (who was attended by all his ex-lovers at his funeral), Clive Owen, and Hugh Jackman are also Libran men.

Sometimes Indecisive and even Unbalanced

The children of Venus, born between September 23 and October 23, are diplomatic, romantic, sympathetic, easy going, idealistic, and peace loving. If the scales are not well adjusted, they may become highly indecisive, flirtatious, and lazy.
They reflect the characteristics of the harvest season. The weather is gentle at the end of summer, and a maturity is felt. Libra is the most modern sign of the Zodiac, and Librans generally look well. They are kind, charming and tasteful, and they enjoy beauty and harmony in their social lives. They have an analytical ability and an objective point of view. Because they can judge objectively, those with Libra in a good position in their natal charts may become talented lawyers or diplomats.
They are forgiving, but when faced with opposing ideas, they may lose their balance. Sometimes they may lose control unexpectedly and explode with anger.
You should compliment them often and not criticize them. If you criticize a Libran, he will start gossiping about you, not just with a specific person but with a group of people. You know how Librans are born for the social life.
On the other hand, Librans feel the emotions of others. They make good friends, and they can easily soothe others. You enjoy being together with the sign of beauty. They have the ability to find accord between people. Librans feels uncomfortable when there is a fight nearby because they hate violence. They prefer to leave such places and meet their friends in a café for a cup of coffee and a piece of tiramisu.
Because of their artistic abilities, they are productive and successful in their crafts. They sense things and observe them. With the help of this ability, they easily make a synthesis of different points of view.
They are fond of building relationships and marriages, and they may even prefer the continuity of a relationship they are not happy with. They like the opposite sex, and they may be prone to polyamory, because they can be highly romantic at times.
They are generally successful in marriage because they choose partners with whom their minds match. Their kindness and tolerance toward their partners eases the pain and even heals them. Libra is the only sign that tends to offset the defects of partners.
On the negative side, Librans may be overly flirtatious. They may talk drivel and be superficial. They may be unstable, indecisive, and impatient in their routines. They can sometimes be too lazy.
They are real hedonists who cannot work hard, because they like to have a balance in everything. Sometimes, however, the balance is disturbed and the ground begins to tremble. So, when the pendulum swings forward, negativity is experienced. For example, Libran men may act recklessly and may be gamblers. Libran women may be overly jealous and wasteful. Both men and women may enjoy gossiping. They like investigating any type of social scandal because they are highly curious.
Although most Librans are modest in nature, some may be very ambitious. They may become successful negotiators or lawyers because of their need for justice, or they may become good antiquarians, social-service experts, or bankers. Some Librans may be talented fashion designers, artists, composers, authors, critics, or decorators. They may work in the entertainment sector. Some of them may work in charities, or they may make good speculators because of their optimism.
Libra rules the kidneys and the buttocks, so Librans should avoid over eating or drinking.
The beautiful offspring of Venus can also make good authors, such as Oscar Wilde, Cervantes, William Faulkner, Truman Capote, and Scott Fitzgerald.
The fashion industry is full of Librans; Donna Karan is a good example of this. They can be successful in any field of art. Many successful musicians are also Librans, such as Verdi, Franz List, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Simon.
Libra is responsible for bringing balance, harmony, and the concept of “us” rather than “me.” So let’s end this article with a quote from Jacques A. Bertrand: “The balance is within the swing. The Libran understands this in his later years. He gives up his efforts to make peace between day and night. He throws out his pointer and loses his weight. The world then becomes lighter. Then, the Libran shakes everything between the tides of day and night, body and soul, just in the middle of the Zodiac.”

Kevser Aycan Aşkım Saroğlu

Aycan Aşkım Saroğlu is a Turkish journalist and writer. She graduated from İstanbul University, Department of American Literature and worked for many magazines and newspapers: TV'de 7 (TV Magazine), Hurriyet Newspaper, Top Sante (Health Magazine), Gezi Traveler (Journey Magazine), Aktuel (News Magazine), Aksam and HaberTurk Newspapers. Since 2000, she has specialized particularly in news about spiritual and esoteric issues. Aycan is also an expert in astrology and famous for her interview series with Turkish astrologers. She has one book to her credit, namely “Hour Glass of Passion” published in Turkish.