The square aspect of Uranus and Pluto will be effective until well into 2018. These two planets will be in exact square positions on these dates: June 24, 2012; September 19, 2012; May 21, 2013; November 1, 2013; April 21, 2014; December 15, 2014; and March 17, 2015.

Repeating seven times and affecting for such a long period is a rare occurrence for this square! The effects of this aspect will only start to lessen after March 17, 2015, so the strongest period for this square will be the four years starting in 2012. However, the square of these two, in the cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn, will continue until March 2019.

The cycles of the outer planets bring evolutionary changes. These planets are related to man’s evolution in society and collective life. In the phases of the Zodiac, these big guns are similar to the Sun–Moon phase. The Moon has four different phases each month, and energy is expressed differently in each phase: the new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon.  Pluto, the slower participant in the Uranus–Pluto cycle, is similar to the Sun, whereas Uranus resembles the Moon. These two were in conjunction in the 1960s, like the new moon phase. Now, they will be in waxing phase (exact square) in the summer months of 2012.

To explain the square between Uranus and Pluto and the things it symbolizes, let’s mention the general characteristics of this phase. This waxing phase is the time to reap the rewards of plans that were initiated in the new moon phase. It is necessary to determine a target and build a new world as soon as possible. The focus should be on how to maintain collective order. This is like passing an exam and is a challenging period. Development can only begin after this phase. During this phase, time seems to flow quicker, and things that develop invisibly will now begin to emerge physically.

Pluto is addicted to power, while Uranus is a lover of freedom. Pluto wants to dominate with strict control. To control everything and to impose its power, Pluto attempts to use intrigues and shows of strength. Uranus tends neither to dominate nor to be dominated—it is independent. Uranus revolts when repressed, and to rectify the situation, it searches for alternative ways. It desires freedom, both individually and socially. Pluto is related to transforming the existing structures. It is full of determination energy, but Uranus can continuously change is direction. Its energy is not stable or regular. Pluto is devastating, but it later begins to rebuild the demolished structures. Uranus also changes existing situations, but it does not have the power to restructure. Pluto’s transformative effect is a long-term process that penetrates deeply. However, Uranus brings unexpected and spontaneous developments. It implies that conditions may change suddenly and dramatically.

These two planets certainly have some similarities. Both have a desire for change, which they effect in different ways. When these two come together, it is always time for change and transformation. The Uranus–Pluto cycle is an indicator of social and political unease where mass movements and physical changes take the stage. The potential for radical political programs is strong. This cycle brings mass rebellions, liberation movements, radical cultural innovations, and unexpected impacts with the power to change the course of history. Things that were destroyed can change into other forms, so the revolutions can create chaos! If the transformation is prevented, it returns in a brutal and extreme form that gives courage to the people in authority and enables them to benefit from the situation. Consequently, by the actions of these people, authoritarian control materializes in the psyche.

Towards the Beginning of Transformation

The Uranus–Pluto square, which will become effective in the middle of this critical year (2012), indicates some big transformations that are beyond our control and imagination. We should prepare to restructure everything after unstoppable changes and transformations, global revolutionary movements, and unexpected radical developments because of the square aspect between these two planets. Pluto symbolizes the power of growing, like seeds in spring. Let’s examine the Pluto myth to understand the effects it has.

Pluto, the God of death and the underworld, takes Proserpina to the underworld to be his wife, but she begins to die in this dark world. Pluto concedes to send his beloved wife back to Earth each year. When Proserpina returns, all the living things come to life and grow. With this myth, the seasons are explained, as well as death and rebirth. This is what we are heading towards now: Something will transform, come to an end, and new things will come to life. The square of Pluto, the symbol of transformation, and Uranus, the indicator of the change, shows that clearly. To understand how this square will show itself, we can refer to the new moon phase of these two, which means the recent Pluto–Uranus conjunction. This was in 1965 and was effective until spring, 1969.

The 1960s and the 2010s

The atmosphere in the 1960s, when Uranus–Pluto conjunctions were opposed with Saturn, can help us to understand what we will experience in the coming days. Uranus–Pluto was in the new moon phase in 1965, and from June 24, 2012, the waxing moon period will begin. The 1960s was the time when the seeds were planted, and now it’s time for these seeds to grow. We will see the results of what was started then. Humanity will now make a choice: Shall we cultivate the growth of these seeds or shall we give up?

The first squares, the waxing phase, are the time to test initiatives and enterprises. If we believe in a certain project, then we meet conditions telling us to attend to these projects. The steps we have taken unconsciously now come to the conscious level. Things developing behind the scenes now become physically apparent. We witness the seeds we planted in spring begin to absorb the energy to enable them to grow with the first rays of summer. To grow, the seeds should know how to resist the hot summer days. During this phase, the mission is to work hard to establish strong structures. Time seems to gain speed. All enterprises should have realistic and strong foundations. The subjects that were raised in the 1960s will witness a paradigm shift in 2012. These subjects—such as human rights, personal freedoms, women’s rights, education systems, sexual liberation, beliefs, consumption, healing techniques, ecological subjects, and technological globalization—should be reconsidered immediately.

In the 1960s, the excitement for innovation reached its maximum level and many radical movements emerged. Now, we are reaching a time when we will understand if these ideological desires were realistic or not. The concrete results of these enterprises should become apparent. We will see if the political commitments, economical enterprises, and the environmental and social aspirations are practical or not. For example, we knew in the 1960s that ecology was important. However, over the next 40 years, we continued to damage our environment and failed to protect nature. Perhaps we exaggerated the concept of “freedom.” Perhaps we did not know our limits, so we made limitless commitments but did not honor them.

Since the mid-1960s, we have seen many revolutionary developments. The Uranus–Pluto conjunction and its opposition with Saturn has been a catalyst for all these movements. The revolutions that took place were so important they also affected social awareness in the following years. However, their results were not well understood. Now we will understand these subjects better, so we will decide what to change and what to accept and put into practice.

It is true that although we benefited from all the technological developments, they may have an impact on transforming the social and global arenas in the coming days. Technology has been used in a limited way until now. Rather than being used to increase the welfare of the people, it has been used to maximize commercial profits. Developed countries used technology for military purposes, whereas third-world countries relied on old-fashioned technology. The economic reformations were not reflected to individuals. Although many statistics show that per capita income has increased, this is not reflected in real incomes, and many experienced the opposite. It is also very difficult for an average person to benefit from the developments in health and medicine. It is now obligatory to realize these reforms, which were only figures in the statistics previously. To succeed, we must first really want to achieve these things.

When Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction in Virgo in 1960s, the first steps of technological development were taken. When the developed countries integrated these technologies to the daily lives it was the end 1970s and the beginning of 1980s. Now we are in 2000s and we use smart phones and computers as a part of our daily lives. Technology does not serve the institutions in power only now; it is widely used by the individuals and more will be achieved in the coming years.

In the 1960s, people experienced an awakening in human rights and freedoms. When we reach the waxing phase, this awakening will be more conscious. The same thing applies to women’s rights. Today, many women have successful careers and economic power, but feminine values are still not integrated well with society, especially in developing countries.

In the 1960s, there were also important developments in spiritual and conceptual awareness. In accordance with the nature of the Uranus–Pluto conjunction, healing systems and holistic philosophies gained importance. Until then, we had just started to reach the awareness level of ancient societies such as the Mayans. We also changed our nutrition and lifestyles. Some steps were also taken to protect the ecological balance in the 1960s. However, we do not have realistic and lasting solutions yet. We should understand that wars are not solutions to problems. Otherwise, we will inevitably have to change from our dangerous path on our way to 2012!

The Risk of Polarization and the Middle East

The harsh angles of Uranus and Pluto have a polarizing effect. A part of society may prefer one direction whereas the other part prefers the other. Uranus is like a splinter; it divides the social energies in two. Because of its square aspect with Pluto and the waxing phase, our responses in this period can be impetuous. Popular but immature trends may create an unexpected and spontaneous threat towards the established order. The entrance of Uranus into Aries already gives the courage for instant and spontaneous enterprises.

Pluto in Capricorn may increase the efforts at maintaining absolute pressure and social control. We should also consider how these two planets will show their energies in the signs they are now. Uranus in Aries will show its rebellious and reformist energies more powerfully, and the energy of revolution can easily transform into chaos. Pluto in Capricorn indicates that governments or authority figures may use violent energies against the rebellious movements. The use of destructive weapons in the Vietnam War at the end of the 1960s is a good example of this tendency. We may experience similar things in the coming years. Just as after the 1929 crisis, when fascism became popular and ethnic discrimination emerged, we can see religious discrimination is again taking place. The frontier lines in the Middle East may be changed. With the Uranus–Pluto square reaching its maximum affect in June 2012, the independent powers who claim their freedom are symbolized by Uranus in Aries, and the political powers protecting their own interests and power are symbolized by Pluto. During this power struggle between Uranus and Pluto, famine is possible, and certain products and services may become hard to obtain. These scarcities can be seen in each field where Pluto–Uranus competition exists. On the other hand, famine can be experienced as a result of natural disasters. So, by the beginning of 2012, we should take preventive actions.

The Shift in Our Perception of Reality

While we move towards the waxing phase of the Uranus–Pluto cycle, we will experience restlessness because of a demand for quick development. We will realize this better as the square between Aries and Capricorn is experienced in cardinal signs. In fact, we need to improve things as soon as possible. As time passes quicker than before, we have to take urgent steps to put everything in order. During this process, we must do what we can because this is a survival struggle. The waxing phase does not indicate an end, but it does show us that something new is growing, which will peak in 2012. These two planets will be at the exact waxing phase on June 24, 2012. Before that day, on June 6, 2012, we will have a Venus transit. All these dates are extremely important, and all the great changes will begin afterwards.

The Uranus–Pluto square will be experienced seven times between 2012 and 2016, which is a rare situation. It indicates we are at the brink of great transformations beyond our control and imagination. We should prepare to face great changes, global revolutionary movements, unexpected radical developments, and situations requiring restructuring.

Saturn, the planet ruling our perception of reality, will also be in a harsh aspect with Uranus and Pluto. This means the values symbolized by Saturn will be challenged and need to be transformed. Saturn likes to preserve its fixed patterns and resists any changes because of people’s desire to guarantee their possessions and futures. However, Saturn’s approach can prevent development. If we want to go further, sometimes we need to risk things we would rather have guaranteed, or we need to lose some things that we would rather keep. Only then can we be open to new developments and the opportunities that come with them. Saturn rules our fears and is related to our worries about the future. During these four years when we will experience harsh aspects of Saturn with Uranus and Pluto, we will experience losses and changes concerning the things we trusted. These harsh aspects of Uranus and Pluto indicate the order and system we are accustomed to will change. The dam is now full, and soon it will crack open. This is a part of the cosmic plan. When water flows from the crack in the dam, everything should be thrown out. To establish a new life, we will have to struggle with the waves and try to survive. If we stick to our usual resistance, the stress we face will be stronger and the changes will be more radical and painful. We need to successfully move with the flow.

New Forms of Energy

Trying to repress the change only forces the change to become an unstoppable power. Uranus in Aries will demolish anything that limits or controls its contribution to life with the help of new ideas, innovations, and new solutions. We should keep pace with the reforms and changes as they happen and begin contributing to the process. We are not talking about changes in regimes or other political changes, but we are focused on scientific, economic, social, and spiritual changes.  Technology, medicine and healing, psychology, astrophysics, economics, and other parts of life will be affected by this change, and as a result, we will reach a higher reality. We will realize our divine nature better.

When Uranus entered Aries in 2011, the old methods started to lose importance and began to be replaced with new ones. We will now start to see the long-term effects of these innovations in various areas of our lives. New perspectives and new trends will prevail. As Aries is an East sign, we can say that eastern philosophy will be more popular in western countries. Aries is related to new beginnings. A new cycle began when Uranus entered Aries, who is like a child who must have everything he wants, although he is brave. When Uranus is in Aries, you like to be a part of new things. We will gain a fresh energy and reach a new awareness level for building a new world. During this period, which will last until 2018, we need to be ready for radical changes and deal with the stimulating energies of Uranus!

Uranus–Pluto alignments have a strong forwarding energy. If we know how to benefit from this energy, we will have an important advantage. Uranus–Pluto combinations can also create a new form of energy. The prophecy of 2012 is this energy shift! Perhaps this new energy form is the photon energy mentioned by some scientists.