Author: Cem Şen

letting go of the past

Letting Go of the Past 

The past is nothing but a burden that doesn’t really exist. It’s one we carry around on our backs and take with us everywhere we go. From time to time, we open up this garbage bag we call the past and look at all the…

truth and reality

Truth and Reality 

Existence occurs in two areas: the subjective and the objective, reality and the truth. Subjective existence, or reality, is valid enough in the field it occupies but not elsewhere. In contrast, the objective reality, or truth, is universal. If reality were a rule, truth would…

the meditation of life and death
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The Meditation of Life and Death 

In this day and age, people seek to increase their energy levels by taking nutritional supplements. They consult gurus or chase material wealth to increase their happiness. They look to social institutions and political parties to provide safety. Then, in order to survive death, they…

the collapse of civilization

The Collapse of Civilization 

Fear also brought violence with it, and when that violence is sustained, people grow accustomed to it. Once people get used to violence, it does not hurt as much anymore, so people stop seeking a way to correct these unfavorable conditions. When people are so…

mangala sutta — protection

Mangala Sutta — Protection 

I am dedicating the merit arising from the translation, reading and understanding of this sutra to my family, my ancestors, my teachers and my students. Everybody who reads this sutra, everybody who listens this sutra and all the beings living, suffering in all existing dimentions…

the main issue

The Main Issue 

We consistently live our lives entwined around a central point, even though there is a painfully simple reality before us: We will die! Death is the only thing we can be sure about in life, at least if you don’t count taxes. Furthermore, the time…

just a simple question

Just a Simple Question 

The American Psychiatric Association carried out a research study into children and television. It came to the conclusion that the average child is exposed to 40,000 deaths and 200,000 violent acts through TV programs. Our world is a place managed by fear. We are motivated…

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