What I’m about to convey in this article should not be perceived as a serious astrological interpretation. What’s more, it’s in your best interest to remember this is merely a humorous approach. This way, you can enjoy this article all the better.
All through my life, I’ve been in close proximity to two specific types of women: Scorpios and Virgos. Whomever I made a grab for, they all turned out to be either Scorpios or Virgos (By the way, I’m just starting to get acquainted with Leos lately. It’s a killer sign, so help me.)
I don’t really have any complaints to be fair. I like Virgo women above all else and will continue to do so. I like Scorpios too, but all in all, how long can they last with a Scorpio male whose Ascendant is also in the same sign? There’s a phrase used for situations like this along the lines of “dog doesn’t eat dog.” This sums up my relationships with Scorpio women quite accurately. In many of those relationships, both of us knew ourselves and our boundaries very well and respected each other, but this certainly didn’t mean we would treat other people with different signs the same way…
All I know is that you need to keep a wary eye on three particular kinds of women: Taureans, Leos, and Scorpios. This opinion is based solely on my personal experiences, but then this entire article is based on my own observations and generalizations after all. I’m not saying that every Scorpio woman is the same, but rather the overall picture is…
Now, where was I? Oh yes: Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. The women of these three signs are generally controlling and dominant. Sure, every person considers their sign as a leading one, and every one of the signs has given us at least one great leader, but generally speaking, these three stand out in terms of attitude and statistics. You automatically cast your vote in favor of them whether you realize or not. Female Leos tend to claw and roar like Lionesses, and Taurean women make a point of giving everyone a square deal when in control, but for Scorpios, everything is fair, and everything is permissible when needed…
It’s advisable to cross yourself (as in the Christian gesture) before speaking to a Scorpio woman. Make no mistake, you will need some support from above. Among all the signs of the Zodiac, the women of Scorpio are the most conscious of their femininity, and they readily use it to its fullest in my opinion. The greatest difference between Scorpios and others is how they’re conscious of everything they do and every step they take. They are aware of the consequences of their actions to the fullest extent. You can easily notice this with a single look into their eyes. Actually, the most fatal thing about a Scorpio woman is her eyes. If you can identify the look on her eyes, you can easily recognize her sign without asking. You’ll see a sharp-witted, sparkling feminine glance that leaves you weak at the knees and engulfs you like a magnet. You can recognize these women regardless of size, and the rest is up to your courage.
Someone once told me that Scorpio is the only sign with a double glyph in astrology. Although I’m not really good with astrological symbols, and this is not a serious astrological interpretation anyway, there’s a common reaction at the mention that there are two types of Scorpios: aerial Scorpios and terrestrial Scorpios. It’s said the terrestrial Scorpio is the most dangerous type, while the airborne type is more mild-mannered. While they don’t actually have wings to signify the difference, I think I’ve know people of both types. The baseline is almost identical with the exception of a few differences.
First, the Scorpio woman equals freedom. The most prominent feature of this type is how they are exceedingly fond of their freedom. You can’t simply stake your claim on a Scorpio, and kudos to anyone who manages it. This type is symbolized by a species who would rather sting itself than remain with its back to the wall. For example, Virgo women tend to bond with their partners more and actually like to be embraced. In addition, such woman are more like long-distance runners, and their shortest relationships are rarely less than a year and a half. You see, the women of Scorpio cannot be like that. They are the ones who determine the span of their relationships, because they see no harm in walking out at will. They let you embrace them only when they want it.
I can almost hear you saying, “What a bore. I know otherwise!” Well, you bet you do, because Scorpios can also make the most hell-bent seductresses ever. Scorpios are known for being spiteful, green-eyed monsters. Frankly speaking, I can neither experience nor understand those feelings so far, because my household hasn’t really allowed these two concepts to flourish. I’m not saying this to imply that I’m superior in some way, because I know everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. But I honestly don’t know and can’t comprehend those feelings, and I truly believe and respect those who report such experiences. Does the flame follow the smoke? I know about jealousy, sure enough. I’ve experienced it too, but I really don’t know about such destructive extremes. My sense of jealousy and envy motivates me to do better, but it never reaches a point of wanting to do people harm. Anyhow, I guess I’ve made myself clear enough.
So, what was I saying? Right, freedom. For instance, I also value this highly as a Scorpio man. It certainly is the foundation of my relationships: Neither you own me, nor do I own you. I’m already happy on my own, and I choose to be with you now so I can double that. Please do not ask me to put you at the center of my life, and do not put me at the center of yours. I never needed to express these feelings to Scorpio women, because they already feel the same inside. A Scorpio woman knows exactly what she wants; she does what she does and knows how to walk out of the relationship when she feels that it’s over. She may be a little too straightforward at times, making her former partner carry a torch for her for some time afterwards. I remember when I was dumped by a Scorpio long ago. I literally led a dog’s life as the phrase goes. Who was it that said Scorpio doesn’t kill you but makes you crawl instead? Well, they were right.
Another observation regarding Scorpios is their high level of libido. I can safely say you can do incomprehensible things with a Scorpio woman or women with ascendants in Scorpio. They don’t have that “Oh come on, what are you gonna do with that? You think we should turn out the lights, Joe? Are you nuts? I can’t do it in that position!” kind of approach to sex like some other women of relatively passive signs. The principal attitude of an average Scorpio toward sex is something like, “Anytime, anywhere, any way, and as vigorous as possible.” Although this may sound vulgar, when you tell her to go doggy style, she will ask you at what angle. She’s open to everything, but the real question here is if you can really satisfy a Scorpio? The worst kind is those who also have an ascendant in Scorpio.
The most fantastical scenes in this universe probably involve the interactions between a Scorpio-Scorpio man and a Scorpio-Scorpio woman. Others with different signs might strain every nerve in their beings just to size up the situation, but those two can see each other bare-naked and don’t need to hide themselves away. Their coupling is probably far removed from that of regular humans, more resembling a pair of hellhounds instead. Both are well beyond the sound barrier when it comes to sex. It’s quite likely they would try to savage each other and end up in a hospital or maybe a police cell, not that I’ve been in that situation. I returned from the threshold once, thank god, and I haven’t met another Scorpio-Scorpio woman since.
Well then, what kind of relationship can you expect to have with this kind of woman? I could tell you in detail if I were an astrologer, but I’m not, so I’ll just make it up based on my own observations. To the best of my knowledge obtained from my readings and experiences, the most suitable partner for a Scorpio is a Piscean. Scorpio has an exceedingly dominant character, while that of Pisces is exceedingly submissive, and you can drag Pisceans along to anywhere you want. Pisces is immensely naive in contrast to Scorpio’s dangerously quick wit. Pisceans are generally very emotional by nature, and they reveal the compassionate side of their partners. Scorpios don’t really like to have partners stronger than them, so they usually have compassion for weaker ones, although their sincerity is up for debate because these situations actually remind them of how strong they are.
A relationship between a Scorpio woman and a Taurean or Leo man would be a real struggle. Some men actually go for this kind of challenge, specifically preferring relationships of this kind. All in all, such a man would have an equally strong and dominant partner. Scorpios don’t like to deal with cry babies, and they are swift to give them a kick up the butt, thinking, “Do I look like a charity?” The moral of the story is that if you want to have a chance with a Scorpio, you have to be either very strong or a Piscean. The biggest challenge for a Scorpio woman is being with another of her own kind. When that happens, either all hell breaks loose or they ultimately separate in a respectful manner.
As can be seen, Scorpios usually go back and forth between two extreme ends of the spectrum in a kind of all-or-nothing situation. The shades of grey are nonexistent, and their lives are full of ups and downs. They know very well how to protect themselves, by the way. They have an invisible shield, as strong as the chitinous armor of scorpions, that only allows those who are desired. Both the men and women of Scorpio have this shield. Not everyone can develop an intimacy with a Scorpio, and you can only step into their inner worlds when they allow you to, unless you are a Scorpio, because there is an uncanny and enigmatic communication between these people. They establish such a powerful gravitational field that they can almost read each other’s minds. After all, Scorpios have a strong intuition. They are also ideally suited to the occult sciences. We can safely say that in this sense, they are more suitable to taking the roles of sorcerers, shamans, or viziers who rule from behind the curtain rather than queens who explicitly rule their realms. Remember their ability to protect themselves; they let Taurean and Leo women have the crown and fight in the battles, while they prefer to draw back and control events without risking themselves. What’s more, they are extremely passionate, and at times, they can ignore logic and chase their passions instead.
The real question for me would be, “Well, would you want your daughter to be a Scorpio?” Absolutely, although we wouldn’t have too ideal a relationship, and I certainly couldn’t lay down the law on her. But anyway, rather than for her to be of another sign and suffer the world, I would prefer her to be a Scorpio and let the world suffer her.

The Virgo Woman

You can just look at the symbol of Virgo and its meaning to grasp the idea of the Virgo woman. The original meaning of the sign is “Virgin,” but its Turkish counterpart literally means “spica” (a star within the constellation of Virgo) or “goldenrod,” because… well, heaven knows why, and I actually wonder this a lot. I understand not to use the original “Virgo” name, but I really wonder why it’s translated as “spica” instead. The mystery of the Virgo woman is hidden within this particular word, though. Yes, she is a virgin. Her soul is able to preserve its purity and innocence, and she is ever verdant and untouched. You can tell a Virgo woman from her eyes, just like you can with Scorpios. Her eyes reflect this “virginity.” She is a baby bird who consistently observes the world around her with timid glances, but the same eyes can reflect the quick wit of a smart kid at times. She consistently observes and misses very little. Virgo is a sign that joins intelligence with innocence.
This state of mind reflects on her relationships as well. Virgo is a long-distance runner, and her shortest relationship is rarely less than a year and a half. Even if it is shorter, this won’t have been her initial intention. Many Virgos have fewer relationships during their entire lives than they have fingers on one hand. To make a comparison, you can safely assume that a Scorpio would need to use both hands, both feet, maybe even her best friend’s hands and feet as well, and, if you dramatize it enough, her cousin’s hands and feet to count all her past relationships. This is because Scorpio is usually on a constant quest and very hard to satisfy, while Virgo knows exactly what she wants and experiences her relationships until the bitter end once she finds them. Besides, she’s already a “virgin,” and this virgin can be very picky because she wants every little thing to feel special. Their timidity of a baby bird can cause them to shy away when they are pushed too far. Virgos usually have a great circle, but they their tone is not anywhere near “I think I can make a shift now,” thanks to their selectiveness that arises from their perfectionism. It should be the best, and she patiently looks forwards until she finds it…
Virgo women make loyal wives, but being a long-distance runner certainly requires the right conditions, however. Your relationship harbors a strong sense of respect along with an idyllic love. Virgos make a point of not harming the mutual respect between them and their spouses. They are honest, and this honesty is accompanied by a very strict logic. Virgo woman are terribly logical in general, and they try to make sense of the world with this. They don’t tolerate uncertainty, and everything must be as clear as day and understandable. This is the baby bird’s way of absorbing the world and protecting herself. She doesn’t shy away from expressing her feelings, despite her timid appearance, yet this can be a fairly hard thing to do. She will try not to hurt you, or the mutual respect between you, to the best of her ability. Unlike a Scorpio woman, she doesn’t walk off at will. She will draw a perfect outline of her current feelings because of her perfectionist and logical approach.
Their perfectionism can throw you off your rocker at times. A woman who keeps her eye on the clock when cooking is probably a Virgo. Because the recipe says, “cook it for eight minutes over a medium heat,” that meal will be cooked for neither seven nor nine minutes. She will also be very precise about taking prescription drugs. Has the doctor ever told you to take something once every four hours? A Virgo doesn’t deviate from this, even if it means waking up in the middle of the night. In fact, she’s an ideal partner for a sign like Scorpio, who takes his pills only when it flashes into his mind or tries to cook using intuition. In addition, remember that they never forget. They can recall a random joke you said four years ago and recount it time and again if it’s something they resented. This is because a question mark remains in their head that hasn’t been cleared out yet. Even when you address the question in the end, they never forget, especially if this person is a woman.
A Virgo woman is an ideal partner for a relationship, especially for me. When you awaken and accustom yourself to their logical defenses, they’re too good to be true. The energies of a Virgo and a Scorpio are very harmonious too. There’s no wonder I can’t say the same thing about the other signs. A Virgo woman doesn’t push you too far, because she’s not very dominant by nature, and she usually reacts with tears when she is pushed too far herself. Only her logical approach restrains her feelings to the extent of occasional outbursts. So, you can’t measure your feelings with logic after all, and you’ll fail if you try to.
That’s it in a nutshell, guys. As it’s understood, I like Virgo women, and I always have. They are also very successful in their careers as long as they don’t let themselves be crushed under their own perfectionism. You must show them a lot of understanding in testing situations however, because they can be a little too strained during such times. Now for the standard question: Would I want a Virgo daughter? I’d still prefer a Scorpio daughter, but who could refuse a lovely, little baby bird to hold in your arms and never let go?