Obesity is one of the biggest issues of our time. With this article, I’ll try to suggest a new angle and help you seek solutions to obesity not from the outside but rather from inside your mind.

Just like with quitting cigarettes or any other bad habit, we say that it’s all in the mind, but what can we do to overcome the problems in our minds? Do we even realize what we do?

Why are we unable to progress? Why do we sink lower the more we struggle?

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, I’m sure you’ve tried many methods and asked for help from others. Have you ever considered that maybe the solution is not out there but rather inside your own mind.

You go to a gym, and the instructor tells you that you need to work out more. You already know that, but if you could do it, you wouldn’t need an instructor.

You go to a dietician, who tells you to consume fewer calories. You know that as well. If you could successfully reduce your calorie intake, you wouldn’t need him either.

The real question is “How am I going to do it?”

I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m sure you already know that dieting and exercise will make you lose weight. I’m here to help you accomplish these things.

We certainly have very complex brains, and our subconscious is like a small child. It tries to make choices without evaluating whether they’re good or bad.

We want to shed our excess weight, but we don’t really think about the good it will really bring. We do not consider how happy we will really be if we can manage to lose this weight.

Just like when making money in an effort to buy a better life, we can find ourselves in a trap where we forget why we started the endeavor in the first place. We ultimately confuse the sacrifices and the benefits.

Wanting to lose weight is exactly the same. We tend to forget why we wanted to do it, so we miss the moments that would have contended us.

We promise ourselves that if we manage to drop a few pounds, we will go buy some new clothes or do something else that we really want to do.

Maybe we manage to reach the target, but the promises we make to ourselves are always forgotten.

If I were your body, I would never trust you again, yet what happened to the child in you? What would make you jump up and down on your bed or make you grin just by thinking about it?

Discover and dream about things that would fill you with joy. If you can find that vision, your eyes will be filled with self-respect, confidence, and maybe even a mischievous sparkle. If you can discover this, you’ll start a journey to a new healthy body.

Perhaps now is the right time…


The body, mind, and spirit comprise a whole. They cannot be separated or isolated. If you enjoy doing something, you use all three of these things. If you hate doing something, they you’re certainly not using all of them.

If you run without enjoyment, then there’s no spiritual fulfilment in it. If you try to train your body without spirit, you have not discovered the essence of it. As a result, your body will refuse to listen.

Losing weight is a state of mind, much like with meditation.

That’s it for now, but many more things are waiting to be discovered…