We will all perish. That is given.
The body will fail, the mind disappear…
But what will remain?
That is inconceivable.
There is no time. There is only eternity.
Eternity has no time, no image, yet all the images are in it.
Neither dual nor singular, eternity is inconceivable.
Eternity stays when all is gone.
Eternity is stillness within,
And stillness acknowledges no time,
And comprehends no mind.
Hence, we can say that the Self is eternal.
The eternal Self is also all pervading,
For it does not know the other:
I am in you and you are in me – we the all pervading.
The nature strives for the union – all the time, as the man searches for a woman and a woman waits for the man.
The nature of the river is to flow towards the sea.
And the nature of the day is to meet the night.
I therefore grow in twilight and bathe in confluence.
These are the activities of the Self, nay, of the Supreme Self.

Franz Andrini