Sometimes we question destiny. Sometimes we grow angry with our own destinies, and those who prefer to take responsibility for their own lives start to question whether destiny exists or not.

Is it possible that in reality, destiny represents the options we have whenever we need to make a choice.

Each time we make a choice, we have two or more options. The number of options we perceive depends on our awareness. Some only see black and white, while others add some shades of gray, and others may see all the colors in the spectrum. Each choice incurs a cost in that we give up on the alternatives when we make a choice. This is a concept I like teaching in my economics courses—opportunity cost. I particularly like it because it comes from real life. The best alternative option that we give up on is our opportunity cost.

When  asked, “Can a human being change its destiny?” the Masters usually answer by saying something like, “To some degree within certain boundaries, yes.” In astrology, we have the birth map, but there is also the concept of surpassing the birth map. Perhaps this is possible by increasing the number of options, by looking at issues from different perspectives. If you can see all the colors in front of you, you will have more control over your destiny. We form our lives through our choices.

This means that each choice is like a question on a multiple-choice exam, except there are no right or wrong choices. Sometimes you may make choices that other people think are crazy. Some may find them illogical or ridiculous. Sometimes a choice that is popular with others does not attract you, or your heart might protest at a choice you believe you want. In such times, it is very important to listen to your heart. Each of us has different right answers. Your right answer can seem wrong to everyone else except you. Maybe it really is a choice that will set you back, but if it comes from your heart, it is right for you. Maybe you will learn something from it.

I always felt the need to defend my choices. I created a defense mechanism, because I usually make my decisions according to my intuition, and this often leads to a lot of criticism. I now understand that this is not necessary. In fact, when someone sees you being defensive, his or her tendency to attack your choice will increase. Instead, when someone asks you, “Are you crazy? How can you choose that?” you can just say, “Because it’s how I feel.” No one can claim to know what is best for you better than you.

Sometimes we are influenced so much by others, pushing us into indecision. Although our hearts may protest, we do many things to avoid hurting the feelings of others. Whenever we do this, we tend to start blaming destiny. Destiny’s only role, however, was to present the options. It is us who make the choices. Believe me, your real friends are the ones who stay with you regardless of your choices. They are the ones who can say they know what led to these decisions. If you believe in the power of heart-driven choices, you will have few regrets in your life.