Author: İdil Göksel


Love or Dependency? 

This is another issue I get asked about a lot. Are our relationships based on love? Or are they ones that we are dependent on? Do you ever continue relationships with people who do not vibrate at the same frequency, just because you fear being…

money and trust

Money and Trust 

All people have some kind of examination in their lives. We don’t experience any problems in some parts of life, but in others, we find ourselves in endless loops. These loops continue until we recognize and learn the necessary lesson. In my own life, the…

choices and destiny

Choices and Destiny 

Sometimes we question destiny. Sometimes we grow angry with our own destinies, and those who prefer to take responsibility for their own lives start to question whether destiny exists or not. Is it possible that in reality, destiny represents the options we have whenever we…



There is something we know but cannot really understand. It’s submission. I don’t know why, but whenever I hear this word, the first thing that comes to mind is a movie I saw on TV as a child. Maybe it was a series—I’m not sure….

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