Everyone has experienced many times in their life something that frustrates, upsets, annoys, angers and a host of other emotions around things they don’t want and/or people that upset them.

What is the natural response? “Damn it, I don’t want that!” and push back against who or what it is that you say you don’t want. Yet it persists…that same annoying person keeps showing up. “My boss is such a *@#hole”, “the checking account is overdrawn again.” “My kids really upset me today.” “I don’t feel well…this upset stomach just won’t go away.” And the list goes on and on. It is like an ugly carousel that you just can’t seem to get off of. Why?!

Because pushing back against what you say you don’t want in your life has a “double anchoring” effect to keeping it in your life! Let me explain…

The first way you pushing back anchors what you don’t want is that you have to become a vibrational match…aka…the same frequency, as that which you say you don’t want. You become in alignment with what you don’t want and think, some how, some way, it is going away. It is impossible for that issue, that person, that thing to disappear from your life. Law of Attraction, being in alignment with what you don’t want, not only are you attracting it, your attracting more of it! More people to upset you, more reasons to have an upset stomach (what is eating you, not what you are eating!), more, more, more.

The second anchor is what you resists, persists. The ego loves this, as it is in it’s domain of separation, competition and fear. Push back harder, faster, smarter, quicker, come on, you can do it…push harder! The only thing I can guarantee from your resistance is your exhaustion. You end up being tired of being tired. There is no more push left. Then the ego plays the “I’m not worth it”, poor me! “I’m a looser”, “I can’t”, the ego has a deck of trump cards to rob you from your power.

The double anchors are reacting to life. And reacting to anything never works.

Changing what you don’t want in life is a two step process. First, accept it just as it is. No judgment, rather acceptance. Ok, the boss is really pushing my buttons. Got it. The kids won’t listen to me. Ok, got it. My finances are a wreck. Ok, got it. My health is a mess. Ok, got it. Accept responsibility for what is so. This stops you from pushing back. Allow what is.

The second step is to create a life you love! This gives you responding into a life you create. You are made in the image and likeness of God; you are a Creator. Who are you creating your-Self to Be? Create, Create, Create! The boss; what if you created yourself to Be “I am efficient, powerful and have the right and perfect job”. The kids; “I am the perfect parent, loving and compassionate, for my kids”. Finances: “I am prosperous and a master of my money”. Now, who would you have to be Being for your actions, your language, to fulfill your declaration to who you created yourself to Be? This is Self-empowerment. This is creating a future you most likely where not going to have. This is living into a life because you created it, because you say so. This is Spirit living a human adventure. This is living a transformed life!

Live a Live You Love!