Why do we dream? What do our dreams really mean? Are our dreams related to the consciousness? Are they our perception of another dimension? Is life itself just a long dream?

Life is the process that occurs between birth and death, and we perceive it through our senses and feel it with our intuitions. The whole process is nothing more than a long dream that we believe is real. In a universe of illusions, where the real and unreal are tightly integrated, our personal reality is where we currently are.

Just like matryoshka dolls within each other,

There is a world over here,

And there is a world over there.

There is a realm, but where would that be?

Who are you? Who am I? Where are we?

Together with you in a world of thought,

Together with me in a world of feeling,

Together with us in a world of reason,

Who are you?

Who am I?

Where are we?

The projection of a consciousness,

The reflection of an energy,

The miracle of a mind:

Who are you?

Who am I?

Where are we?

This is the consciousness of seeing how the real and unreal are integrated, and how what we assume to be everything is merely a part of something else. The analogy of matryoshka dolls is very appropriate to this phenomenon!

Dreaming is one dimension that is integrated within us, and it incorporates both the subconscious and the depths of consciousness, yet it causes us to experience things differently from one another.

Dreams are illusionary reflections of the reality in our minds, but this illusionary world holds truths that we cannot escape from. Denying our dreams and forgetting them is like refusing to face reality.

Dreams are also a reflection of our emotions. They are a natural source of healing for the soul. Maintaining this source, by preventing it from becoming blocked, enables the soul to renew itself. The moment we fall asleep, we step into a dimension where we can be alone in our inner worlds. With the help of this dimension, the reality we hide from in the outside world appears before us in a pure, naked form. It requests our support in finding solutions to fix and organize it!

If we can understand and analyze this, the flow of energy will be refreshed, and what we see in our dreams will change.

Dreaming is a mental perception of a dimension where we can see future events, our memories, fantasies, supernatural phenomena, and telepathic visions. It’s also where we send and receive news.

Dreams are our reality!

The level of our consciousness defines the level of our dreams. Dreams most commonly arise from the subconscious, and these are the ones that need healing. The dreams that come through spiritual awareness are less frequent. These dreams help us to perceive the metaphysical realms and convey the knowledge we obtain through spiritual awareness into our consciousness. More importantly, they help us to connect this world with the other world. In fact, these dreams are visions that can only be understood through feelings, and they are diminished when we try to pronounce them. The most distinctive feature of these dreams is how their energy cannot be compared to any worldly joy or happiness.

The Senoi owe their happiness to their dreams!

Anthropologists and psychologists have studied the Senoi people, who were discovered in the 1930s in the mountains of Malaysia. This community stood out because of how its healthy, happy, and peaceful people shared their food. The researchers determined that these people owed their happiness to lucid dreaming, because the Senoi associate their peace and serenity with “lucid dream masters.” The training for lucid dreaming begins at an early age. As soon as children start to speak, their parents teach them about how to control their dreams. For instance, when children are attacked in their dreams by wild animals or scary monsters, they are told to go back to sleep and attack the animals or monsters instead. The Senoi also teach their children to be strong in times of hardship, because it is only fear itself that they should fear. It was also noted that the Senoi focus on experiencing as much pleasure as possible in their dreams, such as by soaring through the air.

There are many other things we could discuss from various perspectives when it comes to dreams and dream consciousness.

In my book, Leaps in Consciousness, I’ve compiled all the knowledge I acquired during my long study into this subject. In this book, I also try to help you understand your own dreams by analyzing some dreams submitted by real people.

I’m very happy to share this book with you, and I hope you’ll find it very useful.