According to many famous spiritual teachers, our world is nearing the end of an age, which they call the Dark Age. They might be right or wrong, but if we look for a way to convince ourselves, we can find substantial evidence in our daily lives.

On one side, more people are speaking about love, light, peace, and harmony. More are trying to achieve a deeper self-cognition. More people refrain from violence, lies, gossip, undeserved income increases, deception, betrayal and other illegal or antisocial behaviors.

On the other side, many of the dark prophecies about the end of the world are coming true and seriously afflicting many people. Very powerful earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and other disasters are becoming commonplace, with many people dying in each disaster. Large numbers of historic buildings and other treasures disappear. Both the financial and intangible losses are beyond measure, yet we can do nothing to stop them.

According to the spiritual teachers, we should not complain about these losses. They claim this is the world’s way of rebalancing herself and everything happens because it should. Spiritual people also convey that instead of being afraid, we can try to do something to change these difficult conditions: To accept and love ourselves as we are, and then begin seeking new ways of existence.

To imagine reaching the end of the Dark Age inspires great hope in our hearts. Most people want to believe that higher forces will resolve the lack of love and light in the world. Is that possible? I believe it is. If we really intend to take action and reach into the deeper areas of ourselves, we may finally arrive at the darkest part of our existence. Once we find it, we will be able to send more love and light into ourselves.

We, the human beings, are on the planet Earth for a game: The game of duality. Therefore, we divided the energy into darkness and light.

This game’s main goal is to experience the effects of feelings and emotions on our body and soul. While doing this, we should identify the emotion and the energy created by this emotion. We should then use it for the necessities of daily life.

To make it more challenging, we also made the game more difficult by introducing social norms. For example, we created the concept of loyalty. Loyalty can be directed towards many things: Towards our parents, our partners, and our country or leader.

First, we make a promise to be loyal, and then we feel obligated to keep this promise, no matter what. We have been taught that breaking a promise diminishes the love and respect society has for us. Accordingly, we do not allow ourselves to display our base emotions, such as fear, anger and resentment. Hence, we suppress these emotions to prove our loyalty.

Over the years, we continue to suppress our emotions, carrying them through death to our next life. There comes a time when these accumulated base emotions are too much for us to hold back. Eventually, they explode and all the suppressed energy disrupts our energy field and compromises the functioning of our minds. This is the point where we can lose our willpower and kill someone.

When someone does this, a part of his soul immediately detaches and joins the victim’s soul and vice versa.

Until last year, I had no idea about this exchange of souls. Here is the story of how I came to learn about it.

Foreign Souls in Our Souls

In March 2011, I began to realize that we carry many foreign souls in our beings. These can be the souls of those who have killed our ancestors and even ourselves in past lives, as well as those who have been killed by our ancestors or ourselves in past lives.

I came to learn this fact by chance. A female client came in for a session complaining of serious depression. I was starting to balance her energy field when, all of a sudden, I faced an unfamiliar kind of energy. I was clueless about what it was or how to rebalance her field.

I surrendered to my higher self and asked for the best solution for her condition. I was told that foreign souls were trapped in her energy field. I remember feeling completely helpless and confused. I began to ask questions, but, of course, I did not listen to the answers. The discussion went something like, “Foreign souls? What is this? A joke? This isn’t funny. Blah, blah, blah…”

Fortunately, my higher self was patient with me and waited until I was relaxed and ready to listen. Then she said, “Let me guide you on this long path. From now on, you will be encountering many more people with similar complaints, and you will help each and every one of them. I will teach you along the way. It is a little complicated but do not worry; you will get all the information you need, according to your capacity and time. Each client will enable me to teach you more about this new technique.”

I surrendered one more time and continued the session, as my higher self instructed me.

The client began to shout and cry, while also feeling pain all over her body. We both were afraid, but I continued to follow my higher self’s instructions to complete the release of the souls procedure. After half an hour, she was calm again and the corners of her mouth moved upward. She smiled and kept this smile for a while before saying, “For the last ten years, I could never use the muscles of my mouth like that. Whenever I wanted to smile, I felt like something was pushing down the corners of my mouth. That feeling of being pushed down is gone; I don’t feel it anymore.”

Since that first experience, many more people came to visit me with the simple intention of having their energy fields rebalanced. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I found foreign souls in many of them. I helped them release these souls from their beings. I witnessed their relaxation and watched them experience a new sense of deep freedom. In spite of all these experiences, the perfect results, and the surprising feedback from clients, I was still in doubt. I even recall a suspicious thought that occupied my mind for some days, wondering, “Do I have schizophrenia?”

Master Sha’s Therapy

In November 2011, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, a Chinese healing master famous for his healing miracles, was in Frankfurt. He gave some lectures and led many healing sessions for sick people from all over the world.

I have a friend who suffers from arthritis. Over the last four years, she tried many conventional and unconventional healing methods. Other healers and I tried a number of healing and energy balancing techniques for her. She also took part in many Family Constellations, even having Bert Hellinger himself set up a constellation for her. I can definitely claim that we achieved a level of healing beyond that of a medical doctor, but she still was not in perfect health.

So, when she heard about Master Sha’s visit, she flew to Frankfurt. She attended his class for three days. She received an energy check-up from his assistants and a healing session directly from Dr. Sha himself.

Dr. Sha told her that her body (including the mind and soul) was under attack from dark souls. He explained how dark souls had been trapped in her for some time. They belonged to her past lives, but because my friend and the dark souls did not satisfy their karma by completing the forgiveness procedure, they could not go to the light. He claimed that she was living with no less than 144,000 dark souls. To resolve this, he used a procedure that would set her free by sending the dark souls to the light. He said that he had received this knowledge directly from the Divine.

My friend returned to Turkey and told me all about her experience. I thought, “Thank God, I’m not schizophrenic after all.” From that moment on, I became confident and asked my higher self to teach me more. My higher self told me:

The higher forces will end the Dark Age very soon. However, you human beings have to first release all the trapped souls. Some souls have become completely trapped in the energy fields of people. A person, depending on his past lives’ experiences, could be living with more than 2 billion trapped souls. You will encounter large differences in the number of trapped souls and other conditions. Sometimes, you’ll find people carrying just a part of a soul, but the procedure to release it will be the same.

Until now, these souls were not actually trapped; they simply chose to stay in the fields of other people in order to satisfy their revenge motives. Now they want to reach the holy place, The Light.

Lessons Taken From Illnesses

Every being has inside some information about sickness, especially the spiritually gifted ones who know how to reach and use it. For them, sickness is something that goes directly to the inner awareness. After an illness, spiritual people ask the question, “What is this sickness trying to show me?”

As it is the right time, all the trapped souls want to be free and go to The Light, yet they cannot escape the energy fields of their hosts. Therefore, they sometimes make people sick. This behavior (of making people sick) creates opportunities for both sides. For those carrying the foreign souls, this is an opportunity to recognize the condition. For the trapped souls, this can be a perfect chance to escape and move to The Light.

Helping them find the way to The Light will accelerate the ascension process for all of humanity. My higher self says that in our universe, there is a single brilliant place where all souls gather, and its universal name is “The Light.” This is why I treat it as a proper noun.

I was surprised, happy and honored to be given this knowledge. I promised to do my best and asked for more guidance. After a couple of days, I was completing the process as if I had been doing it my whole life. There was no more shouting, crying or pain, just simple relief.

A week later, I faced a new and different situation. Some of the clients called me the day after completing their procedures. They said they were experiencing a deep feeling they could not identify. They were referring to a kind of loneliness, deficiency or uncertainty. They described a feeling of not being whole, but none of them was able to give me a concrete description to help me understand it.

Eventually, I once more surrendered to my higher self and asked for deeper guidance. My higher self told me:

Now you will deal with the second part: the exchange. If part of someone remains in another being, the reverse may also be true. You have to check for this, and if it is the case, you need to call all the missing parts back and reunify them with the whole being. After completing this procedure, you need to ask if the person has other parts left in other beings, universes or time zones. If so, you need to repeat the process for all parts of the person.

Law of the Vacuum

There are many Universal Laws, and one of them is called Law of the Vacuum. This law says, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” When a space is cleared, it will be refilled with the same energy unless it is programmed differently. Clear a space, wait for a while and you will notice that the same energy will return. Therefore, you have to fill the space with something appropriate to the person’s conscious preferences; this may be love, light, health, abundance, peace, and even combinations of these and others.

At this point, there a danger that the released soul is in The Light and will not come back to fill the space. According to the Law of the Vacuum, this part of the field cannot remain empty, so it will be filled by something else.

You can never know what kind of energy or being will be drawn there. Therefore, you have to call on the person’s other parts to fill the hole, or the person may be seized by particularly dark souls. Upon giving me this information, my higher self also taught me the procedure.

Nowadays, I’ve noticed that in the Theta Healing Process, you can find a similar method to send trapped soul fragments to The Light. I am thoroughly convinced that we human beings can find many more ways to liberate ourselves from trapped souls while helping them to reach The Light.

To Say Farewell…

In order to say “adieu” to the Dark Age, we have to locate and release all the trapped souls. Only after releasing each trapped soul will we witness a “farewell to the dark age.”

My understanding is that many healers work in their own ways to facilitate our ascension from the Dark Age to a lighter one. I wrote this article to inform you about a new possibility to accelerate and smooth the ascension procedure.

Finding a facilitator may ease your farewell. Resisting or refusing to utilize this opportunity may hold you back from reaching your true potential of a brilliant future. Please, work with a facilitator and help us achieve a rapid and smooth ascension.

I wish I could give you some more tips, such as a way to do it yourself. Unfortunately, my higher self claims that until I am a real master in this new procedure, I am not allowed to teach it. It may be possible in future, but I do not know when.

Therefore, if you want my opinion, before taking any action you could pray to God for the trapped souls to be released. The second option is to surrender to your higher self and ask for the appropriate help.

Another option would be to visit Master Sha, who I am sure would be pleased and honored to help you. In addition, you could always seek a Theta Healing Practitioner in your area. If you wish, you are also always welcome to contact me.

May love and light be with you!