Happiness is the goal of most people around us. They believe that it will come when they achieve all their goals, when they fulfill all their desires, when they have all they need, and so on and so forth. Does this sound potentially endless to you? This is why many people tell us to look inside ourselves and find our motivation in life, which you don’t need to name by the way. But if you still want to believe that your motivation is happiness, here are some real-life experiences for you to use:
– It’s a cliché to say “Happiness is inside you.” I prefer to say, “Happiness depends on you.” You can be happy in every moment, whatever the circumstances. If I can, you can as well!
– The most common symptom of happiness is smiling. Once you start smiling, you notice the other smiling people around. You don’t need to know each other, it can be just anyone passing by that boosts your energy. There’s a saying, “What goes around comes around.” Believe me, if you can feel it, you can smile while you are crying.
– Happiness grows not just within you. If you plant it correctly, it can be nourished by the happiness of the people around you. That’s why we always like to spend time around positive-minded people.
– Don’t worry about being happy, such as how to be happy or when to be happy. Just be happy! It will come naturally, but you will definitely feel it when it does. There is no need to attach it to something else, because this will only make you unhappy.
I want you to be happy, and I need you to be happy. Please try harder, not just for yourself but also for the people whom you really love!
I love you all!
Let’s spread love and happiness to the world!

Seçil Bozdağ