“In this world of ours, there are two ways to exist. To feel everything or to feel nothing.” — Nadya Zhexembayeva

This is what we choose in each and every aspect of life. Feeling everything requires a totally different point of view as it requires the courage to get hurt, but it also gives you the chance to feel the various layers of life, going through sadness, happiness, love, empathy, and much more with a very real experience and a very strong passion.

And as for passion, that’s what keeps you alive. It’s the passion to love, the passion to travel, the passion to teach, the passion to dance or sing, and the passion to survive and exist. It’s the passion “to be” and “to become” something.

A couple of weeks past, I started questioning how people can be so angry toward each other. This feeling of anger is so common among the human beings of today’s world, where a huge degree of competition exists.

All of a sudden, I came up with the answer, which lies in the mirrors of life. Every single day, we encounter many people. Each and every one of these reflects a side of our own. If we regard a good thing from another person, we see the dark side of our equivalent in their mirror. This gives us the chance to think deeply about how we behave in some aspects of life, so we gain a chance to change our behavior in a positive way.

How you look shapes the way you perceive things and more importantly the way you ascribe meaning to life. Giving meaning to life requires perceiving life from diverse points of view and subsequently reacting to them. Choosing to feel everything makes people fear being hurt, but once you change your perception about events, though, and once you start to see opportunity in the difficult, you will learn how the things shaped in your life will also change in a positive way. Then, all of a sudden, all the anger will fade away, and you will see beauty in the order. Once you choose to perceive the chaos as an illusion and see the order in the universe instead, you start to fully surrender and feel a perfect peace deep inside.

Choosing to feel nothing is not the answer—instead you should choose to feel everything, to embrace everything, and perceive life not as a fearful path but rather as a peaceful road to enjoy as you grow into a better you.

That moment represents the place where your anger suddenly dissolves and peace settles in your heart, so let the anger collapse and enjoy the peace.