Each and every cleaning session is a form of clearing, but energetic home clearing is much more than that.

Various negative energies can contaminate your space, and anger, worries, emotions, thought forms, illnesses, and viruses can persist in the air, stick to the walls, and accumulate on the floor. This is particularly true when you move into a new house, because you don’t know what happened there before or what energy the previous residents brought into the house. It’s therefor wise to take the time for a space clearing session. The same ritual should also be carried out in offices that experience many visitors.

Space clearing techniques have been used throughout history. The methods and tools may vary from culture to culture, but the objective is the same: to bring about harmony and balance. The Native Americans use drums, rattles, and smudging herbs, such as sage, cedar wood or juniper. The Chinese use gongs, chants, and incense. In Medieval Europe, salt and prayers were thought to clear the energy. In the Middle East, smoldering resins of frankincense and myrrh are used to invite blessings into a home. In Anatolia, people hang sage and garlic, and newborns are washed in salt together with the whole space. Among the various cultures and their techniques, I personally prefer the five elements technique. One by one, I bring the energies of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal into the space.

So, in which circumstances should a space clearing be performed? You should carry out an energetic home clearing:

  • When you move into a new house
  • When you start a new business
  • When there are fights in your space
  • When there is illness
  • If you often experience nightmares
  • If you repeatedly encounter obstacles in life
  • After an ending relationship
  • After someone from your family passes away

Performing the five elements technique

1. First of all, clean the house with salt water and place a cup of salt water in each room, adding some coins to prevent corrosion. This will absorb negativity as it evaporates.

2. Prepare one of the mixtures below and mix it with one liter of water before spraying it in the air. This is the water element.

  • Purification: Grapefruit, rosemary and tea tree
  • Vitalization: Lavender, pelargonium and bergamot
  • Activation: Sage, lavender and mint
  • Calming: Lavender, chamomile, neroli oil and sandalwood

3. Create some sound, because this vitalizes energy, especially the stagnant energy trapped in corners. Pick an instrument and circulate around your house through every nook and cranny. This is your wood element.

4. The smoke from sage absorbs negative energy. Burn a long bunch of sage and walk through all your rooms. If you don’t have any sage, burn candles in every room instead. This is your fire element.

5. Leave an open cup of black seed (nigella sativa) in each room. This brings earth energy and absorbs any remaining negative energy.

6. Make some sound with an energetic sound clearing bell, because metal reinvigorates the whole energy. If you don’t own such a bell, use a normal bell instead.

7. Once you’re finished, buy some beautiful fresh flowers and play some pleasant vibrational music. Try to remain in the frequency of love and use appropriately loving words.

Lots of love…