What if following your dreams, taking a risk (real risks that is), and sometimes only listening to your heart rather than letting your brain challenge the obstacles of your heart is something normal? And the power—whatever you call it, whether it be God, energy, Allah, Buddha, fortune, the universe, angels, guardians, your inner self, or whatever—helps you during this process. Plus, imagine that all the processes are never concluded, and all you have is a huge period of progress that has taught you a lot while needing to handle the stress, the bad intentions, the wrong places, bad timings, and the unnecessary details.

At the end, you feel like saying, “What the fuck am I doing? I have nothing to show for it. Really, fuck it!”

Hey, you. While everyone else waited for the storm to pass, you did not, because you knew there was something to learn from this storm. Trust me, while everyone seemed so satisfied with their simple lives, you ended up in this world filled with true-life experiences that no one else dares to imagine.

Why do you say, “I have nothing to show for it”? You were one of the lucky ones challenging all the troubles and never giving up. Keep your chin up! Yes, you are the lucky one!

I am a weirdo with plenty of luck who never gets the outcome! Nope, I got more than enough!

Welcome to my life, dear reader. Do you feel like you are worth more than what you truly have now, because you know the paths you trod, you know the feeling of salt on your face from all your tears, you know all the nights you could not sleep at all, and you recognize people who really appreciated your existence at first but then changed because you never gave up on being who you are? Yes, don’t change yourself so people will like you. Be yourself, so the right people can love the real you. Here is what you all need to know:

Why do you keep thinking that you have to reach a conclusion? What if you are meant to be in the process? What if being in the process is your conclusion?

You are not an idiot! You are more than the others!

Open your eyes. Life is a journey, and everyone lives without knowing whether tomorrow will come or not. For me, I have no precise idea where it comes from, but I guess God placed courage in my heart and gave me the ingenuity to cover up my deficiencies. (I know you are also like me, at least in some ways, and that is why you keep reading this.)

I know how you feel after many attempts. You feel like an idiot who trusted the wrong people, someone who volunteered so much. Look at that friend whom you compare yourself with? Yeah, she seems to be doing pretty good in life thanks to her family’s investment in her career. Look at that guy you never understand. He seems privileged because he got his job thanks to knowing someone in the company, so he did nothing to truly deserve that job.

You mean a hell of a lot to the world! Forget about other people’s small worlds.

You are on this page, reading these words, so I am sure you are not one of those simple-minded people. I know how delicate your heart is, even when it fights in a world where people forget their real values and desires. I adore you no matter whom you are and what you do. I know that each of us is surrounded by people who only dream about the level of luxury and satisfaction that comes from their families, jobs, and life expectations, while you exist just to be whom you are. You attract what you want in countless miraculous ways that no one can make sense of, and I know you are still on the path. You still engage in the process by making sacrifices to live this life with a heart full of love that can heal the world. I feel so lucky, because only someone who is like me will understand what I say about healing the world, taking action for the good of the whole and being one.

You are not doing anything to fit in with society’s standards right now, even without being harsh. You are not doing something just because you are uncertain about the future or your family pushed you into what you are doing now.

You are no ass-kisser when it comes to your own benefit, because it’s simply not who you are. You are strong enough to cope with the injustice. You are doing great, and you are alive. You feel life in all its aspects in your veins!

Do you really believe in miracles?

Before I go, what if I told you that I used to own a huge villa and my own company? What if I said they came not by working in a job that I gave my whole life to and definitely not from a sugar daddy, bank loans, or dubious enterprises. What if I said all I did was move out of my comfort zone and follow my heart, trusting in myself and not being a liar, letting the universe decide on my behalf rather than try to force things to happen? Would you like to know what happened next? (Now, I realize these are all materialistic achievements that appealed to me for a while.)

And what if I told you that I found ice in the middle of a desert? By the way, this is not a metaphor but something real!  Would you like to hear more about me? I swear, I found ice in the middle of the desert, and it brought me love…

Let me know if you want to hear how it all happened.

You weirdos, I love you all!