Find a job you love, and you never have to work again, because it will be fun!

This was the advice of a 93-year-old friend of mine (via my father). He gave it to me years ago, and I’ve practiced it all my life.

It’s the one thing I’ve always been chasing. I believe I’m there now, translating, writing articles, working on my music, and generally creating. I’m still exploring, though, because that’s what life is about. We are meant to explore life, because it constantly changes.

Well, and today’s topic is exactly that: Doing what you love with love while being in love.

It’s a labor of love, so to speak. I believe it’s the most important thing in anyone’s life. It’s a way to help us understand life and ourselves, by doing what you love on this planet Earth, getting lost in it, becoming one with it, losing sight of the limits, and not comprehending where one thing ends and another starts…

Perhaps just as important as the work itself, the people you work with is another significant aspect in this journey called life. Our relationships within this field help us to understand ourselves, realize our weaknesses and strengths, and enable us to see and feel life, so we can feel that we are actually breathing.

Love is exactly what I feel as a part of The Wise family with Sonsuz. For some time now, I’ve been doing translation work for the magazine. Every month Hasan sends me articles in Turkish, and I translate them into English. What’s more, for some time now, I’ve been writing articles as well. That’s how I earn my living, and I really love doing it. It really is a labor of love.

The use of any language, the sounds of the vowels and consonants, how and when you use the words, how two languages are similar or different to each other, and how the culture is affected by the language and vice versa: All these things mesmerize me. Music and anything related to it is also a passion of mine, and I try to keep it in my life, but now my topic is translation and writing.

So with this in my pocket, Hasan made it possible for me to translate on a topic I am really interested in:  people’s self-development and their search for improvement, as well as how to connect with your deeper inner-self, how to walk on the path called life, and how to take your journey. I could sum it up as spirituality, but I think it’s more than that. The spiritual evolution of people is such an interesting thing to observe.

What’s more as an Anatolian (I was born in Istanbul but my ancestors came from all over Anatolia), I get to translate the words into another language on Anatolian soil, acting sort of like a bridge to the western world…

It’s such a valuable endeavor.

We are all so lucky to have Hasan in our lives. Through his perseverance, he puts together The Wise together with its Turkish equivalent derKi. He makes it all come true. He brings us all together from many different parts of the world, yet on the same path, as soul mates. It’s such a valuable effort from such a valuable soul, and there are not enough words to express this.

All I can say is that he obviously does it with love, spreading that love to every one of us and reflecting that love in every page of this magazine and everything else he does.

And I feel that love. I take it, embrace it, mix it with my own, and put it back out into the world.

I feel lucky and privileged to be a part of it.

Thank you. With love….