Cancer is a visible form of low vibrating records that our soul is carrying. According to my opinion all the other physical explanation might be part of the reality and they mostly are tools that our soul is using to show her pain.
We come to the world with the intention to experience emotions and/or to heal the old emotional wounds of our souls. When it is the right time for our soul to be able to deal with a wound all the outer world will be at her service. A traumatic experience, fear, resentment, grief, etc. that will make a person mad/angry/sad can be a perfect castmate for a soul that wants to make a wound visible.
The Importance of Outer-body Chakras
The wounds are not physical ones, but simply vibrational records carried in our chakras, both inner-body and outer-body chakras. The seven inner-body chakras are very well known, but the concept of outer-body chakras is new for many people. We have many outer-body chakras, but we will only consider three here: two above our heads and one below our feet.
To keep it simple I will describe them as follows. The eighth is located approximately five centimeters above the head and is flat and almost two-dimensional. The ninth is located 75–90 centimeters above the head, 10–12 centimeters tall, and mushroom-shaped. The tenth is 50–150 centimeters below our feet, three-dimensional, and cylindrical. All information that we find in our inner-body chakras corresponds to one or more of the outer-body chakras and vice versa.
The eighth chakra helps us to connect with everything in our galaxy. It contains all the information that we can gain through astrology, numerology, and other divination methods. It enables us to access all the knowledge of our ancestors and our own past lives (known as Akashic Records). All the karmic duties, records, stored information, and emotions that need to be released are stored in this chakra, so we can truly understand its mission and learn how to work with it. This chakra can help us to free ourselves from the past.
The concept of karmic duty encompasses many aspects. Any lessons we could not complete during previous incarnations, incomplete or unbalanced experiences we shared with a close mate in our past lives, and other uncompleted stories could be a part of this concept. By stored data, I mean any unresolved problem that was postponed with the intention of dealing with it sometime in the future. Low-vibration emotions record themselves automatically and stay until we recognize and release them. Life offers us many opportunities to see, realize, and totally or partially liberate them.
The ninth chakra (which some call the soul chakra) is always in touch with our inner-body chakras. It sends information to the chakras and the consciousness by using astrological and mythological symbols, archetypes, pictures, patterns, numbers, and so on. This one contains all the information about the contracts and plans of the present incarnation, so it is very important for us to study it in depth. We can search and find all stored information about a probable disease and release it entirely.
The tenth (grounding) chakra helps the soul to reach through the body toward the earth and anchor to it. Sometimes, a soul carries unbearably hard memories and refrains from being fully in the physical body. The root chakra pulls up yin energies from the earth into the body, and the grounding chakra draws the soul down to the earth, helping it to be fully within a body and grounded in Mother Earth.

The Occurrence of Cancer

Cancer is always present. It is recorded in the soul and mind (the subliminal mind field), waiting for the soul to be ready to deal with the disease.
The German physician Dr. Hamer, who has had considerable success curing cancer, claims cancer is a result of trauma. He proposes some rules:
1) Every cancer or related disease starts as a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS), which is a serious, acute-dramatic, and isolating conflict-shock experience. It manifests simultaneously on three levels: the psyche, brain, and organs.
2) The theme of the psychic conflict determines the location of the focus in the brain (he calls this the Hamer Herd) and the location of the cancer in the organs.
3) The course of the psychic conflict correlates with the development of the Hamer Herd in the brain and the course of the cancer in the organ. ( )
This is explained further:
At the moment of the conflict-shock, a short circuit occurs in a pre-determined part of the brain. This can be photographed with computed-tomography (CT) and looks like concentric rings on a shooting target or the surface of the water after a stone is dropped into it. Later on, if the conflict becomes resolved, the CT image changes, an edema develops, and finally, scar tissue forms.
Amazingly, Dr Hamer shows that at the same time as the concentric brain lesion appears, the target organ CT may also show such a concentric lesion. According to Dr Hamer, this happens instantly when the psychic shock hits the subconscious level, and this same second is the start of cancer.
I partly agree with this. Dr. Hamer says that the shock hits the subconscious and the cancer begins. I propose that this trauma is just a trigger for the subconscious, and it allows the soul to display an existing memory of an old trauma.
Cancer is a memory that creates a certain state of mind. It makes people believe they are not loved, worthy, or sufficient. Their self-images then slowly transform. At one point during an incarnation, a state of mind along the lines of “I am not loved/sufficient/worthy” becomes the insurmountable reality.
This reality causes people to desperately search for love, respect, and/or worth. They will be ready to sacrifice everything they have. They will not be aware of this transformation, and self-centeredness follows the change. They will continue trying hard to court worth, love, and respect. Somewhere on the way, the balance of taking and giving will most likely be lost entirely. Often, these people keep giving until they are exhausted. They never demand or ask anything in return, but they yearn deeply to be rewarded.
Soul cancer (from the soul’s memories) is the cause of this state of mind, and this is the main cause of physical cancer.
Dr. Hamer gives the following example:
A mother sees her child in a bad accident. In evolutionary terms, small children recover faster when they receive extra milk. Therefore, the biological conflict program tries to stimulate milk production by increasing the number of breast cells. If the mother is right handed, that will instantly cause the appearance of a Hamer Herd in a specific part of her right brain, which in turn relates to the left breast. When the child is well again, conflict resolution begins and extra milk is no longer needed. The mother gets a benign form of tuberculosis in that breast which breaks up the excess breast cells. However, if the mycobacteria required for this are lacking, then the area may just calcify and remain as a dormant tumor.
We can never know if this experience really belongs to the mother or if it was inherited from an ancestor (or maybe it is a past life’s incomplete lesson). It could even be an Akachic record that comes to light. According to Dr. Hamer, this dormant tumor can stay there for a lifetime without causing any disease. I agree with this, although I believe it will be awakened in the future, maybe in a grandchild or a new incarnation of the mother.

Why is this So?

Souls always want to stay in balance, to love and be loved, to give and to take, to be alone yet within society, and so on. Both sides of the same energy have to be equal, and if the balance is destroyed, the soul becomes wounded.
The mind always wants to be the best, to be loved, to take everything, and to live at the pinnacle of society. If two sides of the same energy are balanced, the mind will push the person to change these desires and be aware of the side that the mind considers to be good.
We may ask a question here: Why did this mother’s soul create this scene? The proper answer is hidden in the phrase, “I am not a good mother.” Her soul decided this was a good time for her to realize this hidden belief about herself and made a contract with her son’s soul, creating the scene. She now has a chance to see what is hidden in her being.
The physical body is a mirror of the mind and soul. It is obvious when people are not satisfied with their minds or balanced in the soul. Two components out of the three (mind, soul, and body) are in a state of disease. Therefore, the physical body has to mirror this condition. In my opinion, the traumas mentioned by Dr. Hamer are the result of this unbalanced state. The soul creates a situation that makes its wounds visible, and the person experiences a trauma that triggers the disease (which is already in the mind, soul, and related chakras). Unfortunately, the mind tries to prevent the person from looking into the situation deeply. It endeavors to convince its host that he or she is unworthy, miserable, not loved, and so on. Eventually, this creates another state of imbalance.
Most of the time, these rooted thoughts, beliefs, and conflicts are inherited from our ancestors or past lives, and they are recorded in the inner-body and outer-body chakras. To make it easy for a person to deal with a diseased condition, we must search for all these records in all the chakras and entirely release them. We could do the same for ourselves, but to be totally honest, it is difficult. It is therefore better to receive help from a facilitator.

Healing Cancer

Contrary to popular belief, healing cancer is not an impossible mission. It is a very curable disease, but it demands we liberate ourselves from any kind of resistance to change, as well as anger, grief, and revenge motives. Accordingly, prior to beginning any treatment, we have to meditate to search out our stubborn parts, subterfuges, excuses, and other tools we created to avoid seeing reality rather than letting our souls’ intelligence guide us. Once we reach the point where we can determine all the methods our mind uses to convince us to stay away, we can set ourselves free and continue toward the next step.
After liberating all the resistances to change, we can search for the memories in our seven inner-body chakras. With a very strong power to deal with any inherited problem, the energy of aromatherapy oils can serve as a perfect tool to heal past traumas. You can easily find books explaining how, when, and why to use the oils. A homeopathic remedy can also be a perfect solution, but it is very important to get expert consultation.
You can also use other techniques, such as visualization, hands-on healing, Reiki, reflexology, (not Shiatsu), and so on. You need to alkalize your body by drinking clean, fresh water (better PH 10), nourish yourself with organic alkalized food, breathe properly to get more oxygen, and avoid dairy products and sweets.
When you feel you’ve achieved all this, you then proceed with the three outer-body chakras, but first it is very beneficial and effective to clean the Prana Tube before going to the tenth chakra. It will ease your way by drawing out all the low vibrating energies from the inner-body chakras and your organs and bury them in the earth. After liberating the tenth chakra, you may move to the eighth. At this stage, you will reach the first memory before eventually proceeding to the ninth chakra in order to send a message to your higher self.
To achieve the best result in the outer-body chakras, I suggest you see a facilitator that works with family constellations, theta healing, or inner speak. You could also choose any therapeutic method that might show the reason for the wound.
Once you see, recognize, and honor the wound and its origins, it will be easy for you to transform it into light and love and regain perfect health.

Zeynep Sevil Güven