It is over.
The time you know is over.
You will no longer need the years, months, and days.
The time of the mind is coming to an end…
Existence is eternal, and in fact, there is no time at all.
Didn’t you ever think of that?

I hear your thinking mind making objections.
It can give me many reasons, I know, and it can provide many explanations.
The thinking mind loves knowledge.

But time exists only in your mind.
Only your mind judges the past and worries about the future.
The past and the future: The mind loves this timeline.
Time enables the mind to master and control the past, the present, and you.
And of course, you do not think naturally.

They asked Jesus, “What will be unique in the Kingdom of God?
He replied, “There will be no time.”

What a strange answer!
There will be no time. Why would that be the most unique thing?
Didn’t they tell us many other things about this Kingdom?
The many beauties of God’s Kingdom.
What would timelessness mean?
And why would this be so important?

– And you… why do you worry so much that the calendar is ending?

İn the Kingdom of Man, time rules.
When you are born, the sand clock is turned upside down and the countdown starts for you.
Time is limited.
Man wants the best, and he wants to use his time in the best way to increase its value.
If you ask a dying man in his last minutes, “What is the most precious treasure in this world?” He says, “Time.
To make life longer, even for a minute, is priceless.

So time rules in the Kingdom of Man through fear.
If you are happy, it passes so quickly, but if you are unhappy, it seems to stop.
The days of the past are lost, and it’s said they can never return.
And the days of the future are always far away and inaccessible.
Time exists only in the thinking mind, in the Kingdom of Man, who can neither hold his past in his hands nor catch his future.

And again, Jesus said, “You cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless you become like little children.

Intellect and ego belong to adults.
Rather than living in the present, they deal with the past and the future.
Because they do not know the present belongs to eternity.
It is timeless.
Only the present can be lived.
Life is now.
The past and future are mere thoughts in the mind.
What is in the past has already been lived.
What is in the future is just a dream.
Real life only belongs to now, to the present.
And the present does not belong to this well-known Kingdom of Man.
It belongs to the Kingdom of God.
Now is the time of the soul.

Man never cares about now.
Now and the present are so meaningless to the intellectual mind.
How can it be? The mind has never been in the now.
It could not be, because the mind rules and enslaves.
Yet, now is freedom.
Don’t you think that it’s time to learn to live now?

Don’t be afraid; stop your mind,
Because, there is no light, and there is no hope in the Kingdom of the Dead.
It is joyless and cold.
It needs courage to enter the Kingdom of the Dead, which is surrounded by rivers.
You need to cross all these rivers of woe, lamentation, anger, and forgetfulness.
Above all, you need to cross the unbreakable oath.
The oath that holds the man a prisoner.
You need to be fearless to be able to return to life.
You need to be brave.
Brave enough to escape the Kingdom of the Dead.

Children are brave.
They do not know fear until we teach them it.

It is time to be a child again.
The child lives only in the present. There is no past or future for the child.
The child is happy in the Kingdom of God.

The well-known Kingdom of Man is coming to an end.
The child inside you is waiting for you.
It is time.
Listen to the child and care for it.
Whoever caresses the inner child caresses his or her own soul.
Now, it is time to live with a pure soul full of love and joy.
It is time to rediscover, love, and become a united whole.

“Now” is the end of time…
Don’t be afraid that time is ending.
Because you only need to “Live.” “Nothing more than simply live…”