I guess it’s safe to say we often confuse our bank accounts with the land of milk and honey. We assume that a full bank account provides us with a life of comfort, otherwise we’re penniless or destitute, but we’re terribly mistaken. At least I was until I realized the long and short of it… Man, how misguided my focus on wealth was. I was oblivious to the fact that I’m one of the wealthiest men around.
I live in a wonderful city with a wonderful nature. I can feast my body on the wondrous air I breathe, and I’m surrounded by wonderful people… Together we enjoy endless fun and laughter… I’m really in the pink. I love my parents, so let me pay proper respect to them. I enjoy playing with my children to my heart’s content and watching them grow. Then again, we share much laughter with their mother as well. I regularly take part in a fantastic atelier, and many beautiful souls continue to join us each new day. I live in İzmir, an exceedingly beautiful city that’s surrounded by the remains of ancient cities… There’s no end to the ruins and temples I can visit and discover.
Because I choose to go with the flow, my pen is rich with words, and there are many people who are touched by them. And there’s a whole lot more. Is there another way of life with more riches than mine? Yet I sat here thinking I’m only as rich as my bank account. I did this all my life until now, and never did I look up and around. Thankfully, the good old universe made me realize it, and it did it by not leaving a single penny in my bank account! An elderly relative of mine once told me, “If I wasn’t sitting pretty, people would eventually turn their ‘butts’ to me.” Sure, I respect his point of view, because he was just trying to motivate me to work harder. I should bow respectfully before him. Fortunately, I soon realized there is a whole other reality for those who can live up to it, and because I’ve managed to actually live up to it, I didn’t have to look at anyone’s “butt.”
You can say to me at this point, “Bank accounts are still important, though.” Well, I don’t object to this. All you get, however, is the currently horrible state of our planet when you attribute all your wealth to it. For instance, in order to swell our pockets and thus feel safe, reputable, esteemed, and acknowledged, we devastate our only real wealth: nature. How far can we take our desire for possessions? It’s a never-ending road, especially if you have some kind of power. It knows no limits. People invade preserved areas to put up more buildings. People search for gold in forests with the help of cyanide, and people provoke wars just to sell more weapons. People suffer, but why? It’s  because wealth is being sought in bank accounts, but it’s actually everywhere!
You might say now, “You’re just shooting you mouth off, aren’t you? Everyone breathes the same air.” Try telling this to someone with chronic obstructive lung disease. I challenge you to stop breathing for three minutes and see where your real wealth is. Do you want an immediate income? Then just breathe. Everything that exists is an asset per se, and everyone is wealthy in their own right.
Now you say, “Sure, man, but you wouldn’t believe my credit card debt. I couldn’t pay the rent last month, and let’s not forget the other debts I’ve got myself into. Should I forget it all and go hug trees like some sort of hippy?” Ah good, my situation is just the same, but what I’m saying is that when we realize where the real wealth lies and fill our lives with the energy of appreciation, it will certainly reflect back on our bank accounts at some point. I don’t know how, but it will. The trick is what you regard as wealth.
What are the real riches of life? What do we understand about being wealthy? Don’t think I’m trying to lay down the law here. I’m just trying to digest this new approach to wealth and wanted to share my insights with you all. It’s funny how ignorant I was before.
Now stop obsessing about your riches. Think about how rich and wealthy you really are and how precious your surroundings are. Be grateful, truly grateful, for what you have. By the way, being grateful is not just about merely being thankful. It’s the happiness your grandma sees upon your ecstatic face when you try her spinach pastries. The universe bakes us delicious pastries like these and watches us eat them with pleasure. Now that’s what being grateful is all about: Enjoying the spinach pastry…
Have a nice meal…