Sometimes it becomes very difficult to silence the voices in my head and in my heart. Just like a beehive, my mind buzzes constantly. There must be many who feel like this I guess.

But sometimes I just feel so calm and quiet. All the voices subside, like the volume has been turned down or the calm after a storm. The noise used to happen more often than it does now. How did this come about, though? Perhaps it comes with age and experience, or perhaps it’s just the natural order of things…

As time passes, as the distance between you and the storm grows, the buzzing of the beehive becomes a distant memory as well. You get to see how life moves forward step by step, while you, yourself, also move forward step by step. You start to go with the flow, getting to feel it also. At one point, you come to understand that that you can go with the flow without letting yourself go and forgetting who you are. You gain an awareness that you can become one with the flow.

No matter how hard you try to fight something, it will push back more. If you fight the flow, you will start to sink. You sink into the worry and anxiety, and all sorts of feelings take over. It becomes so hard to see, feel, hear, or touch anything around you as you become lost.

But the minute you acknowledge this, the minute you stop resisting, the minute you allow yourself to understand life and what it brings to you is when you actually start to catch a glimpse of things. As you acknowledge yourself, accept yourself with all your feelings and the ups and downs, just for who you are, the storm will begin to subside. This is when you feel the calmness and flow.

None of this is new, of course, but rather a reminder to those of you walking a similar path, with similar feelings and questions.

May you all embrace the flow…