Infinite possibilities: We are aware of these thanks to quantum physics.
The rules of quantum physics reflect on our thoughts. We were trapped with limited thoughts before, but these days, we can see more clearly how things can change according to the observer and how energy follows the observer. The observer is clearly increasingly important in terms of how he or she affects creation results. This has been especially beneficial for the spirituality community, because something started to make sense once science started to support the spiritual phenomenon. What about its effects on people, though? How can this support people’s lives and to what extent?
First of all, we started to be more patient. We slowed down and became more patient, observing the different possibilities. Isn’t this a way of seeing the infinite possibilities before choosing the best ones for ourselves? The more patient we become, the greater our capacity to foresee the opportunities, dangers, and threats, so we can prepare to find out what is really good for us.
What patience brings as well is intuition. Intuition is as important as it is sensitive and volatile. It is always ready to go further, especially when we try to capture it with our minds, so the mind and intuition don’t get along well. Patience and intuition, however, are very good friends. When they combine with the observer, deliberately so, what can we create? Perhaps the main question is what we will deliberately want to create? If we can be more conscious, if we rescue ourselves from the mind, if we stop acting mechanically but rather behave consciously, and if we can be present in the moment, what would we create in this condition? I am sure it would be something better than everything we have created so far, because limited point of views have made us behave egotistically and pursue trivial gains. If there are more and more conscious people that deliberately observe peace, happiness, equality, compassion, and love, how would our lives change? I believe we will see one day. Will you be a part of that creation?