None of the problems we are face to face today has a quality to be avoided through one sided deductive solutions. Unless we clear away the ecological pollution in the noosphere, it is hardly possible to achieve the ecological balance in the environmental sense.
Environmental pollution and disruption of the ecological balance occupies our daily agenda with an ever increasing percentage. We hear more and more negative news about it. It is debatable if the recent measurements will disperse this negativity or not. And in the given social-economical conditions we live in and the population growth, it seems that the scenery before our eyes is not that pleasing.
We all know that the biosphere, that is, the sphere of living beings has a very sensitive ecological balance. And when this balance begins to be disrupted, consequences become heavy. The same is valid for our own organism. Each living system has an ecological balance within itself. And of course, this is connected to the system it lives in. That is, each living being is an ecological system in its own and also a part of the ecological system it lives in.
Indeed, the world is but a whole that contains concentric spheres which cannot be separated and are in close interaction. For example,  we name the sphere of air which surrounds our world “atmosphere” and the sphere of living beings “biosphere”. These spheres are wholes in themselves and also, together they make up a larger system.
Now, in addition to these “spheres”, there is an interesting concept which we recently see and read in the expressions of many thinkers: Noosphere, and it means “sphere of mind”. That is, this is a whole made out of the accumulation of thoughts, ideas and culture created by all of humanity. And also, this is a collective field which is being created by all the things that exist in the minds of the people who live right now.
I have no objection to accept the noosphere as a living system. And as every living system, noosphere has an ecological balance as well. And I think that perhaps the environmental pollution and ecological imbalance in the noosphere is much worse than in the biosphere.
Let us study various sides of the concept of mind-sphere or of  “noosphere”. First, let us start with the individual. Each of us, as  an individual, has a mind. That is, we have an inner make-up. Formation of our inner make-up happens as a result of a multifaceted accumulation. That is, our mental make-up becomes formed and developed as a result of the cultural environment we grow up and afterwards, of the choices we make. All of our behavior and acts manifest as the result of various programs which become settled in our minds. Therefore, the factor which directs our outer make-up is our inner make-up.
All of us live within a society. That is, there is a social system  all of us live in. And this social system, that is, society or community has an inner make-up particular to itself; and we briefly name it culture. These four main factors –inner and outer of an individual, inner and outer of a society- build the foundations of the reality we live in.
Today, with the ever increasing means of communication, all cultures can easily communicate and be aware of each other. And this situation brings alongside very fast, very dynamic, unpredictable and in the wider sense, “chaotic” changes within the noosphere.
Each of us are in a two-way interaction with the noosphere. That is, we contribute to it and at the same time we are influenced by it. At first glance, the concept of noosphere seems invisible and abstract. However, it is not at all because minds of each of us is a part of it. Moreover, it is possible to see the concrete reflections of the noospehere in every moment and everywhere and now it is easier to follow this because today we have some means of communication we never had in previous ages. Besides the tv and radio channels which are transmitted through satellites, we also have the internet. And the internet is an exact model of the noosphere because in the net, there is both the constant change and also many things remain settled in place. You have the chance to access the thing you like at the time you like. And now, if you want to see the current state of the noosphere, please turn on your tv or get on line: You will immediately see in which state the ecology of the noosphere is.
Interactions in the noosphere are of course not limited with the concrete ones. Aware or unaware, we are in constant contact with it in the unconscious level. Not only through the channel of our emotions but also through extrasensory ways we are connected and in constant communication with the noosphere.
Carl Gustav Jung, one of the founding father of the psychology, named this “collective unconscious”.  In his observations, collective unconscious is a field which consists the cumulative cultural heritage of the humanity and the “archetypes” which give direction to the human psyche.
All of us know the ecological imbalances created by our own hands and we also know that if humans did not live in the surface of the world right now, no imbalance would occur. Nevertheless, Mother Earth embraces us with all of her self-abandonment and bears with us –perhaps, grudgingly- whatever we do to her. Right now, we do not know how long this will continue but because the world is a living system with its biosphere, it has the potential of self-healing. Of course, right now we do not know at which cost this healing would be.
I think our current responsibility should be focused on achieving an urgent ecological balance in the noosphere because as so-called “intelligent” beings, this is the only region which is under our control in some extent.
And perhaps, it is helpful to begin to do this by restoring the ecological balance within our self because the ecological imbalance of the world comes out as a result of disturbing the natural order. And the same natural order is hidden within us as well. However, as we distance ourselves from our own nature, we also distrupt the ecological balance within our individual system. And this leads to setbacks in many points of the system, from our psychology to our bodies, that is, the illnesses.
This topic can be elaborated in length but I consider this article only an introduction and conclude, without going further: None of the problems we are face to face today has a quality to be avoided through one sided deductive solutions. If there will be a change, its being from inside to outside will be more natural and more effective. Solely social-economical solutions, solely environmental solutions, in short, solely material operations cannot deal with any of our problems. Unless we clear away the ecological pollution in the noosphere, it is hardly possible to achieve the ecological balance in the environmental sense.
Our thoughts literally have power and energy. Even thoughts and emotions which are not expressed in some way still influence the noosphere. I am not talking about something metaphysical. Everything we see in the physical level right now was once only dreams in the minds of some people. You may think that the energy of thinking has tiny power. However, because our system works in chaotic ways, tiny influences, through interaction chains, may cause a huge event in another part of the system. And the law of resonance in the physics is also valid for the higher level vibrations. That is, within the noosphere, similar energies attract similar ones and through various groupings, energy accumulations occur. These accumulated energies later express themselves in the physical level and influence all of us.
Our top priority problem is restoring the ecological balance in some way. And the recipe for it has been repeated many times in the ages old teachings. Moreover, we now have the chance of synthesizing all of them. As long as we want to do it.
However, it would be better if we haste because we do not know at which cost the self-healing of Mother Earth will be…

M. Resat Guner