Maybe at night you’ve stared at the sky and wondered, “As I watch the moon, is he out there somewhere looking at the same moon?” You’ve even lit candles in holy shrines. Then one day, you met him. Maybe you didn’t hear bells ringing, but he appeared right next to you, just when you had given up hope. Maybe you walked hand in hand on the path of life.  Once in a while, you would smile at each other before stopping and hugging each other. It was a beautiful feeling, but all of a sudden, it ended. The clocks showed the departure time.

What the Hell Are You Saying?

You’re maybe thinking, “We were reading here with dreamy eyes, and then you brought in separation. You talk about separation when we haven’t even met our soul mates yet. Couldn’t you find something better to write about?” Or maybe you’re thinking, “We had such a hard time finding our soul mates, and now you talk about parting! Why the hell would I part from my loved one?”
When I decided to write this article, the comments I received were similar to these, but, to be honest, I wasn’t surprised. I suppose I would have reacted the same way,  yet, despite all this, there is a truth about the Universe that we have to accept, and that is that every beginning also has an end.

Accepted, but is This a Must?

To clap we bring our hands together, and to continue that sound, both the meeting and the parting are necessary, or there would be a single sound rather than clapping. Life resembles clapping in a way. To hear the sound, both meetings and partings are required. We are born, and in the end, we die. You can adapt this to every situation in life.
When the topic is the soul mate, the separation may not be a physical one. You could lead such a life that you meet when you’re 20 and separate at 100, when you die. Yes the principle of until death do us part is sometimes true, and isn’t this the perfect model? There is no universal law that states you will meet at 20 and live happily until you die. The length of a relationship is determined by how long the partners add to each other. Once partners have taken from each other all that can be taken, it is time to part.

What if I Don’t Want to Part?

Who would be surprised by this? On the planet Earth, how many people or societies have reached the maturity to accept separation? Yes, being able to part is a sign of maturity. It is the behavior of someone who can stand on his own two feet, someone who knows himself, and someone who has reached a spiritual maturity. These people do not depend on others.  They do not collapse when their partners leave. Life flows along this slow path they have trod together, and they have given much to each other. If they feel they have nothing to give anymore, and if they feel their relationship is based on consumption rather than production, they will feel the time has come to part.  Soul mates embrace this, and they thank each other for the depth they have provided to each other’s soul.
Of course, there is pain. Every end is a new beginning, and every beginning brings the unknown. The unknown scares people at first. Loneliness is felt, but what follows is just wonderful. New experiences await, and for those who honor the past and embrace it, there is nothing that can hinder their new experiences. They just look back and see how the people they shared with have taken a new path. These people also turn back, they look at each other, smile, wave, and continue on their new paths. The cycle of life is thus. Even if a parting is caused by death, it is a process that has to be lived through. Most likely you have seen in movies situations where souls cannot leave the Earth until their partners release them.

You Have Really Depressed Me!

What is it, lady? Are you afraid of being left alone? Do you think that once you leave him, no one will ever love you again? While thinking this, do you still try to give the impression that you don’t care and that many others are dying to be with you? This is what you assume, right? Although our minds are set to the future, our brains constantly struggle with the past, and we live in the moment. If we are happy now, we think we will always be happy. After making love, we think we can conquer all. On the other hand, when we are unhappy, we think we will never be happy.  We feel our disappointments will never leave us, and when we’ve been jilted, we feel we will never be loved again. In fact, none of this is true. New achievements, joys, and friendships—along with new pain, disappointment, and parting—will be experienced. The faster you accept and honor your life, the faster it will be richer, more balanced, calmer, and open.

Ha, Ha, Ha!

Are you thinking, “This is easier said than done! You talk about honoring? I found my partner in bed with someone else!” Well, if you are so full of anger that you pull into your life those who support your vision of “I am not lovable,” then you aren’t ready for this article.
Yet I want to share something with you, so keep it in mind. Everyone who enters our lives has a place in the scenario of our lives. Nobody enters our lives by coincidence, and in this universe, there are no coincidences, even one-night stands. When our anger leaves us, we can think about what that person has added to our lives. At this point, thanking the person will free you both. All that will be left behind will be happy memories, pictures, and an old friend you embrace when you meet.

So, What if It Lasts a Lifetime?

Don’t let what you read make you hopeless. Today you could be with a man you love madly and have no reason to part from. I’m not saying you will eventually part. It’s possible to live life together, letting your rivers flow together before reaching the ocean. Such a relationship is possible, and it is a relationship that exists on a high level of consciousness. Anyway, such people do not consider joining or parting because they are united at the core. They have realized that nobody can part from anybody, because everything is a part of the whole.  In fact, such relationships are hard to find, and they usually only exist in books, yet there is always a potential in every relationship.

I Love Him So, Yet I Feel It’s Over—What Am I Going to Do?

Whatever you do, don’t face him and tell him you need to talk. Your relationship deserves more than teenage chatter. If your relationship is at the soul-mate level, the end is for both partners. Both realize this completion, and eventually, they will embrace each other like they did in the beginning. They will look each other in the eye, embrace, and say, “It was beautiful. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being here, where you will always be!”

Hasan Sonsuz