Atlantis is the name of one of the lost continental civilizations, similar to Mu. A legend of the Berbers of North Africa tells of a prophecy that the Attala country will rise again, while the Celts believed they came from a western country called Atlántico. Ignatius Donnelly tells in his book Atlantis: The Antediluvian World how the Basque people are different to other Europeans, both in terms of physical characteristics and language forms. Donnelly claimed the Basque people were descended from immigrants from Atlantis to the Iberian Peninsula after the cataclysm.

Hebrew and Arabic legends tell of a country named “Ad.” It is significant that the name Adam, the name of the first man, derives from “Ad-Ami,” which means the man from Ad. In the Holy Quran, we see how these people were the victims of God’s scourge because of their sins. In Mahabharata, an ancient Indian epic, we hear about Attala, a continent in the middle of the ocean. The Aztecs also claimed they came from a large island named Azrlan in the eastern ocean. In Scandinavian legends, we see the people living in the country of Atland were all blonde with blue eyes.

Atlantis, which is supposed to have been in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, was mentioned by Egyptian priests and the Greek philosopher Plato hundreds of years before British researcher James Churchward started his research into the Mu civilization. Despite this, it was not the first cradle of civilization. Atlantis was a colony of Mu and after declaring independence from Mu, it was an Empire itself for a while. The Egyptian priests told this secret to Plato because he had been initiated in Egypt and was their brother.

Plato told of Atlantis in the dialogue between Solon and Critias. A master priest told Solon about Atlantis during his visit to Sais (when Amosis was pharaoh in 570–525 BC). The Egyptian priest Suchis told him there existed a huge continent beyond Gibraltar that a person travelling from Egypt could reach by crossing the ocean, skipping from one island to the next. According to this priest, the continent sunk into the ocean after a cataclysmic earthquake 12,000 years ago. Egypt also lost ground while its link with the colony was broken.

There is no indication that Solon was initiated to the brotherhood during his 10 years in Egypt. On the other hand, the Greek historian Herodotus also talked with the priests, and they told him their organization had existed for 11,000 years.

Plato tells about the dialogue between the Egyptian priest Suchis and Solon:
In these days (before the cataclysm), the ships used to travel on the ocean. There was an island in front of the passage that you call the Pillars of Hercules. This island was larger than Anatolia andLibya. It was possible to reach the continent across by passing through this island, because the sea surrounding this island was only a narrow passage, but the other was a real sea.
Nothing has been transferred to you from the ancient traditions and knowledge. The cataclysm was 9,000 years ago. Now it looks like a legend only, but the celestial bodies around the world have changed their directions. Heavy earthquakes and floods destroyed the world. Atlantis sunk under the sea. The shepherds on the mountains survived while the ones living in the cities died. The passages to the sea were covered with mud after the island went into the sea. But here, the water never rose over the fields, so everything here is from the old times. The important things in history have been written down and kept in temples. According to our holy records, our city (Sais) was established 8,000 years ago.
In Atlantis, there was a temple dedicated to Poseidon. It was covered with silver; its towers were made of gold, and its roof was from ivory. The laws that were given to the people of Atlantis by Poseidon were written on an Orichalcum pillar and placed in the temple.

The Greek philosopher claims that the first settlement near the Nile was established 23,000 years ago. Plato also reported that Suchis told Solon how the armies coming from Atlantis conquered the countries at the shores of the Mediterranean, but the people of Athens later dislodged them. They chased the armies of Atlantis back to their islands, both of which were destroyed by the great cataclysm. Plato claimed the dialogues between Solon and Suchis were given to him by his Egyptian tutor, Seknuphis. Herodotus, the Greek historian, says there was 15,000 years between his time and that of Osiris. On the other hand, Aristotle believed some of the monuments and pyramids were built around 10,000 years ago.

We can assume the armies of Athens and Atlantis were at least roughly at the same technological level. This war is maybe a part of the world war between Mu and Atlantis. We know the war ended with a cataclysm, so we could conclude that Atlantis tried using powerful weapons, which led to this horrifying result.

Oceanographers inform us the sea level was 90 meters lower 11,000 years ago. The eastern shores of America were also 150 kilometers further away. When the glaciers melted suddenly, the low shores would have been covered with water.

Churchward claimed that Atlantis was located between America and Africa. Although some researchers look for this lost continent in other places, the strongest theory is that it was somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The name Atlantis also indicates this.In 1898, while laying telegram lines under the sea by the Azores, vitreous lava traces were observed under the sea. Lava becomes vitreous only if it comes into contact with air. As it takes 15,000 years for sea water to decompose lava layers, we can conclude that this region was on the surface 15,000 years ago.

In 1949, the USA conducted an investigation of the ocean base. They observed coastal sand under the sea 1,600 kilometers away from the shore. It was concluded that these sands were there 10,000–20,000 years ago. They also came across some traces of coral that cannot live more than 15 meters under the sea. The bottom of the Atlantic Ocean has been surveyed many times, and an underwater range (the Dolphin Back) was found west of Europe that was 2,750 meters higher than the base of the ocean. The range’s peaks come to the surface of the ocean as the Azores. There are many other mountains and valleys below the surface, showing they have been under the water for a very long time.

200 million years ago, the continents were a single supercontinent named Pangaea. Due to movements in the Earth’s crust, the continents separated from each other. When we place the two shores of the Atlantic Ocean side by side, we see the shores of South America and South Africa fit perfectly, whereas the shores of North America and Europe do not. Also, there is a hole between Northwest Africa, Europe and North America. This indicates the land here has collapsed. When we place the Dolphin Back to this hole, the hole is filled, all the continents now fit perfectly.
The map, which was drawn by Piri Reis in 1513, was prepared using trigonometry rules that are still applied in map drawing today. The shores of America were accurately drawn. When the map is laid down flat, the shores of America do not seem right, but when it is placed on a globe, it fits perfectly. Those who drew this map knew the world was round. This is also the case in another map named Oronyeus Fienus, which was drawn in 1531, where the shores of Antarctica (which are still under the sea) were seen in detail. Using the latest technology, contemporary scientists proved these old drawings were completely accurate. In another map drawn by Ibn-i Ben Zara, we see that northern Europe was under glaciers. It is believed these maps are copies of a map that was kept in the library at Alexandria 2,000 years ago. This map would have been drawn by a civilization who knew how to draw global maps and how to see the world from a bird’s-eye view.
In 1927, a quartz skull was found during the excavation of Mayan remains. As carbon test could not be carried out, the age of this skull could not be determined. However, it was believed that such a perfect cut could only be achieved by a highly developed civilization. After a microscopic examination of the skull, which is still in the British Museum in London, it was revealed the skull was engraved using a metal tool.

In 1882, a British trade ship discovered a new island 200 miles south of the Azores. The island was covered with volcanic remains, and there were no plants, but some wall remains were present. In a stone sarcophagus by the wall, there were mummies, bronze swords, rings, and hammers. The island then sank into the see as suddenly as it had appeared. No one knows what happened to the objects after they were taken to Britain. More news then broke out about other findings in different regions of the Atlantic, such as structures, walls, and roads. Some pilots who flew over the Atlantic reported seeing cities, roads, and even pyramids under the sea. A Russian underwater study conducted in 1947 also supported these findings. The studies carried out in the region where the island suddenly appeared and disappeared revealed there was once life there. A wall, which was 75cm in width and 1.5 meters in length, and five hand-made steps were found and photographed. There were also mountains in the region.

An American paleontology and geology expert, Manson Valantine, discovered huge hand-made stones under the sea off the coast of the Bahamas in 1968. These stones were the remains of buildings and roads. They were sometimes parallel and sometimes intersected with each other. Valantine continued his research and found a big block and a cat head that weighed 100 kilos. Each stone weighed at least 25 tons. In Mexico, Cuba, Florida, and Venezuela, many kilometers of walls were also found under the sea.

American author Charles Berlitz reported that fishermen and pilots saw underwater pyramids near the shores of the Bahamas. A pyramid, located 200 meters deep with a height of 50 meters, was found during investigations in 1978. Ari Marshall, who led the investigation, reported a green light dispersed from the bottom of the pyramid due to gasses or energy crystals.

The British investigator, Churchward, indicated that Atlantis was explained in detail in Naacal inscriptions. The Atlantans, who became civilized as a Mu colony, in time declared their independence and began their own empire. The inscriptions tell there were schools in Atlantis where the Cosmic Mu Religion was taught. However, when they declared their independence, all traces of this religion were lost. The priests used religion to increase their authority.

The degeneration of religion in Atlantis continued until the time of Osiris. Two Naacal inscriptions tell of this great man, who was born in Atlantis 22,000 years ago. According to the inscriptions, Osiris left his city when he was young and went to Mu to attend one of the “Schools of Wisdom.” He stayed there until he became a “master priest” and “holy brother.” He then returned to his country to initiate a religious reform. Osiris fought against the degenerated Atlantis religion and the priests. The people also supported his actions, and he rescued the country from the priests. He was the spiritual leader of his country until his death, but he rejected becoming the emperor. After his death, the religion he taught was named the “Osiris religion” by his followers.

Osiris was also one of the Egyptian Gods. It is supposed that the name was brought to Egypt by Hermes (Toth), and when the religion began degenerating, Osiris was transformed into one of the primitive gods. Osiris is always mentioned with Isis, the feminine manifestation of that god. Horus, the son of these, is the manifestation of holy theology. Hermes has also been deified like Osiris and Isis.

According to Shirley Andrews, an American author, people used to believe souls were immortal. They reincarnate and evolve with the help of experiences gained during many lives. Finally they evolve and reach God. The circle shape used to symbolize God as being the source of everything, so they constructed their temples and cities in circle outlines. They celebrated the New Year on June 21 in thetempleofPoseidon. The people used to gather in the temple at the first light of the Sun and salute the Sun. When the Sun reached its peak, the high priest would hold a crystal towards it and reflect its lights to the people. After sunset, the high priest would tell people about the evil of darkness, and with his command of “Let the light in!” the whole temple would become illuminated. The people of Atlantis considered the Sun as God’s symbol for the source of life. They also believed in the existence of lesser gods, which acted according to God’s laws and rules.

Cosmic Matrix of Atlantis

Being a priest required meditating continuously for life. The first step for this was physical cleanliness, followed by mental purification. The priests who first realized their inner world would then open their minds to universal knowledge and wisdom. During the rituals, they would have near-death experiences that would purify them from the fear of leaving this world. After this test, they were assumed to be born again with different powers. The priests at the highest level would be dressed in white. The Shamanic rituals required first cleaning the body and mind before staying in a dark place without eating and drinking for many days and then going into a deep trance. During this trance, the soul left the body and evolved in the upper dimensions.

The American author Lewis Spence claims in his book The Occult Sciences in Atlantis that the priests of Atlantis had to undergo three different levels: Initiation, Mastery, and Magnus. The person to be initiated was put into an underworld labyrinth, and after being tested with earth, air, water, and fire, they reached the rebirth stage. A candidate who reaches this stage was passed through a dense beam of light and born again. He would then be accepted to the temple of Poseidon and begin his training. After being educated in different sciences for 20 years, followed by another 20 years of meditation, the ones deemed worthy would rise to the Magnus level. Spence also claims the Magnus could leave their bodies at will and become unified with the cosmos.

The American psychic Edgar Cayce claims the people of Atlantis knew about electricity and atoms, as well as how to control solar energy. According to Cayce, the energy source for Atlantis was made up of huge reflecting crystals. These crystals, which were housed in the temple of Poseidon, were used for energy needs and to protect the environment. However, the cataclysm was caused by the misuse of these crystals. Another psychic, Gareth Knight, believes Atlantis was ruled by a king who was responsible to the high priest of the sun. The Sun religion was the mundane religion of the public. In the last days of the civilization, the priests were degenerated as polytheism gained power, and the priests began to misuse their powers. The Priests of Life, who never changed from the real path, continued to teach behind the scenes. American author Murry Hope also agrees with this opinion and claims that the main energy source was sonic. However, this was a well-kept secret known only by the Masons, who were the scientific priests.

The Priests of Light defined by Knight and the scientific priests of Hope were the priests of the monotheist Osiris religion, who were forced underground by the pressures of the degenerated polytheist religion. The word Mason was used by these priests to define themselves with the help of esoteric teachings. The word was based on the feminine and masculine features of God and pointed to divinity. The letter “M” represents Mu, the source of their teachings and is masculine. The letter “A” represents Atlantis, which aided the development of teaching and its spread to the other colonies, so it is feminine. The last syllable of the word “SON” symbolizes divinity and points to Osiris himself. “SON” also resembles the “SUN.” This word is still used in western languages for both SON and SUN. In other words, the Masons of Atlantis are the priests of Osiris who shaped society and helped the teaching to live on, much like the Naacals of Mu. During the final stages of the civilization, the believers of the polytheist religion considered “MA” as “Maia,” the daughter of Atlas. This belief also prevailed in the colonies of Atlantis.

The orthodox world claims that the Mu and Atlantis civilizations never existed, because nothing remains from them. However, it could be expected that only a few stones remained after a great war and cataclysm that changed the whole world. And all this more than 10,000 years ago. How much of our civilization will be left 10,000 years from now? Most likely, the people then will only find some stones and nothing else.

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