Yesterday one friend came up with an important question “How to talk to God? How to ask for support or just a clue?”

Mostly I am in the function of a translator in these evenings and I am trying to stay at the background, but as soon as he spoke out this question I jumped on it “Yes, how to do this. I have difficulties in talking to God, too. I don’t know what to say!” I thought a lot about it and came to some conclusions. It is partly pride; I was always somebody who thinks she can do (has to do?) without any help, everything by her own. And honestly, just rattle off prayers I have learned in my childhood is not satisfying at all. Besides this, I don’t want to be in that position anymore, where I just ‘want’ things all the time. And…what if I ask for things, which are not good for me? And so on and so on…

So, what to do?

I think something what Nico said as an answer was a trigger, which went of this morning in my head. “The key is simplicity. The more simple, the better. Why not just starting with ‘Hey, I want to talk to you, but don’t know how…’ “

So, this morning I was on my way to work in the bus and started my ‘new designed’ prayer: “Hello dear God, I want to talk to you, but I am a bit clumsy, don’t know really what to say.”

Suddenly, I had a smile on my face. A toolbox appeared in front of my eyes. “Ok, let’s say you have a toolbox, everybody is contributing in. Today I have a big meeting and I need some qualities – like patience, ability of making quick and good decisions, flexibility, self-esteem and a big warm smile on my face. Can I borrow it from you, from this toolbox? On the other hand, I would like to contribute to it too. So what do you think I could share with, give to other people? You have the bigger picture, so you know better. Just tell me, please.” – Like this I am also not focusing anymore on the question, what my BIG (Nico would say ‘bugabuga’) mission is, you know saving the world, erasing famine from this earth, … ; )

I don’t know, but this idea triggered a lot in me. I remember I was in a restaurant once. There was a small blackboard, on which was written “pending food”. This means, somebody ate one meal but paid for two, so anybody who is in need can ask for it. As above, so below and vise versa… So, why not having a biiiigg toolbox in God’s hand, where everybody is ‘paying’ in and, again, everybody (because we are equal) can take a bit of it ? Tell me, if you like this idea too ; )

The result of my prayer was astonishing: First suddenly words for my personal mantra were just popping in into my mind (I am searching! for them since months, but of course,they come when not expected) and second, I could suddenly remember one (islamic) prayer from my childhood.

By the way, God was saying with a smile in his face “Hey Nalan, maybe you would like to look up the meaning of this prayer in Turkish. Like this it will be far away of just rattle it off, what do you think?”

So, that’s my rather unusual conversation with God for the moment and I know the meeting will just be great.

Wish you a very nice day! And don’t forget to use the toolbox by giving and taking. 😉