Author: Ali Korkut Keskiner

the order of the chakras

The Order of the Chakras 

I’ve lately come across several claims about opening the chakras, regulating this chakra, or balancing that one. There’s a significant order to the chakras, though, and sadly, people rarely consider it. It’s like cutting in line rather than waiting your turn. The chakras symbolize the…

does sin exist?

Does Sin Exist? 

I don’t think it does, but if something like sin does exist, I think it only occurs when you prevent someone from experiencing something. Likewise, if there is such a thing as a good deed, the opposite of sin, it can only be when you…

blessings for all

Blessings for All 

Before birth, we sign contracts with the spirits who will affect our lives. After puberty, we can choose whether to renew these contracts or not. Some people say that rather than puberty, a later time, when we are at our furthest point from Earth, is…

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