The amount of smoke in the air was suffocatingly dense. With one hand I was trying to cover my nose with the edge of my wet tunic, but I was not very successful in so doing because of the load I was carrying in my hands. What I was carrying was so valuable that after a while I gave up struggling to cover my nose. I did not care about dying anyway, as long as I survived long enough to save what I had to save. The Library of Alexandria was burning down, and along with it, so much human knowledge was burning as well.

My friends with whom I worked together for many years were caught in the fire, begging me to rescue them, but the fire was so intense that there was no way for me to reach them. Considering what I was trying to do, I thought none of our lives mattered. I was tossing documents wrapped in heavy bags, previously identified and marked as the most important, into secret passages of the library which was filled with water. Interestingly enough, the scrolls I threw into the water were not harmed at all. There must have been some other reason than the way they were packed, and I had a strong feeling that all this knowledge would surpass thousands of years. During our studies, our masters kept saying that these documents had some very powerful spells. Now I was witnessing it. The fire was increasing every minute, and I did not have time to stop and wait.

I woke up coughing. It was like the smell of that intense smoke was still burning my nasal cavities. I had watched a scene too real to be a dream. I looked around and it was still daytime in October 2010. I was researching my family genealogy, as I often do. While working, I had a thought telling me to go down into the depths of my subconscious mind to find my origins. At that point I had fallen asleep and watched the scene I just described.

In fact, for a long time, I was interested in working with my subconscious mind and trying to do it. I was stripping myself layer by layer and trying to stop my past from creating my future by tenderly wrapping all traces of the past. Getting closer to my subconscious was giving me a lot more self-confidence more than anything, and as my self-doubts were diminishing, my perception was opening up. In fact, the vision I saw must have been triggered by my work, and I wanted to pursue it to learn the essential points of this vision. So, I followed my vision. I had no intention to leave it to pursue other matters.

An Atlantean in the Library of Alexandria

I was Bruno, a priest working in the Library of Alexandria, and he had lived as an Atlantean in a previous life. I was a little different from my friends in the library due to the fact that the connection with my life as an Atlantean had not been broken, and I remembered that life vividly. I could distinguish what information was the most important more than anyone before me. In addition, I had very strong psychic abilities. The most important thing I remember about my Atlantean life was that most of the information obtained through the studies comprised the truth that, in fact, humanity was God. Our main task as priests was to transfer the basic information on tablets, thus ensuring they reached future generations.

The hammers we used to write on tablets were very special and sacred. Hammers, in fact, were like a magnetic force in our hands, and they were using us as a means to create whatever needed to be written on the tablets. Indeed, at one time I remember holding the hammer in my hand and watching the emergence of the word “Priest” on the tablet. Forms similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics were appearing on the tablets, and that experience reminded me how Egyptian script was connected to Atlantis.

The Library of Alexandria, originally commissioned by the Hellenic Dynasty of Ptolemy in third century BC, was full of tremendous energy forces. In fact, there used to be an energy transfer from Alexandria to the whole universe. This was such a strong transfer that everything happened within milliseconds. The library was under a great protection which disturbed me because I believed information could not manifest if highly guarded and hidden.

The Big Fire

Many say, “If you try to keep something out of harm’s way, it usually ends up getting damaged”; the library burned down to ashes. Although Bruno did the best he could, Bruno spent the rest of his life in great guilt. He had not been able to prevent the Library from burning, neither had he been able to save his friends.

As I was following Bruno in my work with the subconscious, I came up with this information: There was a reason for wise people to die by fire. Burning helped the mind to free itself from the illusion of the physical body and to enter into multi-dimensional universes. During my visions I tried to remind my “old” friends I saw dying in that fire about this and the importance of freeing ourselves from our physical bodies. Finally, I started to feel the sense of guilt begin to leave me.

In fact, the incinerations, as history tells us, continued happening throughout the Middle Ages. Actually, many wise women were incinerated by the authorities in power to destroy knowledge and keep the people in ignorance. But these authorities, although they achieved in the short term what they wanted, in the long term they ended up with the results they desired the least. The energies of these sages transformed and became immortal. The knowledge and flow of energy beyond the ages would be possible.

Indeed, such a transformation had taken place during the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Yes, humanity had been buried in darkness for thousands of years, but energy also had transformed; this same transformed energy would pull humanity out of the darkness in an irreversible way. Knowledge, using the energies of Alexandria, was transferring itself and those Atlantean Priests; they did not lose their connections with their previous incarnations and had an important task in this transfer. As information was unravelled and resolved, the library closed itself down and turned into a “library of energy.”

Consequently, looking at it from a universal plan, the accumulated energy of the fire changed dimension and waited until the time it would come back to earth. At that time mankind was about to enter the Dark Ages, and on the basis of these ages, lied about the statement “In order to remember again, humanity should first forget itself, and when the time comes, should be able to create a new world.” The Library had to go into another dimension, and the fire prepared this transition.

Bruno, After Alexandria 

After the burning of the library, Bruno fled to Rome, or rather, allowed to escape. Bruno was a very good tablet reader and his work precious. Throughout human history, tyrants always burned libraries; hiding behind each tyrant, there have been dark groups pushing tyrants to the front, while hiding their own purposes. These groups have always sought to obtain the knowledge for themselves. On the one hand, while encouraging some people to burn the libraries, they, on the other hand, were using their powers under cover to collect the knowledge. They were trying to get power by using it. And, in fact, they were also all part of the universal plan; this is what I came to understand through my visions.

Although we now get angry about it, their instincts were what brought the realization of the universal plans. Bruno was not the kind of man the universe would force to burn a scroll, let alone a library. Bruno had refused to work for these forces and died by fire of his own free will. I know that this kind of death would be incomprehensible for us, but we need to see beyond the visible. The reason Bruno wanted to die in the fire was because he wanted to change his energy dimension. In fact, I had read in some sources that some of the oriental masters chose this method as well.

I once watched a film titled Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring [South Korean, 2003]. In the film a Chinese master using this method to leave the world, set himself on fire. It sounds incredible, but these people were not like us; they lived in the dimension of immortality. The way for these immortals to transform their energies was by fire. This is what I was trying to remind my friends in Alexandria.


Then I woke up. Due to my work with the subconscious, my dreams with Bruno had become stronger. It was like watching a film, not having a dream. The amount of information received was incalculable, but also a very powerful energy flowed. For this reason my body in this world was struggling to receive this energy. My joints ached; my blood vessels shrunk and almost disappeared. I did not care about the physical problems; I wanted to know Bruno. I found some information about him when I researched the Internet. Mostly, this was information you would find in books, but they could affect the subconscious work, so preferably should not be used. Anyway, I did not pay attention to the books—I wanted to know Bruno directly, and myself. So, I invited the Priest Bruno’s aspect into my consciousness.

Meeting Bruno, the Priest 

In spite of the confidence in my feelings, I have to admit that in a way I was afraid. This is very natural to occur, especially at the beginning of work with the subconscious. For the sake of the flow of this work, one should allow a sense of fear to come, and then let it go the same way. Likewise, you must be able to distinguish between your feelings and your intuition. The intuition is so lucid that you would not doubt them; yet, feelings may also be very confusing as well as temporary. So you must be careful.

When I met with my Bruno aspect, I saw that he had different powers. He was full of information, but he also had a blockage of energy because of the guilt he felt. It had to be solved. We started working together. Obviously, this was a difficult process. I felt depressed, and even if I wanted to stop working, I could not do it because of the compassion I felt for that aspect of mine. When I stopped due to fatigue, I remembered seeing the burning faces of my friends, although they were not very clear. Furthermore, the feeling of guilt that I thought had left me was again filling up inside of me. I was thinking, “Well I was over this; I had gotten rid of this feeling of guilt.”

Suddenly I understood why I was faced with this feeling again. Bruno had understood it when telling it to his friends, but I had not yet seen the impact of guilt on my life. How much of my own life had been blocked by guilt? Maybe some of it, perhaps all, but the amount did not matter. The important thing for me was having lived without being aware of the guilt. Actually, I was helping myself, while I thought I had intended help Bruno. As the work progressed, both he and I started to lighten our burden of guilt, and we began to observe a changing in our energy as the burden got lighter. In my own life, I was observing great changes, and I saw Bruno increase his powers.

Bruno and I meet from time-to-time during my work with the subconscious. As different aspects of the same soul, we work together in this context, and with the intent that it is for the good of the whole. I carry on working, not just with Bruno but my other aspects as well, and above all and foremost, I do this work with self-confidence and the feeling of trust that I am in safe hands.

The result? My life journey goes on… Even brighter…