Today is my birthday, and the biggest gift that I’ve ever received is creation itself. Just being in this world, at this exact time, as the person I truly am, is the ultimate privilege.

I was given this gift with my first breath, and it increased slowly but gradually with every breath I took. This is the light that fills my soul and covers my body.

I was grateful for all I was given and all that I was not given. I then realised that I have nothing, because I am everything, and everything is me.

I looked at all the good and bad things, the beauty and beasts of my experiences. I learned that there is no such thing as good or bad, or beauty and the beast, because all of creation resonates the same and works for me.

Successes and failures, wins and losses, comers and goers, everything and nothing, it all serves the One.

The deaths and the births, the endings and the beginnings, and the future and the past exist as One identical moment.

But what about wealth and poverty, hunger and fullness? It suddenly feels that they all are illusions.

So, how about more or less? Understand that every cup is filled to its perfect limit.

With the flaws and imperfections you seek to correct, recognise the best comes when you stop searching for them.

There is no late or early, because the hummingbird always sings in a timely fashion.

I wandered around the world seeking miracles before realizing that the real miracle was within me.

I was troubled and asked for a remedy in every corner, but I found the cure in Love.

No birth, no death, no day of birth, and no day of death: I was taught that I was the Lover reborn in his every breath.

And finally I woke up to the fact that today was not my birthday—every moment I breathe is.

I am eternally grateful for the gift of life and thankful for being so deeply in love with creation.