Author: Meryem Fatma Suna

half moon

Half Moon 

The time of death is a period of waiting. Once this wait ends and the moment arrives, it cannot be moved one moment ahead or one moment back. It is the time for return, and “death” is the excuse that harbors all the possible reasons…

what is virtue?

What is Virtue? 

Tell them to find a womb where they can take root, for they shall fly leisurely. The only thing to look for in that womb is virtue. Where there is virtue, there is also love and faith. So they naturally attune with fire and awake…

the womb

The Womb 

It is said that for seven years, we exchange karma with the person we have intercourse with, and this is called womb hooks. My question is, though, how can we clean this up ourselves? Would you like to share what you know about the subject?…

who are you?

Who Are You? 

Do you ever doubt the name you were given at birth? How is your mind when you’re asked, “What’s your name?” Is it doubtless and certain? So, what makes you doubt who you are? Does your mind not make you ask, “Who am I?” Does…

advanced sexual satisfaction

Advanced Sexual Satisfaction 

In nature, only humans have the capability to transform sexual energy into a stronger energy, into an enraptured and cosmic wholeness. A natural way to reach this ability and maturity is through cherishing sex, just as it deserves. It’s possible to gain further sexual satisfaction…

you’re with me

You’re with Me 

Love is what spins our heads and releases us from the chains of both the past and the future. It is a place where time stands still and space is meaningless, somewhere where we melt into the being of the loved one and experience the…

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