We have been introducing the ‘white and blue lotus’ concept-image in our recent seminars and study courses in İstanbul. We came along this amazing notion in our studies of the Cosmic Movement material we have been entrusted by one of the last ‘ passives’ of one of the last French Cosmic group.

In the unpublished manuscript ‘ Studies of MAVB’ , it reads:

‘‘-Tell me, O queen of the night and of beauty, hazel and subtle, what is the meaning of the Lotus, the sacred flower?

-The lotus flower is the Azert (Earth, as eco-system) type of the sacred flower of the Alifa period.’’


‘‘The Alifa is the first of the known conflicts (between good and evil) and the lotus flower was taken as a symbol by those who fought together. The white lotus for those who stood for order and the blue one for those who differ from them, as this conflict was not of a ferocious passion, of cruelty or hatred, as you may believe according to recent conceptions, but an intellectual division, first temporary, then confirmed and permanent.’’

So, white and blue lotus is about a division, a severance.

In the story of the Creation, we either see Satan (through the snake) tempting Adam and Eve into wanting and desiring of the shell of things, the substance-and that is the Christian version or we see him, as Azazel –Iblis, refusing to bow to Adam-and that’s the Muslim’s version; for both ways, Satan ends up being cursed and cast away from God and heaven. *

In the Christian tradition, God punishes Adam and Eve for wanting to eat from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Chase them out of Eden and let them find a way out of repent on the earth. It is more about not obeying God’s dictate about not eating of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.  From then, Satan is clearly the evil one and his task is to disconnect us from God, through his temptations and lies. This is the birth act of the blue lotus, as Man reaches out towards God and knowledge is seen as the paramount tool for his journey back and his restoration in state and status in God’s kingdom. We have here the basis of western society, based on empiricism, the acquisition of knowledge through experiment and observation. The Babel Tower story is a clear example and the dispersion, the confusion of the aim, through the multitude of languages is self-revealing.

In the Muslim tradition, Azazel-Iblis refused to bow in front of newly created Adam, seen as more inferior. God cast him away, as he (Iblis-Satan) didn’t see him in Adam, so he will make man seek Him (God) through Satan, known as the prince of the world, of earth and everything matter. We see pride and self-content with Iblis, intelligence is here the tool that decided of his fate, but intelligence eclipsed from consciousness. It is a journey towards a lost unity. Man is to journey back to God, from Multiplicity to Unity.

In both ways, knowledge and intelligence are misused and create a never ceasing fall into division, matter and entropy. A scale is created in which Man is to make his way towards God. Satan’s job is to make him stray and even forget his desire of the journey back, this is also the description of the blue lotus, where man strives to uphold himself as a god and rules the world mercilessly.

It is through a severance from God, from the Source, from the Unique. Is this severance a willingly severance or one forced? We have lost our selves in the experience of duality and we strive to find our lost unity. In the Christian and Muslim tradition, man is more or less a victim and pays a rather heavy tribute for his mistake (the fall) and is more seen as a mean in a bigger game (man will find me through you).

The problem of evil is also a key component and it is problematic. How can God let this happen? How can God allow evil? Is evil the adversary of God, but then makes him an equal? There is here a problem. And Satan, as head of the fallen angels is of convenient use, putting aside Evil as equal to God.

We are also in a black and white field of experimentation; duality is the measure of all things: On one side, we see the good people and the other side, the bad people. One side is emulating divine virtues or attributes or archetypes and the other side, hyper-human virtues and types. One side is taking this stay on earth as a temporary trial and school, were free-will is applied and the search for the lost unity is paramount, one other side invokes free-will but it is not used, as there is no choice to be made, as a result of the engineering of a perfect blue lotus society, where people are made to settle down and want no more the lost unity or being, but instead crave for all sorts of things that define our material world and its pyramid of needs, based on having.

The severance is accomplished when we want instead of being, when the cost of all of our wanting is the loss of our being. This is the key difference between the white and blue lotus, the opposition between to have and to be. It is also a fundamentally antagonistic way of life. With the white lotus, we are welcoming the universe to ‘do us’ and we are the witnesses of this incredible experience that brings and actualizes in us being. As for the blue lotus we are trying to ‘do’ the universe, to tame it, to use it, so to gain and to have, with all the misfortunes, disappointments and failings, very real and bitter, the ultimate one is finding out our emptiness and lack of being.

In the white lotus or Hermetic path, the qualities are merged and produces a special field were we understand things as is and we are connected to the unity, as numerous attributes of God all from the periphery reporting to the center. And as Thomas Bromley ** would put it : ‘Therefore our Progress is from the Outward, through the Inward to the Inmost.   The Outward is the place of Good and Evil, and as to its corrupt State, the Kingdom of the Beast.  The Inwardis two-fold,either theDarkorLight World.   The Dark, is the Kingdom of the Dragon, the Center of Evil and Wrath;  The Light World is the Paradisiacal Sphere, or that Garden of Eden,which is also situate in its Mesopotamia, or betwixt the two great rivers of Wrath and Love.   The first of which is calledThe Lake of Fire, burning with Brimstone; the last, A pure River of Water of Life, clear as Chrystal, which proceeds out of the Throne of God, and of the Lamb.   The Inmost, is the eternal Sanctuary, or true eternal Tabernacle of God, and that spiritual Land of Peace, where AbrahamIsaacand Jacob, and all the glorified, departed Saints live and inhabit.’

The whole hermetic process, symbolized by the white lotus, alchemical, kabbalistic and prophetic of nature, is all about the blending of individual qualities and of opposites; it is about finding the lost unity by actually letting the seed of unity in us find itself back to the source, so to blossom again. The whole process is about letting go of the collection of pieces of knowledge that actually are made useless by the establishment of active antinomies and sophisms that paralyzes us into action or makes us more and more shallow, bitter and skeptic. ‘ Remember me, I will remember you’. Qu’ran, II-152.

The blue lotus, or magical way, is about the development of knowledge through the empiric process and is about taming the forces of the universe, so to serve us in assisting us in any of our desires to ease our craving for things. The more we want, the more desperate we are in our relationship with the Universe and it will be never enough and the experiences will gradually be harmful and lethal. Again, this is knowledge that is fragmental and traps you into feeding the negative forces once subdued and lose your very essence.

In the hermetic tradition, symbolized by the white lotus, man is an essential mean to restore the universe from its inevitable entropy and fall.

And this brings us to the understanding of the real meaning of the fall of the angels and the birth of duality. This is a testimony of love and of the deepest one, to be willing to lose yourself for the greater good and this is exactly what happened. As above so below !

We have the story of Judah betraying Jesus and wearing the suit through the ages of the traitor. In fact it was the opposite. Judah chose to perform his act consciously, so that the scriptures and the prophecies could be fulfilled and that the Christ-Love principle could be nailed again through matter, opening the door to salvation for humanity once more. The last supper is an esoteric ceremony, where the life-force of Jesus, his blood, was shared, so that his disciples could keep an etheric contact with him, for a certain period; hence the resurrection, and the apparitions, before the ascension. Hence Thomas wisely touching the body of Glory of Jesus, the New Man showing us the path of resurrection.

Now Jesus and his Sacred Gesture is exactly the appointed and timely repetition of other sacred dramas that appeared throughout the ages and to quote the most significant one, Isis and Osiris and the quest of Isis to restore the dismembered body of Osiris and so on… But the foundational drama was the one at the origin: The fall of the Angels.

The rumors that reaches us from all the dusty world religions are that once the creation done-or through it- there were a severe disconnection that lead us into a world of duality, a world of oppositions and conflicts, a world where Good and Evil struggles endlessly and uselessly, leaving behind desolation and suffering. Now, what the fallen angels did was also no short of courage and self sacrifice, like brave and loving Judah did himself later in the expansion of time.

In order to bring matter out of nothing, the ‘ tzimtsum’ of the kabbalists of old, they had to ‘lose’ themselves and fall the whole way down into materialization ultimate, encapsulating within matter particles of light, the ‘qliphots’, that find themselves disconnected from the Source in an hallucinating maelstrom of decrease of consciousness. So, again this is about the severance we were mentioning at the beginning.

The angels, out of love, sacrificed themselves and accepted their fate knowingly, that they were to lose their life-substantiating connection with God, so that the foundation of the existing universe could be laid firm and square. Knowing the consequences of the severance is the occultation of their intelligence and the renunciation of verticality and the curse of never-ending horizontality, Evil and the proud and chaotic egos blossoming like blood thirsty virus-like life forms.

Now God out of his unceasing mercy and justice, put the Gilgul-the wheel of incarnations of the souls-in action, so that each of them could take some of the fallen particles, the qliphots, and bring them back to him. This is the notion of Tikkun, to repair the world, dear to the kabbalists of old and gives to the whole creation and to Humanity a greater role than the one about being the victim of the fall and being caught in the middle of a cosmic war, way beyond our understanding !

It places us, as the conscious and willing vessels in which the universe heals itself by redeeming the fallen angels, through the ‘divine passion’, the sacred catharsis, delivering God’s promise that ‘ no one shall miss’ on the day of Judgment.

Not as people of horizontal knowledge and intelligence, but as awakened individuals sufficiently grounded in silence and still enough, so to welcome God in us, in unity, harmony and peace- and these meetings create an wonderful existential journey.

The white lotus path is the process, where we are preparing ourselves for such a role and this practice creates a emulating and dynamic balance that grows us into the Real.

The ego, being the effect of the qliphots- to be redeemed-we are carrying deep inside of us, no longer dismayed or lost, finds himself purposely into a greater picture where we are actively participating in eco-maintaining the World, having restored our status and duties through Work, Devotion and Charity, witnessing the attraction from heaven of Divine Love, Hope and Faith.


‘Not a thought, not a look, not a gesture for evil; thus, it will not take shape and life in us nor around us, and if it appears due to the effect of the ancient fault, we shall think the good, we shall see the good, we shall name the good and we shall accomplish the good, so that the light of life invades us and subsists alone in us and around us.’

M+R, XX, 35

‘Let us tie the good words around our neck and live with them until they have entered us.

First, let us rely on the lord’s Providence, then let us work in a holy way so to give bodyto his transforming blessings.

‘ Who shall eat the word issued from heaven and earth so as to possess the life that does not perish?’’

M+R, XX, 35′ ***



*  It is worth noting that in the Jewish tradition, Satan is the ‘Adversary’, the ‘opponent’. There is no trace of the devil as we see him in the two other traditions and especially in Christianity. In the Genesis, he is called ‘ the snake’. In Job, the ‘opponent’, etc.

**  Thomas Bromley’s ‘ Way to the Sabbath of Rest’, London 1656.

*** From Louis Cattiaux’s ‘Message Rediscovered‘, Beya editions.