O’ woman of mine!

You are soaked in sorrow and scented by vim and vigor.

Encountering denial in your being,

And giving yourself the Judas kiss,

You are that moon-faced woman of mine!

The light of your sun, which does not shine in your eyes,

Is hidden deep within your heart.

The damaged soul is afraid of further injury!

Wake up to yourself, and see how blessed you are.

Put aside that suit of armor you’ve been wearing for centuries!

Bring together your temple of a body and your soul,

And let two lovers reunite.

Love yourself, o’ mighty woman!

Love your body, and love your fellow women,

Just because you are you!

Undo the knots written in your codes, the shackles that do not belong to you!

This burden you’ve been bearing for so many lives!

See yourself, o’ sacred woman!

See the reality of your femininity!

Yes, your femininity!

Feel the texture of your sexual energy coming from your nature, even though you’ve been suppressing it so!

Allow yourself to be desired.

Do not sacrifice your passion in favor of strength and safety!

Don’t do it!

Unleash yourself, o’ woman of mine,

Be as you truly are!

The Creator must know it.

Listen to the silent screams rising from deep within,

And let yourself be a woman! Let yourself taste pleasure!

In order to be charged, you should first discharge!

Let yourself discharge with outbursts. Let yourself erupt with pleasure this time.

See yourself!

See your body!

See your womb, your creative power.

See your warmest and wisest part!

Feel, hear, love, and bless it, o’ woman of mine.