The world’s population has now exceeded seven billion people. Consumption is still increasing, and it’s commonly accepted that the resources being ripped from Mother Earth are fast running out.

All the initiatives that we have taken, such as recycling, are not enough to protect the remaining resources, let alone replenish them.

Our deprivation consciousness, merged with our dwindling resources, has created more fear with people thinking, “What if nothing’s left for me?” This then leads to a mentality and life model based on voluntary slavery. If you accept becoming a slave, a master will certainly take you on, or to put it another way, the system will surely create a master for you.

Let’s look at the dynamics of the supply-and-demand relationship, so we can clearly see its tangible existence in this world. The polar opposite of the deprivation consciousness is the wealth consciousness. Everything exists with an opposite, yet everything is one and therefore a whole with its opposite. There must be an equal amount of wealth consciousness as there is deprivation consciousness. The system that automatically ensures the preservation of this balance does not concern itself with the distribution of these two energies. It’s doesn’t care how many people share the deprivation consciousness and at what intensity. That’s not its concern. The only thing the system worries about is the uninterrupted balance. Any shifts in one side should be met by shifts in the other, and any leap of consciousness should be accompanied by a movement that will rebalance it. Deprivation consciousness is demanded on the subconscious level—everything is supplied, and the total never reduces!

The system is not concerned with who gets to be rich or poor but rather with the balance of energy, always looking from its own point of view. If there’s a decrease or increase on one end, then it strives to ensure a corresponding increase or decrease at the opposite end. For example, if someone living with a deprivation consciousness were to win the lottery but quickly gamble away the winnings, it would be because that person had become wealthy in the material world while still having a deprivation consciousness. No changes ever took place in the field, not even a nudge, so the system had no need to take action…

Of course, that person could have switched consciousness on winning the money. He could say, “I’m wealthy now, and I can stay wealthy. It’s my right.” A shift in the field would then occur from one group to the other. At this very moment, the system would accommodate into the wealth consciousness this shift from the deprivation consciousness. There is no increase or decrease in either energy, but there is a new distribution among them. The ongoing harmony, both inside and outside and on the material and conscious levels, causes reassignments of energy in both consciousnesses.

“So what?” you might say. Well, we are all parts of this system as well, albeit tiny but   essential parts. Every transformation in the system affects us as individuals, and every transformation in us as individuals affects the system.

What’s Happening? What Are We Supposed to Do?

The ruling power, the power with more wealth consciousness (i.e., the rich people), often seem as though they would rather not share this part of the energy. In reality, even though such people appear outwardly wealthy, they also have a deprivation consciousness deep down inside.

The creation of jobs is not generally a result of the wealth consciousness. The main purpose of investors is not to employ others but to accrue more resources for themselves. Even though investors are wealthy with a great capacity to invest, they are generally working as the slaves of banks and insurance companies. They fear losing what they have, just like an employee fears losing his or her job, but it may happen eventually of course. The wealth consciousness comes out a little in bank and insurance investors, at least for now, but it is inside all of us walking its secret path in the shadows, waiting for us to accept it. There are only a few people with a wealth consciousness, and this energy is divided almost equally among these people, resulting in a small number of people with vast amounts of money.

To illustrate, let’s say this energy can be measured in gallons. Next, let’s say the deprivation consciousness of 6.5 billion people totals 1,000 gallons. The remaining 500 million people are then left with 1,000 gallons of wealth consciousness. The majority 6.5 billion people will get a small share of their energy, while the minority 500 million people will get a larger share of their energy.

The mindset that you must consume and yet save is put forward by the obvious dominant forces and distributed to all levels of society, from the richest to the poorest. The media and cinema industries in particular use subliminal advertising methods as effective tools for these ambitions. They are quick to use them, even though they are banned, but there aren’t enough safeguards. This results in mobbing, a trendy expression that describes the bullying of individuals by groups. Insurance companies do it to a bank, while the banks do it to an investor. The investors do it to a company executive, while the executives gang up to mob those under them. It goes on like this. People are told, “If you don’t want to be fired, do as I say, and don’t join any unions or associations. You need to give up your rights if I tell you to.” This violation of rights then reaches an unstoppable point, and almost all segments of society suffer from their rights being violated (mobbing).

What’s more, these violations aren’t limited to the workplace—they exist among families as well. Mothers threaten to remove their love for their children to get their own way. Fathers threaten to disinherit their children. Siblings threaten to never talk again, and any kind of partner or friend can talk about leaving you…

I think all of these things naturally result from us refusing to face the deprivation consciousness inside us. As long as we deny its existence and refuse to start living in harmony with it, not learning to live in the same field without embracing each other, the violations and the mobbing will continue, at least in my opinion. As long as a person unwittingly generates thoughts like “There’s not enough. I’ll be left alone if I don’t share my love, knowledge, and affection. If I lose my job, I’ll lose everything I have,” the subconscious will empower its fear of loss and constantly remind the person of it. The system will then consistently attract mobbing into this person’s life.

If you think mobbing goes on in your workplace, or if you think you are being violated at home or in your social circle, maybe you should look inside and find a harmony with your deprivation conscious.

There are an infinite number of ways we can harmonize. One possibility is to perform a subconscious cleansing. It’s an easy method that starts by saying, “To the deprivation consciousness inside me, I see you now. I approve of your existence. I am sorry I created you, but please forgive me. I love you. Let’s get things in shape!