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Before moving on, let’s remember why we need to connect with our inner selves in the new era. Our lives may look much like before, but they’re actually different in this new era. Everything is getting faster, just like telecommunications in the outside world have with technologies like social networking. Most people now use such cutting-edge technologies to communicate with people all over the world.
But what about your inner communication? Do you have a clear connection with your INNER-NET? Or have you still not set up your inner link, even though you’ve already spent considerable time and money attending every spiritual seminar that comes along. Is your life moving along well with synchronicity? Are you happy and joyful? What about your inner consciousness? Do you feel good when you’re alone? Can you hear your inner voice?
This is a transitional period, the beginning of a new era. We need to go deeper and deeper inside ourselves. To understand who we are, as well as understand what our next step should be, we have to invest our energy, time, and resources in more than just high-speed internet, high-tech gadgets, and the latest games. We need to invest instead in getting to know ourselves. Trust me. This is real, and it will benefit you more in the end than computer games. What’s more, believe me when I tell you that you won’t find yourself on the internet by searching with Google.
Use your precious daily life energy to connect to your INNER-NET, so you can understand life, reach a higher consciousness, learn how to keep your life in synchronicity, and maintain an online contact with your divine intuition. Become the real you by connecting to your heart and opening the door to Divine Love, Divine Truth, and Cosmic Knowledge.
Don’t forget that to raise the consciousness of the world, you need to start with yourself.
In short, connecting to your INNER-NET is like connecting to the Divine Truth.
But how can we do it?
How can you connect to your inner divinity? Do you need to buy all those beautifully marketed self-consciousness packages every month? Do you need to kiss the feet of an Indian Guru?
(No! This is actually really insane! I met a family constellation therapist in Cihangir last year who was running a scam. She told her clients they needed to leave their egos by kissing an Indian Guru’s feet. This really is bullshit! I love my ego…)
It’s really easy to connect to your INNER-NET, much like drinking a glass of water. Everybody can do it easily just by following some instructions and changing their point of view. Anyone can do it with the help of the FRTLL model…

What Is the FRTLL Model?

FRTLL stands for “Find a Real Teacher + Learn + Live.”
First, you need to find a real teacher. This is someone who has realized his or her own inner connection without help from channels, angels, cosmic groups, crystal skulls, and such like. Basically, it’s someone who has really reached his or her INNER-NET, the link to the piece of God/Allah/the Creator inside the heart. You can only find this link by yourself, in your heart, by connecting to your INNER-NET.
Follow your heart and your intuition, but first of all, find a real teacher to help you by providing information and exercise instruction. Be wary of cults, scams, narcissistic healers, masters, and self-proclaimed gurus. Make sure you find a real one…
Next, you need to learn the very basic practices from your real teacher.
Finally, the most important part is to live all you have learned. By this, I mean use in your daily life everything you learned from your teacher. You will then realize you are clearly hooked up to your INNER-NET, and you won’t need any more teachers or training, especially from chanellers, fear mongers, cult healers, miserable life advisors, or desperate life coaches.
The most important thing about the new energy of this new era—which started after December 21, 2012—is you don’t need a Guru. You need only connect to your inner sacred heart and learn how to sustain this connection over your life. After making a connection with the voice of the Creator within you, you don’t need any other teachings.
You therefore need to find ways to connect to your inner database. This database contains all the truth and information you need. The information of all the sacred teachings you searched years for has been already downloaded and stored in your sacred heart, coded into your individual DNA by the Creator*. What’s more, this information can be updated over your lifetime, but I’ll go into that in the next article.
In my last article, I already started with some hints and tips, as well as some suitable exercises, that help build up your inner link. In this article, I simply repeat the title of the former tips and provide more hints that you can easily use. (For the previous exercises and more details about the first two hints, please refer to the last issue of The Wise.)

Hints and Daily Exercises to Build Up a Connection to Your INNER-NET

First Hint: Give up Control!

Second Hint: Leave your Past Behind! Live in the energy and space of the present.

Third Hint: No matter what, always tell the truth! (If you can’t, stay silent.)

How can you become able to connect to your inner intelligence?
Telling the truth makes magical changes happen in your life. It increases your life energy and makes you healthier, because telling a lie and keeping secrets in your head is very dangerous for your mind and body. Keeping a secret and telling lies to protect it is like drinking a small bottle of poison every day. It sucks at your life energy, clouds your mind, and causes complications in daily life. In a more physical sense, it can cause high blood pressure and diabetes, so be sure to get rid of all your secrets…
How can we connect to our INNER-NET and get to the real intelligence from the greatest source, so we can understand what happens in our life and the world? Also, how can we help make our world resemble heaven or together create new and illuminated conditions for all our lives?
Although it sounds very ambitious, the answer is very simple. Just tell the truth. Sorry, are you thinking, “Are you kidding? If I told the truth, I’d lose my job, my marriage, my family, my friends, and so on.” Well, have you noticed that in all of the sacred religious texts and teachings of enlightened masters, it tells you much the same thing? Tell the Truth… According to all religions and teachings, telling the truth is honorable, because it raises your daily life energy. With this increased positive energy, you will feel more mental clarity and synchronicity in your life. You will also feel a higher level of consciousness coming to you more easily.
Telling the truth leaves you free and independent from every being in the cosmos, as well as your ego. Your life energy then starts to attract what you need in your life—whether it be the right people, help, circumstances, and so on—exactly at the right moment…
Are you brave enough to tell the truth in every moment of your life and to all the people in your life, especially yourself? Coming back to the truth returns clarity to our lives. We can observe the fruits of our own spiritual blossoming. You can connect to your inner self and sustain that connection forever. Truthfulness is a journey, and it brings a great transformation…
Telling the truth is like waving a magic wand or pressing the start button in your hand.

  • Start these exercises by honoring the truth. Honor the truth and truthfulness, even if you don’t always like to hear it.
  • Ask yourself: What do I want to do, become, or understand today to rid myself of my secrets? The answer will come immediately, so do it.
  • Honor what the soul wants, because through this, the connection and inner guidance begins.
  • Always do your best to tell the truth in daily life, or at least stay silent. Try not to tell lies for any reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s a white, grey, or pink lie! To get true answers from your heart, you need to always tell the truth throughout daily life.

Fourth Hint: Always live in the present energy while asking positive questions!

You need to live by asking questions to receive self-knowledge and connect to your INNER-NET, so we must ask real questions, not self-indulgent ones.
Living by asking questions about your aims is perfect. Don’t ask negative questions, though, and don’t ask questions with judgmental energy. Please, be careful with your words, and do not judge situations. Always monitor your thoughts and words while asking a question. Do not judge yourself, your thoughts, or your words, however—simply change them as soon as possible into positive thoughts and words.
While you live in the present time, always ask positive questions for the next present time. Ask the universe a question with a positive energy, and it will free your mind.

  • If you’re faced with a problem or unexpected situation, ask yourself, “How can this situation get any better? What do I need to know, do, or understand to reach what I need in my life?”
  • Slow down, so you can hear the answers. Slow down and listen, and follow the signs. When something comes to your heart, honor the answer. Honor the less to get to the more.
  • If a thought crosses your mind over and over, watch your intuition. Do not judge yourself, but rather ask yourself, “Why am I thinking this now?”
  • What do you need to do next to make your dreams come true? If you are sincere about your dreams, the world will cooperate, and the answer will come from your inner self.
  • Ask questions when you are happy, when you are full of positive energy. Wisdom comes immediately, and you can access more from your inner spiritual connection.
  • After asking a question, be patient and calm. Just wait for the inner guidance to come. Appreciate every single moment while you wait for the connection to your inner wisdom. If you push for an immediate answer, or if you complain about the present situation, it takes longer to hear your inner answer. So don’t push—just ask and be patient.

Let’s close this article with a Prayer;
I am now investing my daily life force energy into the present moment for myself.
I always live in the present moment. I have no need to control others.
I always tell the truth. I fully appreciate my life.
I always ask the right questions to get the best answers.
And now, I honor myself as I am.
Thanks to the Creator* for being with me, guiding me, protecting me, and loving me in all of the moments of the present. Amen.
(To be continued)
*Allah/God/Universe/Creator/Life, whatever you believe created you and the cosmos. The writer of this article believes Allah to be the Creator.