If life is a journey from the inner within, a prayer is your call to your own inner self. The journey of life leads only to you and no other destination. You are the traveler, and your heart is your compass. When you feel lost, you can look up to the stars, the sun, the changing wind, or chirping birds to help lead your way, but you are the main guide on this sacred journey.
This journey is both infinitely long yet as brief as a blink of the eye. This journey has no end and no beginning, so it has no limits in time and space. This is the story of creation, both your own and that of the universe. Indeed, you are the universe, and the universe is you. You are the narrator of this never-ending-yet-intriguing story, so be careful my friend, whatever you say will become your very truth.
You prayers are like rhymes, and the source lies within your heart. If you can read the book of your heart, which is perfectly harmonized with the universe, your calls and prayers shall be heard throughout infinity. Turn the pages of your soul and read the sublime lines of creation written in a tree, a flower, a child’s smile, or a song. The music of the universe always resonates with your heart, and if you can really open your heart, you’ll find out that the book, the music, and even the writer are the same. They are all One, and we are all One.
Speak out your prayers as all creation awaits. Whisper them softly to your soul as the universe within you asks for your divine love. Be persistent and have no doubt, because the echoes of love will nurture the flowers within you, and you will blossom. The smell of your flowers will enchant other souls, and the music of your soul will mesmerize others around you. Be aware my friend, though, you are the creator of your own universe but also the co-creator of others’ as well.
So pray each day—every hour, minute, and second—and understand that every breath you take is a prayer. This is you crying out to yourself. You are both the speaker and the listener. You are the seeker, the finder. You are the giver and the receiver. You sing this dong to yourself, and no one hears it but you and the universe existing within you.
* This is a prayer from me to you and from you to me, as well as from me to me and from you to you. With thanks is it bestowed as you read this me–you prayer. Thank you for listening, and I’ll see you in another one.

Yunus Emre Berk