Spirituality is an infinite realm, because our spirits are infinite, so it follows that there are tons of books, movies, documentaries, and other materials around.

Numbers don’t count when it comes to the soul, though—the most important thing is quality. Quality is the degree to which a book, movie, or other material touches your soul. This is not related to production quality but rather the production’s soul. There are many productions that look amazing but lack soul, so you can taste something but get nothing out of it. Some may have good production values, some may not, but they may touch your soul deeply nevertheless.

There are many very good documentaries that will touch your soul these days, and I’ve selected ten of them for you.

Note: The spiritual documentary genre was boosted by The Secret and What the *Bleep* Do We Know?, but I already recommended them in my previous article Spiritual Movies that Will Nourish Your Soul in our last issue, so skipped them in this list.

Shadow Effect

To know yourself deeply, you have to go deep, deep into your darkness. “No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell,” said Carl Jung. So to grow toward heaven, you also need to come face to face with your hell. One of the best writers about this face off is Debbie Ford, and this documentary is based on Ford’s teachings, and it shows you how to dealing with your shadow.

You Can Heal Your Life

We love Louise Hay so much. She has hosted many conferences and written books about how to heal our lives with love. This is the first feature documentary about her teachings. It also includes many well-known writers of Hay House, such as Wayne Dyer. I think you’ve probably already seen this documentary, but if not, what are you waiting for?

People vs. State of Illusion

How can you escape the prison within you? Maybe you hate your job, have addictions, or are stuck in a loop like the hero in this documentary movie was. Then he hit a car and killed two people. The sentence he took changed his life forever. While watching this film, you will learn so much. It is an excellent production with a deep soul. Don’t miss it


An Indian-American movie producer disguises himself as an Indian guru and starts to build an order around himself as a social community test. It is a great movie about how people can be affected and manipulated easily, including the guru himself. It’s funny, but it will drive you to think deeply.

Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden

We are all searching for the secret gate to Eden, but what if it has been with us from the beginning. This documentary has so much to say about one of our greatest gifts, one that we don’t want to talk about much.

Mythic Journeys

Myths are great stories that carry the wisdom of humanity. This great movie tells the story of humans that are searching for their souls through myths, all portrayed through beautiful stop-motion animation. In addition, many masters like Deepak Chopra accompany it with their knowledge.

Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What…

Oh, what a name! And what a documentary! Is it possible that some people can read your mind (telepathy)? Or can they look into the future (clairvoyance)? Why is it that some people can cure themselves while in the final stages of a deadly cancer (healing)? Does mind over matter (telekinesis) really exist? And, if so, how do we explain this? People also claim to “see” distant objects or places (remote viewing). Do they really “see” something? Where is the boundary between “real” magical powers and fraud? Can these miracles of the mind be explained? These questions and more are explored and answered in this marvelous documentary with the help of science. You will like it

The Living Matrix

This is a must see for those interested in healing. Let me share the description on their website, because it sums up the movie very well: “The Living Matrix uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health. The film features a group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers, and holistic practitioners who are finding healing potential in new places. The documentary brings together academic and independent researchers, practitioners, and science journalists whose work reveals scientific evidence that energy and information fields, not genetics, control health and wellbeing.”

Quantum Communication

Quantum Communication explores both consciousness and communication as a means of circumventing the speed of light limit on communications. What is the language of quantum communication? Is there a quantum symphony going on all around us, which we are unaware of? Does the universe hear you?” The producer of this movie made another one before this named “The Voice.” It is also good, but this documentary is much better in terms of presenting its knowledge and ideas. I like it very much.

The Power of the Heart

Do you know the heart has a magnetic field that is a thousand times stronger than the brain. This may explain why the Ancient Egyptians paid so much attention to the heart but not the brain. This documentary has so much to tell about the power of the heart that we need the most.

Hasan Sonsuz