We take actions to get approval from others. We enjoy being seen, liked, and honored by others because of a relevant need, just as the Mighty Creator liked his work when he created the cosmos and everything in it. He wanted these things to be observed by humanity. It follows that humanity is also right when it wants to be known and admired by others.
He did not need any makeup to be admired. Reflecting his inner luster was enough, but as he hid his inner luster behind black curtains and prevented the eternal light from reaching him, his luster left him. So, he looked for more reasons to be adored and admired by others. Some depended on their physical features, while others depended on their precious children or their beloved partners. Some depended on their careers, which brought a certain social status. They assumed their unique flavor came from these ingredients, but they ignored their natural yeast. Unfortunately, those artificial ingredients threatened their beings eventually.
Whenever we depend so much on our possessions, holding on to those artificial flavors and forgetting our inner light, we receive a warning from the skies. It is again the time to witness ourselves. The clock in the sky shows the time for feeling the flavor of our natural yeast and remembering that we are part of the Divine. The sky says, “Stop that noise and listen to your inner wisdom. You are not your possessions; you are valuable and unique just because you are you. You are valuable because you reflect your inner light, your essence.”
Venus, which started to retrograde, whispers, “Light is born after the longest night.” So, she is retreating for forty days before giving birth to light. This is the opportunity to spend some time alone with ourselves, remembering our qualities and repairing the things that are broken. It’s time to begin opening the dark curtains and receive the light of the Divine, reflecting it once more. It’s time to give birth to light by adding just our natural yeast, without any artificial ingredients and with LOVE, just as Venus promises…