If you come across negativity, you find it stealing your joy. It could be your environment, the person you’re with, or someone you’re talking to on the phone.

Public transport, hospitals, tax offices, and funeral homes are all very much associated with negativity, but this actually happens everywhere. The places that promise positivity are even more interesting, because people go there to shake off negativity.

The negatives are the things that drain your power. Sometimes you might initially consider them to be positive, but they turn out to be negative later. That’s another topic, however.

In such cases, you should close your third chakra. This is located four fingers above your belly button, and it’s the door where negativity enters your body, but especially the negativity from other people.

It doesn’t matter whether you know how to use energy or not. Close that area with the palm of either hand, or both hands even, just as the Sufi mystics do.

You’ll see how even when people judge you, criticize you, and even swear at you, you do not react to it.

It’s a bonus to think to yourself, “Why is he acting like this? He’s feeling unloved I guess, so let’s smile and give him a compliment to brighten his day.”

More importantly, though, you will be unaffected by negativity. You will not get scared from horror movies, annoyed at leaders you don’t like, or lose your temper on the phone.

Everything will pass you by.

If some people are especially trying to upset you, they may get even angrier when you practice this method, because they’ll realize they cannot control you any longer. They will eventually give up, but that’s their problem.

This ancient wisdom was used by people like Atatürk, Napoleon, and Bilge Kaan. Recall their photographs.

The results are simple, easy, and guaranteed.

We have the right to be protected, so let’s meet in the peace of this protection.