Sun-Oriented Combinations

“I found myself in you….”
This is something I found myself after doing some statistical research. According to my findings, compatible and strong angular combinations between the Sun and its rulers are very important indicators of karmic love and soul mate unions.
I focused on the Sun and its rulers in Relationship Astrology because I believe the Sun represents us in our charts. This is why angular connections between our Sun and its ruler(s) must be important when we are attracted to someone.
I often see connections between the Sun and its rulers in great, long-term love affairs and between happily married couples.

Cases of Conjunctions Between the Sun’s Rulers  

Here are some examples:
1) One of my friends is a woman of Cancer, whose ruler, the Moon, is in Gemini at 29 degrees in her chart. Her partner’s Sun sign is Taurus, whose ruler Venus is in Gemini at 28 degrees in his birth chart. In their Sinastri chart, her Moon and his Venus are in conjunction.
2) This is an interesting example from the Sinastri chart of the famous celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham. The ruler of David’s sun is Venus, which is in Gemini in his chart, while the ruler of Victoria’s Sun, Mars, is also in Gemini in her chart. They are in conjunction in their Sinastri chart.
3) Here’s a famous example from Turkey. Bulent Ecevit, a former Prime Minister and legendary leader of the left-wing party, was a man of Gemini, while his wife Rahsan Ecevit is a Sagittarian woman. Bulent’s Jupiter and Rahsan’s Mercury are both in Capricorn, and they’re in conjunction in their Sinastri chart.
4) Returning to the Beckhams, Victoria is a woman of Aries and David is a Taurean man. Victoria’s Pisces Venus is in conjunction with David’s Pisces Mars.

Cases Where the Sun’s Rulers Are Not in Conjunction but Still in the Same Sign

Monica Bellucci is a Libran woman ruled by Venus, while Vincent Cassel is a Sagittarian man ruled by Jupiter. Monica’s Venus is in Leo, and so is Vincent’s Jupiter. Although they’re not in conjunction, they’re still in the same sign in their Sinastri chart.

Cases Where the Sun’s Rulers Are in Trine in the Sinastri Chart

This is a different and very interesting combination of the Sun’s rulers:
1) Paul Newman was born under Aquarius, while his wife Joanne Woodward was born under Pisces. Paul’s Jupiter (one of the rulers of his wife’s Sun) is in Capricorn, and Joanne’s Saturn (one of the rulers of Paul’s Sun) is in Capricorn. In their Sinastri chart, Saturn and Jupiter are in conjunction.
2) Here’s another example from Newman and Woodward. Neptune, one of the rulers of Woodward’s Sun, is in Virgo, and it is in trine with her Saturn in Capricorn in her chart. We can understand how she could be in a harmonic relationship with a Saturn-oriented man.

Cases Where a Person’s Sun Ruler Is in Conjunction with His or Her Partner’s Sun in Sinastri

This is a very interesting combination that I find very meaningful in relationships. In a love relationship with a connection like this, the person with the Sun ruler feels very close to, and at home with, his or her partner. There are several notable examples of this.
1) Joanne Woodward’s Mercury in Aquarius (Paul’s Sun ruler in exaltation) is in conjunction with Paul Newman’s Sun.
2) Paul Newman was an Aquarian, and his Sun ruler Uranus is in Pisces in his chart. Joanne Woodward’s Sun is in conjunction with his Uranus in their Sinastri chart!
3) A different example from Turkey: Kivanc Tatlitug (a very famous male model and actor) and Azra Akin (a former Miss World) are famous love partners. Azra Akin is a Sagittarian and Kivanc Tatlitug is a Scorpio. Her Sun ruler Jupiter is in Scorpio in her birth chart, and this is in conjunction with his Scorpio Sun in their Sinastri chart.
4) Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp: Johnny is a Gemini and Vanessa is a Capricorn. Her Saturn is in Gemini, and her Sun’s ruler is in conjunction with his Sun in Gemini.
5) Prince Charles and Camilla: Prince Charles is a Scorpio and Camilla is a woman of Cancer. Camilla’s Jupiter in Scorpio (her Sun ruler in exaltation) is in conjunction with his Sun.

Different Combinations of Sun Rulers

We can also see Sun rulers combine in different ways, such as when a man’s Sun ruler in his chart is in conjunction with his partner’s Moon or in opposition to her Sun, Moon, or whatever planet. Again, these kinds of angular links between love partners must be accepted as Sun-oriented combinations in Sinastri.

The Importance of the Sun’s Ruler in Transit/Natal at the Time of Marriage and/or First Meeting

Finally, I’m making the argument that the Sun’s ruler(s) in transit/natal must be in a compatible aspect with transiting Jupiter, the planet of marriage, and/or the ruler of the seventh house.
1) On the day of my sister’s first marriage, transiting Jupiter was in Aries travelling through her seventh house. Also, transiting Uranus was in Sagittarius and making a very harmonious trine aspect with transiting Jupiter. This means it was a very important day for her love life, because my sister is Aquarius and her Sun’s ruler is Uranus.
2) When I first met one of my most special lovers, transiting Jupiter was in Libra, while my Moon and Mars are in conjunction in Libra in my birth chart. I’m a Taurean woman. When we first met, transiting Venus, the ruler of Taurus, was in conjunction with transiting Jupiter.
3) When Prince Charles married Camilla, transiting Mars was in Aquarius (his Sun’s ruler) and transiting Jupiter was in Libra. These were in a very harmonious trine aspect. The transiting Moon was in Aries (Camilla’s Sun ruler) and in opposition with transiting Jupiter, which is an interesting indication of an especially romantic day for her. There’s another very special transit aspect on their wedding day: Transiting Pluto in Sagittarius was in a very harmonic trine aspect with the transiting Moon in Aries (one is his Sun’s ruler in transit, while the other is her Sun’s ruler in transit). What a very special transit aspect! The combination of Pluto and the Moon represent them and their great, unending, Plutonic love! *
4) When Monica Belluci married Vincent Cassel, transiting Jupiter and Saturn were in Taurus. Her Sun sign is Libra, and Saturn is her Sun’s ruler in exaltation. Her natal Jupiter is also in Taurus. On her marriage day, transiting Venus was in Virgo and in a very harmonic trine aspect with transiting Jupiter in Taurus! Finally, I can see another special transit aspect for Vincent. His natal Jupiter, his Sun’s ruler, is in Leo in his birth chart. On his wedding day, the transiting Sun in Leo was in conjunction with his natal Jupiter, which is also a very special aspect.
* There’s one final interesting example for Camilla. She’s Cancer, and Aquarius is her natal seventh house. On her marriage day, transiting Uranus (one of the rulers of her seventh house) was in Pisces and in a trine aspect with her natal Moon in Cancer (her Sun’s ruler)! What’s more, transiting Saturn (another ruler of her seventh house) was in Cancer and in conjunction with her natal Sun in Cancer.


In terms of loving relationships and wedding days, these angular combinations between the Sun and its rulers are very important indicators of strong karmic love and soul mate unions.
These combinations between people’s charts build up a spiritual and romantic connection. Both partners feel complete when they find themselves in a relationship with such a person. They feel very close to each other and express themselves easily, and they can even understand each other without speaking.