The Q&A sessions I do on social media are really from myself to me. All the communications I make go from myself to me. Every breath I take is a gift from myself to me. I could pretend that I draw breath in something from the outside and then exhale it, but is a fish separate from the ocean it lives in? Am I not just a fish in this ocean we call the Earth? I’m surrounded by air, so how am I going to separate myself from that air? What is this gas that I take in and out of my lungs? What if every breath I take is the spirit of God blowing into my soul, with every exhalation being an expression of thanks for God’s generosity. Should I unite what I presume to be outside me with what I suppose to be inside me?

We do interviews sometimes. Do you suppose that Hasan is the one replying to those questions? Hasan again replies to Hasan. He is surprised as he writes down the answer, saying “Wow, what a great reply that was. Where did that come from?” What’s more, when the chance for a conversation arises, even though Hasan is the one explaining something, he knows he’s not teaching anyone. Sitting across from him is a friend with the kindness to open up and accept all that comes. With such a friend, the conversations both flows and sings, and both parties benefit from it. That’s what people mean when they say, “Pay attention to the one who makes you talk, not the one who just talks.”

Yes, conversation takes place in a gathering of friends. But when a gathering is tainted by suspicion, worry, doubt, resistance, and/or arrogance, this positive atmosphere will never open up. No one is open to anything anyway, so how can anything be offered? On such occasions, the soul closes itself up and becomes unreachable and invisible. But when people do not know how to protect their own fields and set limits, keeping their field open instead, others will pillage it. Their energy is drained and they lose strength, leaving them completely drained when they go to sleep. They can’t live the life that they had hoped for, because their energy is being constantly stolen. Those invaders cannot reach the soul, however, because the soul shuts itself down, but the breath and energy accumulated within is drained. It’s a mess, and the people affected start to struggle to connect with their souls again, trying to tidy up this mess with the utmost difficulty. They try to clear the air using the breath of the soul and refill their energy. But then another attack comes all of a sudden, and the whole space is plundered again. There is again no trace of the soul, no order, and no energy.

It was once said by Rumi, “My heart is wide open, but it has a narrow gate. One can only enter if you are that you are.”

May we all be aware of whom we open the doors of our heart to.

Infinite thanks for opening your heart and absorbing these words of Hasan…