When people have insulted me or cursed me, I have said, “May God give you salvation.
Salvation means being in a good position…
Salvation means being safe from danger, loss, and fear.
According to one teaching, the primary rule in life is to find salvation in your thoughts, salvation in your emotions, and salvation in your joy.
Consistently maintaining such a peaceful state is very difficult, yet it is needed to be universal.
Whenever I meet people who behave badly and act unfairly to others, people fed by conflict and starved by peace, I just observe their lives.
Every time I do this, I see an inner child who lacks love.
These inner children have never known whether they are loved.
While distrusting others and their love, they also never loved themselves either.
When others appreciated the things they did, however, they felt loved.
Unfortunately, they confused being appreciated with being loved. When they were not appreciated by themselves or others, they believed themselves unloved.
They therefore always seek to test whether they are loved or not.
Whenever they interact with others, they measure how much others love them by seeing how far people will tolerate them in various conflicts and fights.
They are children depriving themselves of love, which they never believed or trusted in. They even deny loving themselves.
Salvation should be present both inside and outside.
Whenever you meet someone who is not at peace, just say, “May God give you salvation.”
We all know it’s not God’s job to give salvation to anyone. It’s their own responsibility to find salvation—I just wish they could.
On the other hand, protecting them and letting them harm you out of pity is entirely wrong. It’s also wrong to fall into the same trap and go up against the. This would certainly damage your own salvation and inner and outer peace.
Leave them alone to find their own salvation.
May God give us all salvation.

Ali Korkut Keskiner