There is such an ecstasy in the submission and orphan-like leaning on the right arm of the Mevlevi dervish performing the whirling dance. The whirling dance is impressive, because even a person without the slightest knowledge of the Mevlevi teachings and practices, immediately perceives that the whirling dance indicates an entirely different world.

In fact, the whirling dance and Mevlana are the door opening to a truth beyond our known and accustomed world. This 53-minute documentary film tries to open this door.
Produced-Directed and Written by Semra Sander
Camera – Yavuz Türkeri
Music – Can Atilla and the Traditional Whirling Dance Music
Programme Consultant – Timuçin Çevikoğlu
Photographs and Rubaiyat Translation – Ozan Sağdıç
Produced by TRT

The Wise Sufi