What’s the Trouble with Them?

If you ever see a trouble seeker, he or she will surely be an Aries! If you hate an Aries for acting in whatever way, don’t bother to seek revenge. They don’t need a curse or a vicious trap to suffer like their poor victims, as Arians are masters of messing with trouble. One morning, an Arian rises up, finds himself in good shape and perfect health, so he decides to “seize the day!” Oh my! They believe so deeply in their capability to do anything that pops into their minds. They are also extremely capable of justifying their poor choices. Don’t ever try to explain to them the possible consequences of their plans. Just wait and see! An Arian will never disappoint the passionate grudge-holders that wait for the spectacular fall of the infallible hero.

Any mishap that befalls Taureans will be a result of their addiction to pleasure. God forbid that I would ever deny their sensible attitude toward worldly matters. They are the unquestionable pillars of the human conscience and sanity. Indeed, their down-to-earth essence is the very quality that improves their tendency to overestimate the cravings of the flesh. Well, don’t you know that our strengths are also our weaknesses? Taureans like to collect nice things and keep them in their lives, no matter what! Unfortunately, such deep attachments are the stones that pave the Taurean road to hell. Their loved ones also take a part in this tendency to objectify. Taureans stick to their objects of desire until they get so sick and tired of them that they cannot even bear to remember their existence. The moment when they start to despise something is so worth seeing!

Any misfortune that happens to them is caused by them not handling their “possessions” with due care and attention. They reach out to grab almost everything that sparkles, asking for them ceaselessly. People mostly just give them whatever they ask for, just so they can have some peace! Because they are filled with a meaningless abundance, they get dizzy and become unable to behave properly. You see? It’s not “their” fault that they cannot make good use of anything! Oh, the burden of an unmanageable pile of possessions and an unbearable amount of attention! Of course, they should fly away toward the nearest colorful flower. Geminis miss all chances to establish a strong foundation on anything just because of the overly demanding people around them. Actually, Geminis do not really give a damn about these missed opportunities, because they are already busy troubling another person with their problems.

The main trouble with Cancerians is their lightheadedness … Oh yeah, sorry! I meant their unique and contemplative way of thinking! They only get a little lost while trying to perfectly define and figure out every aspect of a matter. Thanks to some “mean and unfriendly” astrologers, Cancerians are famous for lacking a proper sense of timing! Well, these are merely vicious accusations by dark souls that cannot perceive Cancer’s irresistible need for wholeness! Let me open a window to the undiscovered depths of a Cancerian’s mind with the aid of an example: A Cancerian can spend half an hour shopping for the perfect shoes to match his or her clothes for a very important meeting, a meeting that began ten minutes ago! You should never be surprised when a Cancerian comes out of the shop with a new suit that matches the old shoes. You should also never even consider criticizing this behavior, because it would be very unbalancing for such a gentle soul on the verge of such an important meeting, a meeting for which he or she is already late.

Well, any problem that casts a shadow on the sunny, shiny world of Leos results from their stubborn need to patronize every living soul in reach. What else should a Leo do other than to give a precise definition of the expected outcome? Why should such royal beings bother themselves with the boring technicalities of other people’s concerns and limitations? How could they possibly bear the cold reality that even the most important people in the world cannot always get what they want? Or should they just accept that they might not be that important? Seriously? Leos are merry people, but they can be ruthless when exercising power. They know best, period! Instead of arguing with them, people should get up on their humble feet and do as they are told! When life gets lonely and boring, Leos want to cheer up! The king or queen needs to feel the warmth of human closeness and the tender security of unconditional acceptance. Phrases like “Emperors can be lonely too!’’ must come from the grim moments that are experienced in the utter silence of an empty palace.

Every unfortunate thing happens to Virgos by pure accident! Yes, of course, what else could it be? Virgos put every little thing in their realm under strict control, so there’s no space for unwanted errors! Whatever mishaps occur despite a Virgo’s determined efforts must come from the bad influence of outsiders or unknown factors. Virgos cannot bear the burden of doing something wrong, and if anything should go wrong, they can only be the victims! Failures shake their very souls, and they find it very hard to repair their “already low” self-esteem. Still, pure Virgos immediately start to define the evils and eliminate their effects on their perfect setup. Sometimes the Heavens feel mercy for these beloved, hardworking  control freaks and decide to spoil them with minor miracles. However, Virgos don’t like surprises, and if they would find a fancy package on their doorstep, they would call the police and ask for the bomb squad. If they won a car in a competition, they would just complain about the paperwork and the additional expenses.

Inertia is the mother of all evils, and this is especially true for Librans. Everything happens to Librans because of their tendency to avoid any unwanted effort. Librans deliberately delay making difficult decisions and taking critical actions. They wait for things to happen, so they can keep their hands clean and make the right move to maintain their preferred position. They have many such open-ended issues, which are not seen by observers. Librans are extremely cool and calm on the surface, but internally, they are like an untidy room where no one else can find a place to sit or make a move. They freeze life in their own unique manner, so they can avoid confrontations and focus on the things that give them the most pleasure or excitement. When a crisis blows up, they skillfully mock the resulting scene! An admirer will surely soon be there to handle the situation and pamper our “poor victim.” In other words, nothing much happens to Librans, but the people who get involved with them should be ready to deal with their problems.

Boundless desires and a relentless will urge Scorpios to try any possible means to succeed. Would anyone need any other curse? Scorpios are usually coolheaded. They may take offense very easily, but they do not seek immediate revenge! While everyone is going crazy, they remain capable of observing the situation and finding a way out of trouble. The solutions they come up with may cause some unwanted complications for others, however, but hey, that’s life! They may feel guilty inside, yet they won’t shed many tears of regret or make many apologetic gestures. Know that this indifference is not the worst thing you can experience with Scorpios. When you see them in a state of total disillusionment, or reaching a point of no return, get lost! From that moment on, there is no such thing as the “Scorpio’s trouble.” Scorpios turn into Zippo lighters, and the trouble becomes entirely yours.

These never take no for an answer! This is why they become embroiled in every possible trouble, meaning trouble for the people who dare to refuse them. No one other than a Sagittarian could ask, ‘’Why?’’ in such a relentless manner! Even when they hear someone say no to another person, they may stop just to play their game, and say, “Hang on. Why do you reject this? Tell me, and maybe I can show you why you should say yes.” Sagittarians become tense like a bow until they find the weak point of their target. Once they discover it, the target starts to feel this tension, because Sagittarians do not limit their attacks. They hug, they bug, they beg, and they finally make you say, “YES!” And this is the turning point. Suddenly, the wind calms, the attention fades, and the intentions disappear. The Sagittarian has already set his or her mind on another target and gone!

It all happens thanks to Capricorn’s uncanny desire to play the savior. Why on earth do they have to be so dutiful? Why can they never turn down a call or, better still, switch their phones off at night and when on vacation? Why must they always have an opinion on how to do it better, even when they were never asked for an opinion? The answer is simple: They don’t know a better way of living other than trying to be useful! They must always be in charge or at least ready to take action. Capricorns are the only group of people in this world who feel weird when they are relaxed, experiencing a sort of depression when their agenda looks empty for the coming week. Under these circumstances, it seems they deserve trouble, because they subconsciously crave it!

Nothing other than their “concerns” is a source of trouble for Aquarians! It’s surprising, isn’t it? They have a weird obsession with foreseeing things, and this is because they secretly want to play God and direct events according to their own scenario. Thus, they feel a need to analyze each and every detail and take odd-looking measures to avoid unwanted twists of fate. Where an Aquarian is involved, be prepared to hear last-minute requests to correct trivial details that seem to have major importance to him or her. Aquarians may even suggest a major change in the course of something, or request it to be cancelled, for reasons not apparent to anyone else! It seems as if they look at things with the purpose of finding trouble, so they cause problems for the people they mingle with. Yeah, they’re the poorly appreciated saviors of humankind, doing good at the expense of their popularity.

Oh my! It is simply goodwill paving the road to hell for Pisces. As you may well know, they look somewhat absentminded and too depressed to be interested in worldly matters. Indeed, their indifference is a gift from God! This is their natural protection that keeps them from getting messed up with trouble. Feeling good is never a good thing for a Pisces! When they feel good, their feet no longer touch the earth. They walk over the mean dirt of  life as if they were floating on the holy waters of the Heavens, feeling ready to fall in love with anything they see. When Pisceans fall in love with something, the world stops turning. The moment they feel happy and lucky, Pisceans lose the ability to develop a critical approach, avoid focusing on facts, and form all their plans based on “angelic inspirations,” getting lost in the flow in the process. From that point on, anything that doesn’t come to a Piscean’s mind takes place in his or her life!