Geminis are the naughty and unreliable, yet charming, children of the Zodiac. They are active, smart, tricky, fun, and constantly changing. Geminis are the cutest people of the Zodiac with their multiple personalities. They can be quite charming with their irresistible attraction and bright, smart, naughty eyes…

Gemini is the third member of the Zodiac, and Geminis are the children of Mercury, born with the air nature of this planet of intelligence and communication. They possess an inherent ability to harbor two or more personalities in a single body. This talent makes them fun, and the members of the fixed signs and those influenced by Saturn can hardly resist them.

Gemini is a mutable sign, so Geminis easily maintain accord with others. They are energetic, alive, communicative, and intellectual.

A Gemini with dominant shadowy qualities is usually nervous, stressed, superficial, inconsistent, and opportunistic. Mercury has the nature of a thief, but this represents stealing intellectually, adapting ideas and imitating them. Geminis can easily take the plot of a lesser-known novel and present it as their own work. They encounter an idea and sell it as if it were their own. They are so convincing at this that no one believes that someone else already wrote the book. They can wear many faces, both fun and naughty. Johnny Depp is a typical Gemini. He looks young despite being 50 and carries off many different roles in his movies.

Geminis may run away from the routine because of their complex and conflicting natures. Their weird and mischievous manners, as well as their desire to surprise others, also makes them attractive.

A Troubled or Affectionate Mother? Or Both?

Angelina Jolie is an extraordinary Gemini woman, a problematic drug addict who announced her bisexuality. She also gave birth to three children and adopted three more. A Gemini has a special charisma. Look for example at Marilyn Monroe, a Gemini and the most attractive woman of all time, and Natalie Portman, who won an Oscar for her performance in Black Swan. Remember the scene where she danced as a striptease artist in the movie Closer. Many men would die of a heart attack! We could also talk about Nicole Kidman, Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields, and Zoe Saldana because of their beauty and charm. The women of Gemini shine with their intelligence and seductiveness.

Being ruled by Mercury, a planet with youth-giving energy, Geminis look younger than they are and preserve their looks for many years.

Geminis are really charming when they are good, but a bad Gemini can be really bad. They are lively and joyous like children with strong imaginations, but they are also egocentric and restless. They are enthusiastic about all new activities, but when it comes to practicing them, they lose all their enthusiasm. They fly off at tangents like flitting butterflies. Life is a game for them, and they always need to find action, fun, and freshness in life. They hate working and routine. They change horses during the race, because they cannot commit to a single decision. Because they know how to use their physical attractiveness, they readily display their beauty to win a battle. They lack a good sense of responsibility, so they are bound to lose any ethical disagreements.

Geminis are influential, flirtatious, kind, generous, and helpful to the weak and poor, but they never want to compromise their comfort. They never hesitate to use their charm to achieve targets, and they can tell lies, give evasive responses, or shift the blame onto others, packaging all these nasty things together with their cuteness.

Although they try to be honest and direct, their own interests always take priority. If people or other things are set against them, they may become offended like children.

In Turkey’s natal chart, the Moon, which represents women and the people of the country, is in Gemini. So many Geminis are successful and adored in Turkey. Bülent Ecevit, a former prime minister, was a Gemini, and people loved him despite his sudden outbursts and political ups and downs. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini, so many famous journalists and authors in Turkey are Geminis, such as the famous Nobel-winning author Orhan Pamuk and Atilla İlhan, the poet who wrote, “This is all I can. I am twosome.”

Many musicians are also Geminis, such as Prince, Bob Dylan, Tupac Shakur, Alanis Morisette, and Paul McCartney.

Geminis need love and attention like children do. They need your attention, energy, and money. They reflect everything and can be highly pessimistic, stubborn, or selfish. When conditions really go against them, they completely lose self-confidence. They withdraw or become more pessimistic because of serious worries about their futures.

On the other hand, Geminis adapt well to any environment thanks to their changeable nature, their intelligence, and their inner genius.

They enjoy intellectual challenges but cannot remain focused for an extended time. Their mental restlessness gives them appetites for learning, but they rarely make efforts to achieve this aim. On the other hand, Geminis learn quickly and are analytical with a talent for seeing multifaceted issues. If they want to find the answer to a question, their minds become busy with it and continue asking questions to find the right answers. Geminis tend to fall into conflicts in both intellectual pursuits and other areas of life, often losing themselves within the complexity of a project.

They are quitters in matters of love, although not by will but maybe rather because of their emotional inconsistencies. They desire a deep emotional bond while disliking this romantic tendency. They can burst into laughter or start an intellectual analysis when they are just about to feel romantic. For Geminis, nothing is serious. Although they have deep emotions, they only feel them during the initial stages of a relationship. They are superficial, cool, and flirtatious, and they do not understand the suffering they cause to others.

Geminis enjoy intrigue and the thrill of the chase, but when they hunt the ones they like, they soon lose interest and look for new prey.

They are smart and fun and make good companions when there are no serious matters around. They are never dull, even at their worst. They are good at discussions, but they can also lie and deceive. Despite their unreliability, they often succeed in life. They are talented at languages, writing, speaking, diplomacy, and conversation. They are interested in politics in theory but rarely in practice. They are good speakers, and although they are not particularly deep, they can make good teachers, authors, journalists, lawyers, and poets.

Geminis do well at intellectual work, and they can be successful in changing environments. Public relations and marketing may fit them well. Because they are rational and analytical, medicine and astronomy are also suitable fields for them.

Gemini rules the arms, shoulders, hands, lungs, and nervous system in the body, so Geminis may encounter health problems related to these. They are also prone to upper respiratory infections. Sometimes they endanger their health by taking unnecessary risks or seeking pleasure.

In general, Geminis like discussion, change, freshness, variety of life, new projects, and reading, but they dislike commitment, official education, boredom, and loneliness.