The Sun is located at the center of our Solar System, and it forces the planets and their satellites, asteroids, and comets to revolve around it. It is, in a way, the maestro of our system!
The Sun organizes the entire Solar System, but it is not limited to the planets and life on Earth; it also organizes the consciousness. The Sun represents the independent consciousness. Human willpower is the most powerful reflection of the Sun, because willpower has the ability to organize an infinite number of possibilities.
The ancient oracles perceived the Sun as the source of energy, motivation, and inspiration. They tried to understand the movement of the life force within the body from the movements of the sun. In the ancient teachings, the Sun is the determinant of spiritual life, which is defined as the power of spiritual evolution behind nature and life. It is our essence, our inner wisdom, and our inner light. Our journey toward the Sun is our pursuit for our inner light, our selves, because the Sun is who we really are. It forces us to ask, “Who am I?” It helps us survive the animal nature of our spirits. For the evolution of our spirits, we need inner journeys. The Sun represents our journey toward the spirit, and it is our divine inheritance. It is our spirit, which is free and only light. We are always in communion with the Sun because we are created from the same spirit. Some scientists agree with this. For example, quantum physicist Brain Swimme stated there could be an electrodynamics exchange between the electrons of the Sun and humans.
The Sun, which is the root cause of all the changes in the world, affects all our existences and all life on Earth. We are now on a journey where we will realize there is a fated relationship between the Sun and ourselves.
Solar activity affects the electromagnetic fields of our planet, and we are continuously affected by each change because there is a relationship between the Earth’s magnetic fields and our own. These changes may manifest themselves as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters as emphasized by many scientists, but these will not be the only things influenced. Dieter Broers, an Austrian scientist who has devoted himself to researching electromagnetic fields for 15 years, believes in this.
Broers states that electromagnetic fields have provable influences on the activities of the brain. When subjects are exposed to different fields and frequencies, their brain performances increase, and electromagnetic fields could increase paranormal psychic abilities in addition to enhancing creativity. Scientists proved that beautiful musical and literary works were created during identified field changes. It has also been proven that the Sun affects our psychologies, perceptions, and consciousnesses. When healthy people were exposed to the effects of the Sun, they had a broader point of view and a more conscious approach toward everything.
The Sun is affected by the consciousness, similar to the Earth, and by everything around us, because it is composed of the same essence of creation. Therefore, the Sun continuously exchanges information with everything, and this becomes more frequent during solar maximums. Now, we are about to reach a solar maximum. This is a period when a new consciousness will be awakened, triggered by the solar storms. I call this “Solar Consciousness.”
Some scientists state that the electromagnetic radiation of the Sun has an accelerating effect. The particles coming from the Sun via solar storms rapidly and effectively stimulate our central nervous systems, our brain activity, and our hormones. As a result, the human consciousness experiences highly important changes. The latest mass awakenings were all triggered by the increasing solar activity. The Sun’s radiation is preparing individuals and societies for a consciousness shift. Without doubt, we may experience a turbulent atmosphere created by the aggressive human mind. During solar maximums, we also witness large-scale rebellions, revolutions, and wars. As everything has two different sides, solar activity also has two different manifestations. The direction we choose, consciously or unconsciously, will be our choice.
Instead of fearing this period, we should benefit from the solar storms and planetary positions in order to increase our consciousness and realize our potential. This is a unique opportunity to accomplish our life purpose. Although we may become aggressive during this period, our creativity, active thinking, and problem-solving capacities will be broad enough. If we can direct our minds toward creative activities, we may benefit from the situation. The effects of the Sun can be constructive or destructive, and the choice is linked with our level of consciousness. If we are conscious enough, we can predict the results and benefit from them within the limits of our potentials.

The Mayans and Solar Activity

In ancient times, people would try to forecast the coming energies and destruction by observing the Sun. The Mayans, one of the most important ancient civilizations, knew about the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. Archeological evidence proves the Mayans were talented astrologers who understood much about the Sun and our Solar System, more than contemporary astrology students do even. Why did the Mayans, having developed a more accurate calendar than other civilizations, end their Long Count calendar with the solar maximum in the 24th solar cycle?
Some researchers claim sunspot cycles were also emphasized in the Mayan calendar. According to the Mayan model, solar activities increase, decrease, and stagnate, and scientific findings confirm this. On the other hand, archeologists confirm that the Mayans knew how to measure the movements of the planets—including the Sun, the Moon, and Venus. Although there is insufficient evidence about whether the Mayans knew about the cycle that caused their decline, it is remarkable that they calculated the date of December 21, 2012, which matches with a sunspot cycle.
Increasing solar activity was also linked with other great civilizations in addition to the Mayans. David Hodell, an author and geology professor from Florida University, states the energy differences in the Sun affect climate change, and the recurring droughts in the Yucatan Peninsula affected Mayan evolution as a result. Hodell believes it is very interesting that a culture, which was so precise at observing celestial movements, collapsed because of a 206-year cycle. Archeological findings show the chaotic era of the Mayan culture, when the cities were abandoned and all activities decreased, was during the drought around 900AD.
According to the Aztecs, who had a calendar similar to the Mayan’s, the Sun is an important element. The Sun is the reason behind climate changes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, and droughts. Humanity is also affected by the Sun.
In short, civilizations like the Mayans, Aztecs, and Hopis knew that changes in the Sun affect everything. The Mayan prophecy of 2012 is also linked to sunspot cycles and the cycle of Venus.

Sunspot Forecasts

We cannot know exactly what will happen in the future because solar activity cannot be accurately forecast. On January 20, 2005, we witnessed the most powerful solar flare of the last fifty years. This day was not considered to be in one of the most active solar activity periods, so alternative prediction techniques were needed as space weather forecast theory collapsed. The alignments of the planets, with the Sun at the center, could be monitored to forecast solar activity. Knowing the effects of the planets has been helpful in predicting solar and seismic activity.
We have emphasized how the planetary alignments are the main factors when predicting sunspot maximums. The aspects between the planets—conjunctions, squares (90 degree), and oppositions (180 degree)—trigger both sunspot and seismic activity. Of course, this is not considered as a sunspot maximum, but it is a part of the larger process.
The rhythm is irregular when sunspots increase from a minimum to a maximum or vice versa. As the planetary cycles may change, to make accurate assumptions we need to observe and analyze a considerable number of alignments. If we understand how planetary radiation waves and magnetic fields interact to create energy cycles, we can forecast the irregularities. Since the 11-year cycles were discovered, scientists have had trouble making accurate assumptions, and sometimes they made mistakes.
The planets exert a gravitational force on the Sun’s surface. Although their gravity is much less than the Sun’s, any change in the planetary field can trigger solar flares,  so solar flares may be forecast according to the planetary positions. There is a few days delay between the planets reaching the exact aspects and the number of sunspots increasing. When the Earth is aligned with two or more planets, sunspot activity increases more promptly. When the Earth is not included in a planetary alignment, sunspot activity increases later.

The Latest Forecasts for Solar Cycle 24

It is assumed that solar cycle 24 will peak in June 2013, and compared to the other cycles since 1928, the number of sunspots will be lower. (Editor’s note: As you have no doubt noticed, this article was originally written prior to June 2013. We decided against editing this article to take account of the date because we believe it’s very important to share this knowledge directly. More articles on this subject will come in future issues.) A lower number of sunspots does not imply that solar flares will be mild, but they will occur less frequently. In 1859, when a similar number of sunspots occurred, a huge magnetic storm was experienced. This was called “the Carrington Event,” and all telegraph systems failed due to the resulting solar storm. The Aurora Borealis was so bright that people could read newspapers under the bright red and green lights. Following this event, scientists gained ground in understanding space weather conditions. Considering we are now more dependent on technology, we are affected by space weather conditions more than ever. For example, as a result of a coronal mass ejection following the solar flare of March 13, 1839, the power network supporting Quebec, Canada failed. Following the solar maximum in August 1989, the Toronto stock market was temporarily suspended. These events were not as strong as the Carrington Event, but a similar event would likely be much more costly now!
According to David Hathaway, a solar physicist at NASA, there is a huge slowdown in the sun’s transmission belt, and this is crucial for the coming solar activity. According to researchers, the rotational speed of the belt controls the sunspot cycle, so this slowdown is significant. We are now entering a solar maximum that will continue for a few decades, and we will experience global cooling instead of global warming. The Earth’s atmosphere will cool because of lower solar activity. The 25th solar cycle will peak around 2022, and the weaker solar activity of previous centuries will be experienced.
Some solar physicists claim the 24th solar cycle will be the densest solar maximum. NASA, NOAA, and the ESA assumed the 24th solar cycle would be 50% more active than the previous one. Mausumi Dikpati claimed it would be 30–50% more active than the previous cycle. He stated that solar maximums would be experienced by the end of 2011 and continue to mid-2012. Doug Biesecer also claimed the cycle would peak around this period. Solar flares can damage satellites and power-support units, and this impairs the functioning of communication and navigation systems. Bill Murtags proposed that solar cycle 24 would be very different to the others. David Hathaway and Robert Wilkinson from the Marshall Flight Center observed the solar cycle and geomagnetic storm records and claimed that solar cycle 24 would be the most powerful cycle. They originally claimed the solar maximum would be experienced in 2010 and 2011, but according to the latest opinions of Hathaway, the solar maximum may occur in 2013–2014.

A Low Number of Sunspots: Is it the Victory of the Global Consciousness?

During 2010–2012, some important solar flares were observed, but the number of sunspots was lower than expected, and scientists do not know why. We are now in 2013, when the solar maximum is expected, but there are still fewer sunspots than was previously predicted. What is the explanation for this?
Could it be the result of global consciousness? Could positive changes in the global consciousness affect solar activity in a positive manner? Perhaps the global consciousness can affect solar activity through a cycle we have not discovered yet. Perhaps we are not heading toward a mini ice age after all. If the global consciousness affects sunspot activities, could it also decrease the level of stress, which we expect to rise?
Why not? Solar activities influence the magnetic-field shift and planetary cycles influence global consciousness. Perhaps then the global consciousness can influence some outside factors in turn. Nothing is unilateral, and if solar activities affect human processes, then the reverse could also be true.
Nowadays, many people accept that the awareness founded on Hermetic knowledge may change our physical reality. Quantum physicists state how the consciousness affects observed subatomic particles. Lyn McTaggart claimed there was a quantum-energy field that individuals may affect with their conscious. Many experiments have been performed to show that groups of people may affect worldly events by focusing on a certain result.
Some researchers, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, state there is a direct relationship between the shift in individual consciousness and the health of the body’s cells. If sunspots affect our mental, spiritual, and physical health negatively, then the collective meditations and prayers resulting from an increase in global consciousness and awareness may also prevent us from being exposed to the excessive effects of a solar maximum. Nowadays, people at similar levels of awareness easily interact with each other thanks to widespread Internet use, so global meditation sessions could be organized for the welfare of humanity. With the help of such global cooperation, humanity could be supported for better progress.
The formula might be like this:
Global Consciousness – Solar Activities = Stresses decrease or totally vanish
With the help of global consciousness, harmony and cooperation on Earth may be maintained, so we could call this “the victory of global consciousness.”

Is this the Final Solar Maximum?

Some scientists claim the decrease in the number of sunspots and the decrease in the magnetic activity at the poles indicates that the Sun will be less active in the coming years. In an annual meeting of the American Astronomy Association in June 2011, it was stated there was no jet current in the inferior part of the Sun, the sunspot on the surface of the Sun had begun to fade, and there were some changes on the corona close to the poles.
The latest scientific findings show solar cycle 25 will have the lowest solar activity so far, and we will experience a Maunder Minimum when there will be no sunspots. During the 70 years between 1645 and 1715, a Maunder Minimum was experienced. Just before the start of solar cycle 25, in 2021 or in 2022, there may be no sunspots. If all this is true, the solar maximum beginning in 2012-2013 will be the last solar maximum for some time, and from space discovery to the Earth’s climate, everything will be affected.

A Leap in Consciousness: A Maximum for Humanity

Some authors who write about 2012 state people will meet with a huge energetic force called a synchronization ray on December 21, 2012. They confirm we will experience a shift in consciousness on this date. Now, the main question is: Will this shift occur suddenly and be accompanied by a single event? We do not know. What we do know is that evolution often takes sudden jumps rather than in the form of gradual progression. We witness many cases of sudden awareness and awakening. Such sudden jumps in consciousness are similar to high-octane solar flares.
One of my friends told me how one day he experienced a state of sudden enlightenment. He then did a little research and discovered there was an important solar flare on the same day. He shared his experience with me when I told him about the effects of solar activity on the human consciousness. Whatever happens in the Sun is related to what takes place in our minds/consciousnesses. Western science also approves of the relationship between solar activity and human attitudes.
Solar storms affect the central nervous system; all brain activities; and all our mental, emotional, and physical reactions. The particles carried by solar storms first affect our mental processes. This first creates a mental wave. It then affects us emotionally, and then we are affected on the physical level where it becomes apparent. The mental process works before physical manifestation, and the manifestation of these thoughts is defined by our moods. The human mind has a valuable contribution in this process. After all, individual thoughts influence the collective mind, and the collective mind creates the Earth’s mind.
We continuously create electromagnetic fields around us with our thoughts and feelings. These fields interact with other electromagnetic fields in our solar system and the greater cosmos. Solar activities affect us through these magnetic fields every day. Rupert Sheldrake, a British biologist, states all living and nonliving things have surrounding morphogenetic fields. This field of pure consciousness cumulates and transmits information. Solar storms continuously send us information through solar particles. This information may help our minds to be more creative, and through new discoveries, we may progress in our evolutionary process.
If a greater proportion of any species displays certain behavior or resonates at the same awareness level, other members of that species will find it easier to become aligned with the same level of consciousness. This means, the more our individual awarenesses increase, the more people will become enlightened as a result.
To summarize, we are at the beginning of a period when the human consciousness will reach its maximum point, so solar cycle 24 could also be the maximum point for humanity!