I believe our Sun sign is also a dominant sign, while the opposite sign is another weak sign in our charts. Based on this, here is a new theory of mine…
Before describing Opposite Signs, I would first like to inform you about the Dominant and Weakest Signs in a natal chart.

The Dominant and Weakest Signs in a Chart

The concept of dominant and weakest signs is a grouping method that helps you to learn about yourself and your partner. To establish the dominant and weakest signs in your chart, you first need to make a calculation. The signs where the planets, the Ascendant, and the MC are placed are grouped by their elements and qualities and then rated.  The one with the highest score is the Dominant Sign, and the one with the lowest score is the Weakest Sign.
Classical astrology includes the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the ASC, and the MC in this calculation, but it excludes some of the generational planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) because of the belief that these planets do not affect personalities.
Saturn and Jupiter are also generational planets, but they are included in the scoring system because they were known of during the period of classical astrology, while the others were discovered later on. If Uranus and Neptune had been already discovered, they would maybe have also been included in the calculation. These days, some modern astrologers do include these planets.
I personally prefer to include them all. First of all, if the ASC and MC of a subject are ruled by these generational planets, then these planets will directly act as personal planets. Moreover, these planets can also be located in personal houses, so I prefer to include them in the calculation.

How to Establish the Dominant and Weakest Signs in a Chart

The first step is to group the signs where the planets are located according to their elements and qualities. These elements and qualities are given below.

The Classification of the Signs

The signs are divided into four groups by their respective elements:
Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
Water:  Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
Air:  Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
The signs are also divided into three groups according to their qualities:
Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn
Mutable: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo
Fixed: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo
Now, assign three points for the signs where the Sun, Moon, and ASC of a chart are located, and assign one point for the signs that host Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and the MC.
Sample Calculation
When we assign points, we get:
ASC–Libra (3 points), Sun–Aquarius (3 points), Moon–Aquarius (3 points), Venus–Capricorn (1 point), Mercury–Pisces (1 point), Mars–Pisces (1 point), Jupiter–Gemini (1 point), Saturn–Pisces (1 point), Uranus–Virgo (1 point), Pluto–Virgo (1 point), Neptune–Scorpio (1 point), MC–Leo (1 point)
Next, look at the groups split by elements and qualities and sum up the individual scores:
Grouped by elements:
Air: ASC, the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter (10 points)
Fire:  MC (1 point)
Water:  Neptune, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn (4 points)
Earth: Venus, Uranus, and Pluto (3 points)
Grouped by qualities:
Cardinal: ASC and Venus (3 points)
Mutable: Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars (6 points)
Fixed:  Sun, Moon, MC, and Neptune (8 points)
The air element and fixed quality receive the highest scores, and this represents Aquarius.  The lowest score goes to the fire element and cardinal quality, which equates to Aries. As a result, the dominant sign in this chart is Aquarius and the weakest sign is Aries.
There is a critical point here: Although the cardinal quality gets a low score, because the ASC and Venus, which are in cardinal signs, are direct personal positions, we can consider that the dominant sign is Aquarius, but the weakest sign could be Aries or Gemini.
The subject of the chart may need and attract people born under Aries and Gemini to complete themselves and maintain balance.

What Do the Dominant and Weakest Signs Represent?

The dominant sign represents the most prominent and dominant characteristics of a chart.
The dominant sign tells about the characteristics that subjects feel comfortable with and that feed them. For example, if you feel stressed, you might prefer to spend time with a person born under your dominant sign.
To give a specific example, let’s assume your dominant sign is Libra. This means you carry the characteristics of a Libran.
On the other hand, your weakest sign shows the qualities you lack. Its characteristics are hidden within your personality and cannot find an outlet.
You may sometimes become afraid of, or angry with, the characteristics of your weakest sign, while other times, you may like them and feel curious about them. However, these qualities are rarely seen because you are not used to them or you suppress them.
Important events may sometimes spontaneously emphasize this weak side.
Instead of fearing, disliking, or being angry with your weak side, you would be better off integrating with it in order to maintain a balanced and healthy spiritual state.
We should accept ourselves with both our prominent and hidden qualities. This way, we can rid ourselves of trauma and attain freedom.
The characteristics you approve of and feel comfortable with make up your dominant side, while the ones you admire deeply yet feel angry with may make up your weakest side, which may rise to the surface one day.
Consciously or unconsciously, you attract people who reflect your weak side in your emotional relationships.
Your weakest sign may be the rising sign or the Sun sign of your partner, or other important planetary positions may be present in that sign.
On another note, in psychoanalysis, Carl Gustav Jung was the first to talk about the shadow archetype.
Jung understood astrology very well and approved of it as a science. With the help of such scientists who value astrology, we can easily defend astrology from its opponents. Thank you, Jung!

The Sun Sign and Opposite Sign

I believe our Sun sign is also a dominant sign, while the opposite sign is another weak sign in our charts. Based on this, here is a new theory of mine:

  • Your opposite sign helps you understand yourself and your partner better.
  • Your Sun sign tells about your most prominent and dominant personal characteristics.
  • Your opposite sign tells about your hidden and shadowy characteristics.
  • People are never independent from their opposite signs.
  • The opposite sign is more prominent than the weakest sign.
  • Your opposite sign is your other half, much like an apple that has been sliced in two.

Some people really exaggerate their opposite signs’ characteristics and become lost in them. This is common in people whose rising sign is also their opposite sign.
For example, if your Sun sign were Leo and its opposite sign Aquarius were also your rising sign, then you would be an example of this.
You can now begin reading the comparisons between Sun signs and opposite signs below and become acquainted with how you possess the characteristics of your opposite sign.


Aries and Libra are opposite signs. Aries is a fire sign with cardinal quality. Being ruled by Mars, Aries is an active, dynamic, and strong sign with the ability to take action.
It is egocentric, spontaneous, selfish, direct, enthusiastic, and lively. Arians like themselves. They are quick, demanding and courageous, and they are fighters and warriors. When they anger, they start cutting away.
Whether a man or a woman, an Arian is a Martian.
Libra is an air sign with cardinal quality, and it is ruled by Venus, which reflects beauty, love, aesthetics and likes peace, sharing, and caring. Being social is crucial for Librans.
Librans can never become cross with anyone. They would like to announce their freedom, but they rarely dare to do it because they do not want to hurt anyone. They always need someone to accompany them.
They are inherently fair and dislike injustice and selfishness.
They are comfortable with luxury, romance, and marriage, and they always like to be with the ones they love.
They are a little bit spoiled, and they enjoy being praised and being popular.
However, all these definitions may not be true sometimes!
When some Librans become angry, they can act like Arians! They bite! The gentle and noble Libran disappears and a fighter emerges.
Other Librans, who we assume would value love and sharing, may run away from marriage and may like to flirt with many people.
On the other hand, an Arian may not flirt so much and instead dream of getting married and building his own nest, so he gets married at an early age or moves in with his partner.
Some Arians may be annoyed by those who are fond of luxury and splurging, yet they may act in the same way.
Of course, all these things have astrological reasons, and astrology is the best method to teach us about human psychology.
If an Arian reflects the side of Aries only, then he will feel incomplete.
Arians “fight” and are egocentric, yet they need and crave for love and sharing—they need to say “us.” These are the principle qualities of their opposite sign Libra.
While their dominant side says “me,” Arians learn to say “us” from their weakest side. However, some Arians exaggerate this.
People who have lost balance tend to exaggerate the things they feel they lack, but their revolutions push them to get back to themselves.
Arians should feed their weakest sides, but while doing that, they should also develop their Martian sides.
In order to say, “I was immature, but I suffered, matured, and became enlightened,” they should develop a “Warrior Spirit” instead of a childish Martian personality.
On the other hand, Librans should learn how to care and fight for their own wishes, but they shouldn’t forget their Venusian nature. On their spiritual paths, their duty is to fight for beauty, justice, and equality. In short, they should claim their own wishes on their own.


Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs. Taurus is an earth sign with fixed quality. Because they are ruled by Venus, Taureans care about aesthetics, arts, peace, and financial and spiritual security.
They are stubborn, strong and ambitious, and they know what they want and never give up.
They are conservative, but because they are ruled by Venus, they are also tolerant. They are easy going, and they approach others with love and understanding. They may look calm, but it’s clear that they are strong and authoritative.
Being stubborn and lazy and coasting through life are their negative traits.  They are self-indulgent, and they enjoy wining and dining and other pleasures of worldly richness.
Scorpio is a water sign with fixed quality and is ruled by Mars and Pluto.
Scorpios are ambitious, warrior like, decisive, patient, physically and spiritually strong, and authoritative. On the other hand, they are emotional, warm hearted, and devoted to their loved ones because of their water element.
Pluto represents transformation—it is the planet of death and rebirth.
A Scorpio who manages to go beyond himself is one who has achieved this Plutonic transformation. He is then very deep, very emotional, and very merciful, and such a man may dedicate himself to his work, love, and other crucial things in life.
They are charismatic and mysterious. They have strong intuitions, and they may see behind events and the real faces of people.
They should share all financial and spiritual matters with others, as well as sharing their lives with them.
Let’s now look at the negative traits of Scorpio. A negative Scorpio is an intriguer—he hides things and sends them to the underworld. They are cold, vengeful, cruel, reserved, and cheeseparing against those they dislike. They are fond of power and looking after their interests.
The motto of Taurus is “I have,” whereas the motto of Scorpio is “We have.”
So, a Taurean devotes himself to the things he owns, but a Scorpio wants to share his belongings.
Is this really so? The truth can sometimes be quite the opposite.
A Scorpio may become superficial, shallow, and lazy (like a negative Taurus) and may not show his depth.
If Scorpios inherit the positive sides of their opposite signs, they become even-tempered Scorpios. They are soft, affectionate, sympathetic, and loving. They do not like leaving their warm homes, just like Taureans.
On the other hand, some Taureans may become angry with the negative traits of Taurus, but they may also be ambitious, jealous, self-serving, aggressive, and despotic. They may have high egos and be sex addicts.
If Taureans inherit the positive features of Scorpio, they will be deep and charismatic. They do not care for wealth and share it with their loved ones. They use their power for the good of humanity.
So, what is the right thing to do?
To evolve, Taureans should experience the same transformation that their opposite sign Scorpio experiences. They should go beyond themselves and learn a deep perception of life, but they should never forget they are Venusians. They should always remember they are pacifists.
They should not ignore happiness, peace, arts, and nature while fighting for their duties and aims.
On the other hand, Scorpios should learn the Venusian features of Taurus and keep them in their personalities, but they should not forget they are transformers, healers, and warriors.


Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite signs. Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, and its motto is “I think.”
Mercury gives Geminis an incredible intelligence, a questioning mind, a quickness unique to smart people, versatility, and an energetic mood. They are talkative and social, and they have a good sense of humor.
They are keen to learn and communicate.
The energetic Geminis also attract attention because of their intelligence, versatility, knowledge, and the way they speak and think. Everyone takes their hats off to their knowledge and talents.
They are good at the arts, especially literature, drawing, and music. They have skilled hands, so they are good at playing musical instruments. They also have a good ear for music.
The ones with advanced verbal and writing talents often become good authors.
Symbols are important for Geminis. They want to symbolize and classify things and put them into words. They also like to be the symbol of something.
On the other hand, they may have some difficulties because they always want to systematize things and create a logical understanding. They may not know how to communicate with people who act under the influence of their emotions.
Because they are tactical, flirtatious, and smart, they are good at inventing new ideas to keep their lovers’ attention. They like surprises such as writing letters or composing music for their lovers.
Although they are romantic, they are also indecisive and mistrustful because of their unstable natures. It takes some time for others to understand if they really love them or not.
Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Its second ruler is Neptune, the planet of dreams, mysteries, and mysticism.
Sagittarians are active and versatile, and they are fond of their freedom. They are joyous.
They have a respectable attitude. When one enters a room, people feel a need to stand up in respect because Jupiter gave them noble spirits, a strong conscience, and justice.
Targets are very important for Sagittarians, because having a target is an adventure for them.
They trust their luck and become involved in all kinds of actions and movements. They always set new targets for themselves, and to reach these aims, they work with enthusiasm.
They are also impatient, though. Overly trusting in their luck, they may jump into new adventures without any planning or preparation, and sometimes they may fail.
Regardless, they do not lose heart, because they are always believers. If they fail at one thing, they find another target and work to achieve it.
Of course, this is also a handicap, because they may have many half-finished jobs in their trash bins. On the other hand, they often do succeed.
In addition to their positive features, their wide perspective, strong intuition, and talent for perception are Jupiter’s gifts, and they have the ability to see the whole picture, the universe, and the future, which helps them to set suitable targets and find good ways to reach them.
Sagittarius is also a lover of knowledge, like Gemini, but Sagittarians are the ones who expand and spread their knowledge.
The mottos of Sagittarius are “I see” and “I understand.”
Sagittarians are philosophers who blend ideas and beliefs.
They tend to set up a value system for their knowledge and try to reach wisdom through knowledge, using it for collective causes and raising it to academic levels.
So, Gemini represents “knowledge” and Sagittarius represents “experience.”
Being a fire sign, passion is important for Sagittarians. They are passionate in love, lovers with free spirits.
If any relationship restricts them, they will run off after a while without looking back.
A centaur, which is a half-man, half-horse creature from mythology, is one of the symbols of Sagittarius.
Of course, Sagittarians also have negative features, such as exaggerating their knowledge, emotions, experiences, and beliefs.
An exaggerating Sagittarian becomes narrow minded and dogmatic. They become fanatical then, such as in a religious or political way.
Now, let’s look at Sagittarians acting like Geminis and Geminis acting like Sagittarians.
Sagittarians sometimes act like Geminis—they are always accumulating knowledge and pursuing research. They want to reach people through their knowledge. They seem like students who never graduated, and they often take many courses one after another.
They talk, compete, gossip, and forget their targets, and they sometimes ignore experience.
However, they should be alone as they travel around the world, discovering new things and meeting new faces during their travels.
The main duty of Sagittarians is to glorify knowledge and to philosophize about the secrets of life and the cosmos because its ruler is Jupiter, a teacher.  It expands and spreads knowledge.
They are also people of intuition and faith, so their duty should meet with knowledge and faith.
Accumulating knowledge is Gemini’s business. They should generate new ideas, formulas, and symbols.
When Geminis inherit the negative features of Sagittarius, they always want to be right. They cannot endure other people’s opinions, preferring to live in a ghetto composed of likeminded people, and they may be hostile toward others with differing opinions. The main fault of leading Geminis may be their arrogance.
To evolve, Geminis should inherit the peaceful mindset of Sagittarius. They should be at peace with all opinions and beliefs. They should expand their cultural values and aim to be universal. However, they should not exaggerate this expansion. They should always continue questioning, accumulating knowledge, and developing new techniques.
For Sagittarians to evolve, they should inherit the knowledge and information gathered by Gemini, but they should always question this in the light of their own values and beliefs before expanding and spreading it. They should be the ones who teach rather than the ones who learn.


Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs. Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is well known for its mournfulness.
Cancerians have sensitive and fragile hearts, and they seek the same sensitivity in others, becoming disappointed when they cannot find it.
They are very emotional because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which also represents the spirit. They add this spirit to everything they do, whatever it may be.
Cancerians who work in fields such as arts and politics are loved by the masses, because their work touches their souls.
Cancerians have developed insight and a sixth sense. Anything they feel happens.
Their decisions are correct when they really listen to their feelings and intuitions, so they should always trust in them.
Their motto is “I feel.”
Family, country, spirit, love, emotions, and loyalty—they are never happy without these.
They are childish, and they have many ups and downs because they are ruled by the Moon.
One day they may retreat and feel depressed, while they may burst with enthusiasm another day. They can be a little melancholic.
They are talented and possess skilled hands. A Cancerian is like a mother who likes feeding everyone.
They cannot stray far from their homes. When they are away, they feel like children who have lost their mothers.
They never give up on their families, childhood friends, the markets they shop at, and the places they live. Memories and the past are very important for them.
They are romantic lovers who enchant their lovers with their emotional looks. They are charming and attractive, just like a magnet.
Cancerians cannot live without love because they are nostalgic romantics, but some are afraid of life.
Such Cancerians cannot rid themselves of their fears. They run away from experiences, and they cannot grow and build their own families until later in life, because they only feel secure when they are with family and because they are afraid of other people. They are like cowardly boys pulling at their mothers’ skirts.
They are also lazy and sleepy.
Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign that is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline. Its second ruler is Uranus, the planet of change.
Saturn brings big aims for Capricorns, whose mottos are “I aim” and “I plan.”
The most prominent feature of Capricorns is planning their careers and financial futures to get rid of any limiting conditions (Saturn) and grasp their freedom (Uranus).
They are like aristocratic professors sitting on rocking chairs with tobacco pipes in their mouths. They think and plan before getting into action.
Success is important for Capricorns. When they are children, they appear like whizz-kids. They are more mature, more controlled, and more intelligent than their peers.
They do not like to look weak, and they also hide their feelings, thinking people will believe them weak if they display their emotions.
Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, eliminates the element of luck and leaves Capricorns alone in their life struggles, so they grow up at an early age.
Because of this, they become hardworking people with a high sense of responsibility.
They are vengeful, and they never forget anything. For them, revenge is definitely a dish best served cold. They wait like Saturn, the master of time.
As a cardinal sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorns may become good politicians, managers, or bosses. They are masters of organization and planning. They are patient, strong and precise, and they plan every detail. They are also good strategists.
Capricorns hate people who are lazy and weak, such as those who always cry but never take action on their own, always waiting instead for others to intervene.
On the other hand, Capricorns are like fathers, but they are not fathers who find jobs for their children and support them to succeed. They love, but they always keep their distance, protecting without bestowing any privileges.
They are aware of their responsibilities, and they just want to be appreciated and respected for this.
When they are not appreciated, they become unhappy and ill-tempered.
On the other hand, if Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, is prominent in the chart of Capricorns, they also want to make a difference in their endeavors,
However, no Capricorn likes to demolish the old. For them, the “old” is a precious gem that is carried from the past to the future.
They know success comes from working hard, being tired, and having many experiences.
They can seem a little bit like penny pinchers, but it would be unfair to call them that. In fact, they are just never wasteful. Because they know money is earned through hard work, they do not like spending it on unnecessary things.
It may seem surprising how the serious Capricorn actually has a good sense of humor. In fact, there is nothing surprising here, because humor is a serious thing.
Capricorns who are aware of the naked reality may harshly criticize or prefer a shrewd humor instead.
Negative Capricorns may be too conservative. They are traditionalists that oppose any change. They are enemies of change and defenders of the status quo. They suppress people.
A rather humanist Capricorn reminds people of the rules and tries to discipline them through criticism. They never like others, blaming them and trying to keep them in line.
They are also pessimists. They always see the empty half of the glass.
Do these things always apply to all Cancerians and Capricorns in real life? No.
So, what are the typical reactions of Cancerians who lose themselves in Capricorn’s characteristics?
They may become stuck in the need for financial security. They then ignore Cancer’s need for a warm and a secure home, undertaking instead Capricorn’s concern about guarantying financial welfare for the future.
Other Cancerians may ignore their emotional characteristics and transform into vengeful, tyrannical, and overly ambitious Capricorns.
Yet other Cancerians may be as hard working as Capricorns and highly aware of their responsibilities. Their lives may be composed only of work, plans for the future, and responsibilities, always working at maintaining a successful career. Some of them even undertake all the responsibilities of others.
Some Cancerians are afraid of being sensitive, so they play the role of a serious Capricorn who never cries or displays his emotions.
Occasionally, Cancerians inherit management skills from their opposite sign, but they manage people indirectly. For example, they may make someone feel miserable, like a child who needs to be nurtured.
Have you ever seen a Capricorn disguised in the clothes of Cancer?
Just stare into the eyes of such a workaholic, ambitious, disciplined, and strong Capricorn. You will see there the soul of an orphan child waiting for his mother with tears in his eyes.
They are childish and emotional like Cancerians. They show this in the later years of their lives because they become tired of being strong, preferring to be children waiting to be loved and cared for.
Some Cancerians become angry with the overly sensitive nature of their sign, but they like being like that. Because they do not know how to ask for love, they become stuck in their emotions.
What about the Capricorns who ignore their responsibilities?
With the fragility and childishness inherited from Cancer, if Capricorns cannot find the appreciation and respect they desire, they start to ignore their responsibilities.
For example, if a Capricorn is hurt by his partner, he is hurt like a Cancer and also punishes his partner like a Capricorn. However, he becomes upset at leaving his responsibilities behind, and he cannot be fully completed, so he becomes pessimistic.
So then, what is the ideal model?
Cancerians should learn how to deal with life and how to become stronger and more ambitious from Capricorn, but they should not ignore their feelings, their emotional needs, and their need to establish a home while working to earn more money.
To evolve, Capricorns should learn the importance of family bonds from their opposite sign, Cancer. They should survive their inner childhood and accept that displaying feelings is not a weakness. They should always keep in mind they are people of duty.
Capricorns who learn to live with their feelings will evolve into people who work willingly and happily to fulfill their responsibilities.


Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs. Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun, the giver of life.
Leos are self-confident and majestic. Their attitudes and stances are so lively that they flourish with life force and energy. They are as generous as the Sun and willingly share their love and possessions.
They are noble, and they always want to be the stars of their lives. This is their life philosophy.
They are open and honest, sincerely declaring their opinions as they are.
They hold a constructive energy and like giving life to everything, just like the Sun does. They enjoy being appreciated and applauded.
They are brave and arrogant, and they have a dramatic style and body language. They enjoy games, and in fact, life itself is a game to them.
They are usually open to new experiences, but being members of the fixed sign Leo, they need to preserve the things they have.
They are born to be kings and queens, because they know how to rule others.
Their motto is “I want.”
They are people of desires, and they always pursue them, but they are also people of love.
They like fiery love, but they are romantic as well. They are active in matters of love, and they can easily take the first step. They prefer to be the one who chooses rather than the chosen one.
Sometimes they may confuse love and desire, leading to them progressing through many lovers when their desire fades.
They do, however, enjoy getting married and having children. They are fond of their children, and they often play games with them like they were children themselves, because they are always small children inside, whatever their age.
They can make good bosses, business owners, politicians, entrepreneurs, and so on because of their managerial abilities, their courage when taking risks, and their talent for attracting luck and prosperity.
If they show an interest in any creative field, they will become bright stars of the stages.
They appreciate luxury and value high standards of living. They are not fond of money itself, but they want it to buy luxury. Consequently, they cannot save money, and they often throw it around.
Some Leos are so fond of luxury and showing off that they forget about working and just focus on fun and spending money instead.
When such Leos develop all the negative sides of their sign, they become egocentric also. They spend the money that others have earned. They are spendthrifts.
A positive Leo is proud, while a negative one is arrogant. Negative ones cannot dare others who are superior to themselves.
They may be fond of expensive brands, because they enjoy showing off such things.
Other negative Leos may exaggerate their search to fulfill their desires, and such desires become their only targets. They then lose themselves within the windings of their desires.
Aquarius is a fixed air sign. It has two rulers: Uranus, the planet of revolution and change, and Saturn, the planet of discipline and stability.
The most prominent characteristic of Aquarius is humanism. Aquarians always want to do something for the good of humanity. Their mottos are “I know” and “I discover.”
Due to the high-voltage electricity of Uranus, they experience sudden bursts of intuition, so many scientists and technological experts are members of this sign.
Its co-ruler Saturn brings intelligence, managerial abilities, authority, organizational skills, and responsibility. On the other hand, Uranus gives them originality and innovation. They are happily at the point of conjunction of these two planets.
They are modern and chic, but order and stability are also important factors for them.
However, their main duty is to innovate, otherwise they will be unhappy. They should always be inventing, contributing to inventions, or acting as a catalyst for invention. They should be different, and they should always make a difference.
They are always fair toward people, and they respect equality. They are fond of their friends, and they can become good friends with members of the opposite sex.
They prefer not to be intimate with a few people, because they need friends more and need to be members of social groups. They do not like sticky relationships, because the most important things are freedom and individuality.
They prefer to only give opinions about matters they know about, and they hate those who speak without any concrete information. They may then reveal the faults of such people and possibly get smart with them.
They willingly use all the benefits of technology. For example, an Aquarian would be the first customer in line to buy a new tablet.
Aquarius rules the house of hopes and wishes, which is the 11th house of the Zodiac, so they always want to think positively. They dislike negative thinking and negative people, and they always try to avoid people who are depressive, always complaining, and never trying to change themselves.
They may seem cold and reserved, but really they are like a cool breeze.
As lovers they are magnetic because of the electricity endowed by Uranus. They are whimsical, and this may make their lovers upset and angry.
Whenever Aquarians meet their ideal partners, they soon feel loyal and may agree to a long-term partnership, so long as their freedom is not restricted of course. They are typically unhappy in traditional relationships.
A negative Aquarius may be too whimsical and may lean toward polygamy. He may hurt others selfishly and cruelly with his attitudes.
Now, let’s look at the opposite samples.
Leos dislike the bigheadedness of Aquarians, and Aquarians also rebel against themselves.
So, when Leos see that Aquarians are as brave as themselves, and they cannot beat them, they begin to be like them. They begin to love the different characteristics of Aquarius. For example, they are angry with their rebellious sides, yet they also respect them.
They should also have what is new for an Aquarian. They learn how to live for the sake of society and how to work to reach an ideal. They also learn how to discipline their talents.
As life is not composed solely of hobbies and fun, Leos need to start earning money from their talents.
If Leos exaggerate discipline, order, and hard work, they transform into Aquarians and become unhappy as a result. They should always stand within life because they are people of life. They are the makers of creative social works.
They should manage people, social works, flamboyant organizations, and companies. They should be entrepreneurs of business and creativity.
On the other hand, another type of Leo imitates Aquarius and tries to gain the approval of different societies.  They try to manage groups that are unfamiliar to them, and they do not know what to do when such groups do not accept them. The reason is simple, however: Here the group rules rather than the one who tries to rule it.
That said, Leos should rule their own subjects. They should choose their own teams, and they should not play a role in an existing group.
Yet another variety of Leo likes to be as rebellious as Aquarians, but their main duty is to protect their kingdoms.
They may make friends with everyone, just like an Aquarius, but they also have elitist and special groups of people around them.
So, what about Aquarians that feel like Leos?
Negative Aquarians may be bigheaded and feel superior to others. They compete with everyone with their knowledge and intellects, and they always believe they know best. As a result, people run away from them.
Where does this arrogance stem from? It comes from their opposite sign, of course, yet this does not fit them, so they cannot find the respect they hope to get from others. Only equality fits them.
Aquarians who inherit arrogance from their opposite sign prefer to have partners who are inferior to them because they need to feel superior, but they cannot find happiness this way.
What about another type of Aquarius?
Although Aquarians’ duty is to work for the welfare of society and focus on innovation, they may use managerial positions to set up and maintain their own kingdoms.
They cannot find happiness like this, because they are too far removed from their main duties and unique spirits. Their originality and uniqueness fade and weaken.
Other Aquarians may hope to marry with anyone they like and build a home and family, making kingdoms of their families.
So, what should Leo and Aquarius do to evolve?
Aquarians may hope to marry and start a family, but they should not do it the way Leos do. They should not be the rulers of their family kingdoms.
Their homes should be chic, innovative, and modern places where individual freedom is easily expressed.
Aquarians may inherit the self-confidence of Leo, but this self-confidence should not transform into arrogance. They should not forget how they always need to work for the good of society and groups, not for themselves.
Leos should learn how to be as intellectual as Aquarians while still always listening to their hearts. They should blend intellect, creative intuition, and inspiration.
Aquarians should learn how to build intimate relationships, but they should always stay within their groups and work for the collective good.
Leos should never forget their individuality when desiring the approval of groups. They should not give up shining like a star just to make others happy.


Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs.
Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, just like Gemini, but the characteristics of these signs are very different to each other.
Virgos are intelligent, because Virgo’s ruler is Mercury. Because they are skeptical, they do not believe everything they hear or read. They always believe there is an intrigue behind events.
They are good with details, successfully seeing the whole picture by reading between the lines.
Virgos may become good journalists, researchers, detectives, scientists, technicians, or accountants.
Their motto is “I analyze.”
They are active and sly with an ironic sense of humor. They are good at finding caricaturized ironical cases and relaying them with a critically humorous language.
In fact, criticism is their most prominent feature. They always criticize and find any defects in details. Sometimes they cannot get into action because they are too busy criticizing.
Thankfully, Virgo is an earth sign, so Virgos are productive. They need to produce something somehow.
They are already born by early autumn, which is harvest time. They collect the produce and make it ready for use, so they are productive people.
Because they are already talented, they can easily succeed. They contribute to the development of technical knowledge and fields.
They are the “service-industry element” of the universe, and they are very hardworking, trustworthy, and honest. If someone assigns them something to do, they complete their task in the best way possible.
Virgos are also good leaders for unions and charities.
They can be anxious, uneasy, and doubtful. They are perfectionists, and they want perfection in everything. Because of this, they are successful in their endeavors. They do everything they can to achieve the perfect result.
However, this perfectionism sometimes makes them unhappy, because they reflect it to their businesses, physical appearances, and relationships.
Personal care is very important for them because they do not want to grow old. They sometimes exaggerate aesthetics and more natural ways of living.
Virgo is also related to health, and they fear getting ill. They often know many things about healing and healthy nutrition.
Negative Virgos may be unpleasant because of constantly criticizing everything, being so detail-oriented, and being a fan of principles. They are also never fully satisfied with anything.
Virgo is more suspicious and skeptical than Scorpio.
A negative Virgo may also be sharp-witted in affairs of trade.
Pisces is an emotional and mutable water sign. It has two rulers: Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasies, and Jupiter, the planet of luck.
Pisceans are highly emotional and moody romantics and dreamers. They have powerful imaginations and inspirations. Sleeping and dreaming are important parts of their lives.
Some Pisceans are a little lazy. They are like the sea, sometimes calm and still and sometimes fierce and stormy. Regardless, they dislike the rapid flow of life and the daily hustle and bustle.
They are warmhearted, childish, and pure, and if they become bored with you, they may escape you like a fish sliding from your hands. They appear like they are easily managed, but they are vigilant.
They dislike management roles because they find their duties boring and the responsibilities too much. They easily tire of routine and prefer to express original ideas.
They are afraid of hurting others and very merciful. They also like animals. They are very tender themselves, and any small criticism upsets them.
Pisceans are interested in the arts, at least as a hobby. They have skilled hands and are healers.
They often intuitively know what will happen, and sometimes they see clues about the future in their dreams. Even though they are smart, they still value their intuitions and inspirations.
They are as mysterious and charming as Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune, hypnotically so. They are visionaries that are talented in fields that require creativity. Even when they are scientists, they do not trust working without imagination and intuition.
They feel pity for everyone because they are caring. They may work as volunteers in charitable endeavors. They are idealists who want happiness and equality for the whole of humanity.
The mottos of Pisces are “I imagine” and “I believe.”
They do the things they believe in.
As Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, Pisceans are like old children. They already know the secrets of life when they are still children.
They are wise people who are very romantic when in love.
A Piscean man buys flowers for his sweetheart, and reads and writes poetry. A Piscean woman uses her most sweet-smelling perfume, and her rendezvous with her partner becomes a romantic love story.  She happily dances around her lover.
Negative Pisceans like sitting lazily. They are always depressed and want to run away from the whole world. They run away from reality and their responsibilities, setting up imitation worlds for themselves. Some Pisceans experience paranoia crises, and some of them live in a dream world where everything is a bed of roses. They sometimes even take shelter in drug addiction.
Some Pisceans are expert at displaying their misery. They feel they are victimized and abuse others’ consciences as if they are innocent.
Now let’s look at Pisceans who act like Virgos and vice versa.
Some Virgos inherit the mercy and tenderness of Pisces, so they are natural-born Pisces.
Virgos should of course inherit these positive features of their opposite sign and soften their harsh, rule-based attitudes. However, they should also blend these features with their own positive talents and personalities.
They should not ignore their organizational skills while helping others, because they will better serve others by using these skills. They should also not consume themselves while helping others.
Other Virgos may not display the principles and seriousness of their sign, and they may be like romantic cats. Where do you think these characteristics come from? From their opposite sign Pisces, of course.
This is all fine, but if Virgos cannot balance it, they will be unhappy someday.
Some Virgos are incredibly sensitive and touchy.
Other Virgos may lose themselves in drug or alcohol addiction because they want to ease their sufferings and easily irritated nerves.
To evolve, Virgos should not give up their sense of order and neatness, because they can easily find solutions this way. They should also express themselves with some healthy pursuit.
For example, those with skilled hands may be interested in the arts and playing instruments. They may inherit the love of the arts and a powerful imagination from Pisces. They should develop these talents through precise study. Although some Virgos are already talented, they should add vision to their talents.
On the other hand, we sometimes see Pisceans acting like Virgos, who are fond of rules and principles.
They stop being considerate and tender. They set rules and say, “don’t touch this” or “that is wrong.” They are skeptical now.
Another variety of Pisces inherits knowledge, skills, and techniques from Virgo, but such Pisceans may exaggerate them. They forget they care about intuitions, inspirations, and imagination more than their intellects.
Being a romantic Piscean is hard for a man, because he doesn’t know how to rein back his emotions. He instead aims for a lifestyle based on intellect, knowledge, and techniques, and this makes him unhappy after a while.
For their evolution, Pisceans should inherit the intellect, knowledge, techniques, and talents from their opposite sign, but they should also blend these qualities with their own characteristics.
They should value knowledge but always remember that success derives from imagination and intuition. They should add professionalism to their natural talents.