We want to share with you some knowledge about an important symbol, namely the peacock, which is a symbol of the goddess Hera, who was called Juno by the Romans.

Juno, the life-force and fertile aspect of the air, is connected to water in its moistly and steamy nature: The Mercurial Waters. Juno’s watery aspect could be assimilated to our ‘inner vision’. Juno, as the Mercurial Waters, participates with Jupiter, the ‘Fiery Sulfur’ contained in pure air, and both labor in an INTENSE way to the dissolving of the ‘Primal Earth’ long prepared by the alchimist-philosopher.

The peacock is Juno’s totem. The eyes on its feathers are the symbol of absolute vision in all domains of life, hence Juno is ‘Inner Vision’ and Jupiter, the ‘Fiery Nature of the Mind’. Both are united into self-observation that focuses in dissolving the doubts of the philosopher. The appearances of the world could be misleading and self-observation helps to ‘filter the coarse from the finer’. This catharsis (purification) is at the heart of the philosophical labor where Truth is like a constant pole that constantly attracts focus and interest, maintaining, guiding the efforts of the alchimist-philosopher, blessing him with an always renewed attention. This may be compared with ‘multiple gleams of light’ appearing at this stage of the process. Also known as the ‘shining polychromy of the deep embrace’, symbolized by the peacock ‘s tail fully displayed… When this happens, it is a valid indication of one’s progress: A great omen !

I came from the holy water regenerated like a young plant that is growing new leaves; pure and ready to climb to the stars…’ Dante, after having climbed the purgatory mountain.