Behind every state you are in, there lies an awareness to be conveyed to you. Messages pour in from all over, but you were the one who wanted to see them. You feel confused and sometimes anxious as your future dreams evolve through anxiety as they begin to come true and materialize. There is an anxiety of “Am I really ready?” But you are ready, and you know it. Now look at the things you don’t like in your life, the things you can’t overcome. Have a look at the obstacles ahead of you and the things you exaggerate. There is something they want to show you, something they want to tell you about and make you understand.
The world is not what it used to be, the way you once knew it. It’s like seeing the actual reality of something you’ve known for a very long time. Which one is real? Is it the world you’ve always known or the one you are facing right now with all its realities? Why does everything feel so different? Who are these people? Who is talking? What are they talking about? Have we become estranged, or are we getting closer?
We are getting closer. We can smell it and see the light on the horizon, so we notice how we are approaching it. But do we have the strength to carry on? Are we just being shown a glimpse of the light to keep us moving forward on a wild goose chase? They make tiny hopes bloom, so they can then plant huge despairs. They neither allow us to proceed nor quit, as if they do not want us to reach a certain destination. Are we fooling ourselves? Do we provoke each other? Come one! You can do it! None of the words feel sincere, nor do the sentences. There is a version of you buried deep underground where it planted its roots and started embracing the world. You are everything. You are what you nurture, and you are what you neglect as well. The damage you do is yours, as are the benefits you create. You judge yourself. You are merely a body in which the “you” up in the sky and the “you” under the ground meet. You always heard the things sent down from the “you” up in the sky, but until now, you forgot all about the “you” under the ground. Now it’s time to listen to this “you” under the ground.
Your weariness makes you no longer wish to keep going, and you can no longer adapt to life. But you have hopes, dreams, and a life that you’d like to live. You are the one that walks on two ends of a stick: one that wants to do it all and another that wants to let go of everything. You know it’s nothing like what it seems, including the realities of life and the faces of people. You are an accomplice in their games, with a severe distinction between those who knowingly play the game and those who play it completely unaware.
You do not have to be like them. I know you observe human life a lot. I know that times we are live in is like The Truman Show on a larger scale. You inevitably see lives that make you question your own life. I know what you say in public differs from what you think when you are on your own at night. But don’t you feel tired? Are you not tired of all those thoughts bound with older energies and with what others think, thoughts that were implanted in your mind? Is there not still time to let go of everything you’ve piled up in your pockets and put it on the table, for your own sake? They will shed more light on things when they’re on the table rather than sitting in your pocket. Do not hide them.
Jupiter is now in Sagittarius. The most important thing the skies have to say is one word: experience. It’s now time to experience everything we’ve been preparing for, everything we’ve planned, all the seeds we planted for the future, and everything we’ve been thinking about. Knowledge flows to you from the sky, knowledge that leads the way for you. It’s the knowledge you’ve always been seeking and waiting for. This is knowledge you cannot read in a book, learn from a friend, or see in your surroundings. There will come a time to put those rose-tinted glasses on, a period when even if things go wrong, the light of hope will comfort you. You’ll feel better when you think, “Okay, my life is a mess right now, but I feel that things are getting better. It’s my very best topsy-turvy state. Will it get better or worse? I don’t know. But there’s a reassuring flow. I surrender to the earth and the sky. I surrender to fire and water.”
You will then trust in the divine flow, surrendering yourself to it, and have confidence in yourself. Since the rise and fall of energy levels will be abundant, you may want to turn to your hobbies to lift up your mood sometimes, so you will not feel depressed during the energy dips. It will help your emotional tensions to recognize that you are being nurtured by it. You will not need them any longer, because you will be in a state where you get to experience your feelings in a much better way. Rather than being in an emotional state that lingers in the void, you will be in a period in your life where you recognize your emotions and what you want.
Throughout this period, everything we are unaccustomed to will pique our curiosity. We’ll be drawn to others, and we will be eager to experience other worlds. We will move towards things we’ve never done before, things that didn’t exist in our lives before. We will be eager to meet new people and discover new places, as well as learn about new ideas, thoughts, and philosophies. Some will look for a new relationship, and those already in a relationship will feel the urge to explore their partner all over again. The need to experience will be so strong. We may exclude anyone in our lives who stands between us and these experiences, though. The door we always pass through will seem completely different to us, because the world outside will be different because we will be walking a different path. A path where our topsy-turvy state embraces the flow.
This path, although a completely different one, won’t feel fearful this time. We will not fear the path or what it may bring, because this path will fill a void that always existed in us. We will realize how far we’ve come to reach this path. This is my path! This is the path I’ve been looking for, a path I can call my own! A path I will love walking on, not wanting it to end. I will not rush to finish it, nor will I wonder when its end will come. I will merely enjoy walking the path, because this is the path.
No one will question where you are headed to, and no one will question why you are walking this path, because you will not allow it. All your life, you’ve allowed every path you took to be questioned. Those were not paths you entirely agreed to walk, and you did not feel like you belonged on them. By questioning yourself, you opened the door for others to question you as well. Why were you not accepted for all those years? Why were you afraid of becoming a failure? Why were you afraid of people seeing you? Why were you afraid of being judged? It was because you weren’t entirely yourself, and you were afraid of being unable to adequately reply. Your path was questionable for you, and that question always brought more questions. Now a path is coming your way, one where you will not look for answers, one where you will not feel the need to explain yourself.
Welcome to the moment when you realize that the walls you built around yourself for safety are actually the same walls you’ve been complaining about in other people, the ones you believed to be holding you back. Once you knock down those walls of yours, every person, every moment, and every past memory that was restraining you will be knocked down as well. In that moment when you realize that you are your only obstacle, you will arrive at a moment when you will need to face yourself. As you face yourself, you will realize the truth, and this awareness will create a clean slate for you.
The moment you knock down the walls of the mind that have been weakening you, making you feel in need of a shoulder to rest your head on or creating a need for the praise of your friends and family, your eyes will shine with the beams of the rising sun. This is the morning when you wake up from every moment you deprived yourself of the sun inside your walls, every minute you wasted on thinking about what others think about you, and every day when you lacked self-confidence and derided yourself. It will be a you to celebrate, a self-sufficient you that refrains from rivalry, a you that can find the love you’ve been yearning for in yourself, and you will wake up.
You will be thankful for everything that brought you here, no matter how painful your past was, no matter how hard people pushed you, and no matter how tired your body is. You will just be grateful for everything, and you will thank yourself.

Yigit Penguen