Do you know why we cannot feel the oneness, even though we know so much and talk so much about it? It’s because we fall prey to the notion of “everything is inside me.” This phrase is actually extremely dangerous, because it detaches people from all that exists and renders them selfish. However “good” of a thing this may sound, it creates delusions like, “Everything is inside me. How supreme a being I am. Not like the others.” Thus, the sweetest people can suddenly turn into beasts and scorn others. That’s why we practice the concept of “We are one” during group meditations.
Not everything is inside us. Instead, we are inside everything. The soul is not inside us, but rather we are inside the soul. We are inside God, inside the universe, inside time, inside the consciousness, and inside the one. Each and every thing we see around us is inside the one—the soul, the existence—just as we are. It’s not about induction or deduction. It’s about the whole, and once you become more aware of this, you start to get the faintest hint of the oneness we talk about. You start to feel you’re like a tiny fish in an aquarium at this point. You start to feel yourself like a reflection of all things, a part of the whole with your consciousness, spirit, and existence. Consequently, trying to accept and embrace the opposing pole, constantly questioning what things try to show you, and repeating all those “We are one” affirmations die out. You then start to experience the oneness, or at least that’s how I understand it based on squinting at it from a fair distance.
If you sense a shift of focus in your perception, staring around like a dying duck because you’ve suddenly started to feel part of the one, remember that it’s because the awareness has started to dawn on people. I guess it’s really exciting. Praise all the parts of this huge being that contributed and gave way to it.