Let your day be .a life

Wake up like a new life to .a day

Even though you carry the load of your past life

Don’t forget the day is a brand-new .one

Be like a baby when you open up; your eyes

Pure, joyful, hopeful and a heart with .full of curiosity

Just like a baby who yet starts to walk

Wake up with a hunger to run .from bed

As “! Good morning” comes out from your mouth

Let your eyes cry out “How wonderful thing is to live! Hey’’

For the ones who say “The morning exercise is not done that way”

, Make fun of them just like with the ones saying “Punctuation marks are put on the end of the, word”

Live the morning just like a free spirit of .a kid

As the sun moves in .the sky

Join the day with enthusiasm as if like a teenage who do not want to miss. life

The hunger you feel for, life and learning

Should not pall with prejudiced. thoughts

The enthusiasm of trying everything

And the shield of not being afraid of anything should protect .you

Never forget the day ends

And every life is lived only .once

Take the elderly advise but

Never accept their experiences to kill your .free spirit

Let your heart be full of courage like .a young boy

Make your mistakes .freely

In any case remember the night in the afternoons

Never forget the reality that everybody is young in the mornings but old at nights.

As the light changes at noon let your heart

Be full of wisdom then boldness.

Start trusting your arm less than your mind.

It is time to grow.

How wise man you became will settle the night.

Think about what you can give to people as you work

Not yourself.

Do not do the job you earn selfishly and become alone.

Do not forget the thing which will keep you safe at night is not the paper money sitting in a far away bank.

End of the day the only thing you can hold on,

Is a meaningful lived day,

And happiness of doing good things for all living creatures

That makes the heart peace.

Making one happy,

Relieving ones’ pain

Making one face laugh,

Sharing what you have generously

Is your top priority.

By this way,

As the day turns into night

Turn back to your home again.

Hug your loved ones with peace and thankfulness;

And never forget how less time you have together.

When the noises are less at night

Be pleased of the day you lived.

If your mind is peaceful the peaceful tiredness wrapping around your body will relax you.

Do not forget that the man who is grateful to the day he lived

Can easily go to sleep.

When the sleep fall in on yourself

Welcome it to your house as if he is your best friend.

If you have no regrets to the day you lived

No worries for tomorrow

Close your eyes at peace.

May the good dreams welcome you. You should sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow you will again become a baby.