We consistently live our lives entwined around a central point, even though there is a painfully simple reality before us: We will die!
Death is the only thing we can be sure about in life, at least if you don’t count taxes. Furthermore, the time when this absolute reality will come true is uncertain. We could encounter this inevitability at any moment, and this applies not only to us but also to everyone we love and cherish. If you seriously think about it for a while, I can safely say you would not do many of the things you did in the past. You wouldn’t waste your time on nonsense anymore.
The most blessed gift of life is probably life itself. It is a remarkable achievement for a body to come into existence by using the building blocks of nature and gaining a consciousness. It’s also rare to form a consciousness with some common sense, intelligence, understanding, and awareness. It’s rarer still to ask the right questions in life and develop some merit, so you can demonstrate proper behavior and actions with this kind of consciousness. Just like how sugar dissolves in a cup of tea, our bodies and minds will ultimately dissolve. Meanwhile, we try to comprehend the mysteries of mind and our reality…
Now, please tell me something. Which political party, which religion, which nation, which race, which gender, or which successful or famous person is seriously significant? What is more important than understanding the most significant thing in life as soon as possible, so you can use your time well to comprehend it.
We should grasp reality in its real state and understand the most significant thing in life without sheltering behind religion, politics or whatever authority. We should do this with its pure simplicity, and then, once we’ve enhanced it in our minds, we should share to with others as well if enough compassion can flourish in us.
My preferred way is to relieve my mind from all kinds of violence and all manner of prejudice and conditioning. The assignment given to me in this form, with the body and mind that was created for me, is to share this body and my mental journey with my disciples with all my sincerity and ability.
Whenever people find their own form, the journey integrates with the greater movement of the universe for them. As a master once expressed in his poem, “The way surrenders to he who devotes himself to the way itself.”

Cem Şen